Why do we miss indonesion corals?


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Nov 22, 2015
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Northern Virginia
I think the rise in prices has less to do with the Indo ban and more to do with the interweb...

When I first got into the hobby in 2014, sites like R2R, RC, Nano-Reefs, etc. were already big. And the majority of the talk was how to do this, how can I do that, and hobbyist selling to hobbyists.

Today, to me at least, these communities feel even BIGGER. And I while there's still a lot of how to do this, how can I do that ... but I also see a LOT more 'check out this coral', 'look at that coral' posts as well. And a lot more business/sponsor related auctions, events, sales ... and even just more sponser presence in general.

Bigger community. Better cameras (a lot easier to snap and post a good pic today than it was 10-2 years ago). More retail sellers vying for more online attention. THAT, imho, is the real reason for the sharper price rises in the past few years. The ban just added an extra little drop of fuel onto the fire. Like others have said you want what you can't have.

If Indo reopened and Aussie shut down, I'll bet you we'd miss Aussies and want Indo less. and the price for both would still go up.


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Sep 20, 2017
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I believe the biggest problem was that Indo was a great example of successful Mariculture. Mariculture is the future of the hobby and it got shut down with the rest. Ultimately this shows that the opponents to the aquarium trade aren't interested in sustainable reef management instead they are on a crusade based on a delusional view of morality.

We will never be able to defeat their moral arguments with intellectual ones because It doesn't matter if you'r right if you'r an evil person. We must return with our own moral arguments. It was morally wrong to take jobs away from hardworking people who love reefs as much as anyone else and had pioneered sustainable practices. It is morally wrong to think that reefs that belong to the people of a specific nation should only be used for what you want. (Doubly so if you aren't even a member of that nation) Our opponents are truly despicable.

Rant over. Mariculture provided many healthy and large corals at reasonable prices that just can't be found any more. It has become very difficult to find baseball and softball sized pieces of coral and this is what I miss.


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May 28, 2019
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My favorite frogspawns I had and a leather. Havnt seen them in a long time for sale

I see those leathers and frogspawns all the time.. petco gets ora green leathers allll the time.. in fact they have one the size of my hand from ora for 50$. Those frog or octospawns my local store gets from a few guys personal tanks they grow so fast the guy brings in basketball sized colonies all the time for store credit. Id buy that massive leather too if i didnt have so many sps in my tank. I might setup a second reef tank so i can get leathers and fish i wouldnt put in my main tank.

I bought a 6 headed one for 50$

I also see tons of torch corals and hammer corals and all kimds of acros and sps... i bought a green bubble the size of a basket ball for 160$ local store the other day.. then 2 weeks later they got another.. other local stores have torch corals for 30$ .. The one with thr bubble coral had golden torch corals not to long ago.

I think maybe the area you guys in just sucks locally.. Because in Northern Virginia we have alot of aquaculture home grown coral action. And private owners bring in corals that get to big.


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Jun 19, 2016
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Springfield il
I'd think the indo corals we loved would be available thru fellow hobbyists and frags. I just dont understand why the need for crazy greedy prices
Supply and demand. We are in a niche market. It takes a whole lot less to make a supply shortage. That means higher prices. Indo opens back up and larger supply prices fall. Except for that blue angel zoa.


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Oct 23, 2007
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Cocoa, Florida
And yet - all anyone has to go on are your 'literal words, 'facts and figures'. Supply and Demand are the only variables. Here is what (IMO) you're wrong about - Marketing INCREASES demand. Thus a higher price. The ban lowers supply. Thus a HIGHER price. Its ONLY about supply and demand/what a willing seller will sell for and what a willing buyer will pay.
I have to agree. I don't know about you but aussie eligant prices are great in my area. I got an purple tip aussie eligance (6 X 12") for $90 plus tax 2 weeks ago.

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