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Sep 26, 2021
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Cashy one way I could really use your thread documentation in cycling science compare and contrast works is if you’d change out water and cease dosing all supports and we get to see updates for a few months. The trust period, no supports, makes a strong case for updated cycling claims.

how the water looks and how the life lives is the determinant, not api

We want to show readers that the close of a cycle is finite, it’s a known date for any of these bottle bac cycles, see any cycling chart’s total number of days until completion, you’re two times over. You can’t have any cycling issues at this point

old cycling science approach has this duality: we quickly post a cut and paste cycling chart to new keepers when they ask about expected parameters to measure. It’s the go to reference

and then in the same swoop in another post we directly claim the chart is incorrect, claiming someone can indeed still have ammonia issues beyond day ten should API ever claim so… or nitrite issues at twice the charted max time.

If the nitrite says purple, thats a second fail of the cycling chart it doesn’t matter to the masses if you added a known test skew, Prime, it read purple; the cycle was stalled.

but by you doing a water change and exporting any doser help we focus on the excellent surface area in the middle of your wastewater, that quick swirling contact will carry all the life. the water stays clear

we gain trust in our systems, commanding the biofilter. the timing on a cycle chart is re proven.

some uglies and challenges may come, that entire succession by rule happens after filter bacteria have laid down functioning slicks. those will carry your system after the big water change and continued running.

The public benefits by seeing restored trust in basic reef surface area and we benefit by seeing that much delicate life ran in a resolved manner all based on the current health of the system. Your Api ammonia test isn’t wrong, it’s right above. we'd apply tan conversion to get nh3 then we're stating the right numbers for that test. =.02 nh3 above

which is what that test reports on running reef tanks.

change water and show em no cycles stall in reefing... in fact cycles complete very fast we can directly see above. That star fish is amazing, it’s so delicate that one minor shift in salinity can kill it. Clearly those waters are happy above

what any test kits other than seneye read on that tank will not be a better cycle assessment than seeing pics of the tank and update pics

how long after assembly did you add the life to the tank/very curious to know

have you seen that starfish directly eat added items/the tank is too clean for natural fare to support it

does it directly move over feed pellets and then the pellets are gone?
G'day Brandon sorry for the late response. It was about 3 weeks after assembly I started adding coral and fish. Unfortunately I lost a bit of coral and some fish. But fortunately my fish guy let me bring a majority of my coral and fish back in until my water was right again. The starfish was one of them.
I have only had my fish and coral back in the tank a few days prior to me putting up this post. My starfish doesn't do too much of recent its just laying on my rock. I'm still unsure if it's dying or just being lazy. It's little tenticle things are out and moving but he is not. Im really hoping it becomes more active and starts getting on to the glass as I want to put coral where he is laying lol being the size it is it take up some space. I have not seen it eat anything as yet. But I'm hoping it will do something soon. I picked up a Redsea Max 130d setup yesterday so I can set up a quarantine tank. More than happy to keep you updated on the progress. I have put a stop to the water changes and everything seems to be happier some of my coral this morning was open alot more that it's ever been in my tank so I'm guessing that's good signs well hoping anyways lol


why did you put a reef in that
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Dec 9, 2014
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If the star doesn’t make it must be removed quickly so he doesn’t rot the tank, the other animals are well matched for the system

in fact if it were mine I’d trade back in the star now before it dies while nobody is home to remove him. That could crash the tank

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