Tomini Tang not doing well . . .


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Jun 2, 2016
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Today I saw my Tomini Tang struggling to swim and he looks to be in pretty bad shape.

I have 2 clownfish, a blue Tang and a couple smaller schooling fish, none of the other fish show any symptoms.

This doesn't look like ick to me, but I'm not sure what it is. It seems to appear rather suddenly, I didn't notice anything odd in the last couple days.

Aside from the discoloration and some bit of sliminess on him, he's having trouble staying upright so there seems to be some issue with the swim bladder.

I've also had him for about 5 years so I'm not sure if this is just old age?

I have him resting in a net in the sump for now but don't expect him to make it based on the severity.

Just wondering if this is something I need to treat the rest of the tank for.

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