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May 15, 2020
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I got a 30 gallon reef tank. It is just 8 months old, Im using AI prime 16hd reef lighting, and only use Aquaclear 70 and 20 for my filter, hydor korallia for my power head and eheim 100watts heater.

279EFB04-BE68-409C-A4AC-1E2C97A5B215.jpeg 8F819C2C-A618-4C0E-BE80-539D6B0EFE03.jpeg 1793AA08-2275-463C-93FD-5C531FF24A7B.jpeg
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Feb 8, 2020
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Miami FL
Well let's see all your nanos!
Hey so here is my 32g Biocube i started last year Nov 11. I did not have a clue of what i was doing
But with doing constant research on R2R and help from lfs i was able to get on the road. I started by cycling the tank using 3 chromis. That worked out fine. After starting my tank i have gone through some issues like hair algea which i battled by adding chaeto to chamber 2 in the back and a magnet refugium light to help export phosphates and excessive nitrates out which worked out fine as 90 % of the algea is gone. Another problem i had which i actually found the solution here at r2r after putting an emergency thread, i overstocked my tank and had a tremendous amonia and nitrite spike. After days of water changes and seeing all my fish die i was ready to give up and get rid of my tank. But i decided to give another try except this time i got 2 chromis and let the tank recycle again for 2 months with out adding fish to it. Then i added a mated pair black storm clown fish i waited another month added a fire fish waited 2 months and added my last fish which was a midas blenny. My tank is now doing good. I recently got the lid from OctoAquatics and i will be putting a the new AI prime 16HD which will give me a hood upgrade from the biocube stock lights which are not too good. If any oneget a midas blenny and its not golden and has white patches they will go back to their yellow after being fed and having its hang out spots in the tank its a way of showing stress.

I have been able to maintain stable parameters i do a 15% water change once a week every week. Only thing im struggling with is PH that i have not been able to get over 8.0

Amonia- 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 3-5ppm
Alkalinity - 10
Calcium - 340-400
Magensium - 1150-1240
PH 7.8-8.0

Current stock
3x emerald crabs
1 fire shrimp
1 cleaner shrimp
1 chromis
2 clown fish
1 fire fish
1 midas blenny
1 fighting conch
1 sand sifting star fish

Salinity 1.025

56C98E1E-DAC7-40E4-AC8A-A9AA5FA92164.jpeg 705589AD-9E2C-402D-8EC9-CFEF0D0CD655.jpeg DFAA9E0B-D6AB-43CE-BB0D-73B562F30113.jpeg 36A88251-CCE6-4587-B292-953B3929F39E.jpeg 378C9F1E-DEEB-4E9A-BB0E-D93B5B095486.jpeg A1BC025F-5475-4713-A3A7-19E27417C49B.jpeg 4517C546-5CBC-413D-BAEE-6B37425A9E5F.jpeg

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