Tank breakdown - 150g setup


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Oct 28, 2017
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Getting out of the hobby, unfortunately. Everything you need to get an awesome setup going quick! I’ve got a 150g tall setup with corner overflow. Everything included listed below. Looking to get $1500 for all. Pick up zip 65714

150g tall (48x24x31)
Stand pictured (49.5x25 rough footprint)
40g breeder with Fiji cube baffle kit
Eflux return pump and powerhead
CoralLife 300g protein skimmer
Black box fuge light
2-250w eheim heaters
Typhoon 6 stage RODI
150+ lbs of rock and sand
Various other hydor pumps, magnet cleaners, test kits, nets, hoses, and all the other extras needed. Everything you could need and more.

kessils and aquatic life T5 hybrid not currently included but can for added price.

65714 local pickup only, obviously way too much to drop off at fedex. Pm with any questions or specifics. $1500 takes it all.

58F3DCFB-6B2D-4E9F-9580-0DAA93DF7049.jpeg DA4CD69F-069B-4EC2-B2C8-1BCE2F57CF5D.jpeg 11CEE1FE-71EA-4CB2-ACAE-095227FE9823.jpeg D9F7E3D4-E517-49B4-B789-1995126A555D.jpeg 656C6214-C7B4-4C21-B9B2-3B41BFEDFFDB.jpeg C68D5FDB-B7E1-4498-97B7-BFE178D2DEE5.jpeg DCCCED0E-29A2-4BCF-AEB5-0C089B5178D0.jpeg BC4CA533-09CF-4C04-A8F1-E2FA9C28E3F6.jpeg 7C0A2A5A-A976-430B-8E40-25B306357027.jpeg
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