WWC afterparty placement

Nick Steele

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Apr 28, 2019
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Port St. Lucie
Yeah so I just bought a nice frag of WWC afterparty from their superstore today. My Walt Disney and strawberry shortcake have been doing well so I took the plunge.

I’m trying to keep my sps to one side of my nuvo20 under a more intense light and higher flow. I have two available spots for this frag and was curious what people would think?

#1) red dot. Moderate flow with decent lighting. Very close to Walt Disney that has been doing well the past few weeks.

#2) blue dot. Little higher flow and more intense lighting. More on top of rockwork to where it won’t grow outwards.

Sps rock with the two spots shown.

Full tank shot just incase y’all think anywhere else would be good.
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