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Apr 18, 2020
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Hi Everyone.

Newly joined and hoping to set my first reef tank up in the coming months. We are renovating our house and the tank will be a centrepiece for the open plan living room/kitchen. Currently looking at the Red Sea Peninsula 650 but that might change. Important that we have views from the 3 sides.

Very excited about moving from 15 years of trops to the salty side!

I've already trawled the forum a bit and saw a few others had the same tank. So much to learn, looking forward to the challenges that await me!

Welcome to the reefing world! Also welcome to the largest online reef forum out there! R2R is a great place to gain knowledge and learn from all kinds of hobbyists!

If you are interested I have a reefing channel I have had going this past year and nearing 1K subs! Think its been a fun little "family" I have grown and its a fun community as well to be a part of! Think after R2R, YouTube can be one of the best places to get information on reefing! Again welcome!

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