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WWC Sunkists - HUGE OG BOUNCE - Tons & Tons of JBs

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May 22, 2017
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American Fork Utah
Hello! I'm starting to sell off my mushroom collection! I've been growing WWC Sunkists and JB's for a bit of time and am ready to part with some. That said, I'm doing a flat rate of $45 shipping via FedEx Next Day. 2 hour DOA. Contiguous USA only. I've shipped a large number of items.

#1 $250 JB (has a baby)

#2 $150 JB

#3 $250 Sunkist (with large baby)

#4 Sunkist $175 PENDING

#5 JBs $600 (Has 2 the size of quarters, 7 or so the size of a dime, and a couple of tiny ones - I will cut this rock down smaller on my saw before I ship. I could cut it about in half while keeping them all on the same rock)

#6 Red Devil $100 PENDING

#7 WWC OG Bounce $500 SOLD

Please shoot me a PM with any questions. I like to text more images/videos so you can see it in all its angles. Thanks!
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