Tips to get your build thread noticed!

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    So you want to start a build thread but want to know how to keep it interesting and get people involved? Here are some tips to use to do so!

    * Make your updates as detailed as possible! Describe what you're doing and possible future plans.

    * Take lots of pictures! This cannot be stressed enough, the better quality pictures the better. Give descriptions of what each picture is or what you are trying to show.

    * Don't like taking pics? How about videos? If you have a go pro posting a in tank video would be a fantastic way to get visits and comments!

    * Do product reviews! Got a new piece of equipment for your tank? Write up a nice review with pics and even video, everyone loves a detailed review.

    * Check out and post on other's build threads! That's a good way to get others to notice you and will go to yours as well.

    * If you become a supporting member of Reef2Reef you can link your build thread in your signature! So where ever you post in the forum your build thread will be visible to others instantly!

    Click here for more info on becoming a supporting member:

    * When posting on other build threads not only just "like" comments but leave personalized messages. Everyone enjoys reading comments while receiving likes.

    * Reply to all comments in your build thread! Even if it's a simple post like, "great build following along!" Like, quote it and give a simple thank you, this goes a long way in getting people to frequent your thread.

    * Try to keep updates frequent! Even if you have nothing going on, update on test results or a weekly water change! And don't forget to snap a picture of the tank post water change!

    * Ask questions and for feedback on what you are doing, keep conversations civil and personable!

    * Don't get upset if nobody comments! There are a lot of threads on the site and believe it or not people are watching your thread! Just keep the updates coming and the rest will fall into place!

    And most importantly, have fun with the thread! After all it is your build thread. Your build should be fun for you to do and keeping the thread up should be as well. Not only are you sharing your build for others to see, but it's also a great journal to make and look back on in the future to refer to or just look thru what you have done!

    Happy reefing
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    Good tips here!
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