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Nov 21, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
It's time to announce something cool happening here at WWC!

The WWC Employee Reef Tank Contest!

This year-long contest is comprised of three different tiers; 10 gallon, 20 gallon and 100.3 gallon.

Each reef tank is made up of a team of individuals and the upkeep duties are split between them. Each team has a coral and fish budget which must not be exceeded.

We will be posting photos and videos of our progress throughout the year and at the end of the contest.

The winner will be decided once the contest ends on March 31st, 2021. The winning tanks will be voted upon by the members and followers of Reef2Reef, Instagram and Facebook. Each tier has prize money for the winners.

One of the coolest parts of this contest is the awesome sponsors that made this all happen! Special thanks goes out to the following sponsors!

Waterbox for their 10 cubes and 100.3 gallon reefs

EcoTech for the Gen 5 XR15's

AI (Aqua Illumination) for their Nero and Hydra 32's

Marco Rock for their dry rock for most of the reefs

Brightwell for their Microbacter to get these reefs cranking

NYOS for their Skimmer / Reactor which were used in the two - 100.3 reefs

Flipper for their Algae Magnet Cleaners

Here are a few photos right after set up so you can see some of the reefscapes that our teams are coming up with.

Lots more to come as the reefs are in full swing already!

Get ready to pick your favorite reef and cheer them along!
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