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  1. Peace River

    External Macroalgae reactors

    ...for about six months and have been pleased with the performance. I personally run it internally in my sump, but the link above shows a scenario where it can also be run externally. I believe that @JerSaint has also been using one successfully. Good luck with whatever you decided...
  2. Peace River

    202s vs 200int reef octo

    Let's see if we can get some help with your question... @[email protected] @[email protected] #reefoctopus
  3. Peace River

    What skimmer for Red Sea XL200

    I run several #reefoctopus skimmers on various systems and have always been very pleased. One of their 110 skimmers should work well for that system. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  4. Peace River

    anyone is using mesh pouch with your chaeto?

    Your frustration with chaeto finding its way everywhere is part of the reason that I recently added a #reefoctopus Light Reactor so that I can have an enclosed area to grow chaeto. Previously, I had added a large pore sponge between the baffles that separated the return pump section of the sump...
  5. Peace River


    Everyone has an opinion when it comes to skimmers. I am a big fan of #reefoctopus and am currently running three of their skimmers. I have been using their skimmers for the last ten years and found them to be very reliable. Good luck with whatever you chose!
  6. Peace River

    40 breeder skimmer?

    I have a 55g and a 60g system that I am using #reefoctopus skimmers on - a Reef Octopus 110INT and a Reef Octopus 150INT. I also have a Reef Octopus Essence 130 skimmer, but I think a 110 would work very well on a 40 breeder. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  7. Peace River

    what skimmers are you all using?

    Reef Octopus has skimmers that are rated from 60 gallons to 26,500 gallons. How monster is monster? #reefoctopus
  8. Peace River

    55 gallon build thread

    ...on equipment choices. :) I am currently running three Reef Octopus skimmers on different systems as well as a Reef Octopus Light Reactor L-150 so obviously I am a #reefoctopus fan. IMO, for a 55g tank a Reef Octopus Classic 110INT would be a good option. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. Peace River

    New Reef Octopus Light\Macro Algae Reactor

    I'm very pleased with my #reefoctopus LR-150! I have noticed far less algae attempting to grow in the tank since I installed the light reactor about 5 months ago.
  10. Peace River

    G6JOJ's Red Sea Max Nano Build

    ...come at this hobby (and life) from different places so, while there are probably some wrong ways, IMO there isn't one right way. I am a #reefoctopus fan and am currently running several of their skimmers, light reactor, etc. I think that you will be please with the quality of their gear...
  11. Peace River

    Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Protein Skimmer questions

    ...the Essence S-130 skimmer about four months ago and have been using it on a 75g tank. I like the large skimmer cup, but the main reason that I got the S-130 was because of the small footprint and it allows me to put it in the main chamber of my sump along with the #reefoctopus L-150 Light...
  12. Peace River

    Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Protein Skimmer questions

    I have my #reefoctopus Essence 130 in about 8 inches of water although it could probably be a little lower (or have a short stand under it). I am have the dial pretty closed to closed.
  13. Peace River

    150 Regal too large for 55g?

    A #reefoctopus Regal 150 will work very well on a 55g medium or heavily stocked tank. I currently am using a Reef Octopus 150 classic on a 55g and am pleased with the results - with the Regal you will have even more control. I would encourage you to consider a slightly larger sump (such as a...
  14. Peace River

    QUESTION OF THE DAY Water Movers: What powerheads are you using and are you happy with them?

    Currently I am using standard power heads, but am planning to move to gyre pumps (maybe the Maxspect or waiting for the #reefoctopus Blade). Additionally, I want to tie the pumps together with the #Hydros WaveEngine in order to take a more systematic approach to flow (and limit power bricks).
  15. Peace River

    smaller unions?

    In addition to the good recommendation from @ca1ore, another option would be to reach out to CoralVue support ([email protected]) because they provide support in North America for the #reefoctopus product line including the Varios pumps. Great question and good luck!
  16. Peace River

    Reef Octopus 36″ Sump Swap on the Saltwater Fish Tank

    Jake - I enjoyed watching the first video on this series with the new #reefoctopus Octo Sump, Reef Octopus skimmer, and Reef Octopus return pump. I look forward to the upcoming short follow up videos on the mods and upgrades to this sump!
  17. Peace River

    What skimmer you get?

    There are a lot of opinions on skimmers - personally I have been using #reefoctopus skimmers for many years and have always been happy with their performance. On a 55g you could choose one of their models anywhere in the 110 to 150 range.
  18. Peace River

    DIY sump 40 breeder

    Nice work! I like the 4 chamber sump and the #reefoctopus skimmer! What are your plans for the 3rd chamber?
  19. Peace River

    Hydros WaveEngine Users

    Most, if not all of the #reefoctopus Regal and Elite skimmers will run off from the #WaveEngine. What skimmer do you currently have?
  20. Peace River

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome to R2R!!! Thanks for the introduction! I noticed your #reefoctopus Essence 130 skimmer - nice choice when you need a small foot print - I have one too!
  21. Peace River

    Skimmer help!

    That is a great skimmer! You didn't mention how heavy or light you expect the bio-load to be, but with a normal or greater bio-load you should be fine to run the #reefoctopus 202-S on a 90g w/ 40g sump.
  22. Peace River

    R O Classic 150SS vs eSsence S-130 vs Magus Curve 5 Elite

    ...small footprint of the 130 is great and I am able to fit it in the main sump chamber along with a Reef Octopus LR-150 algae reactor. However, if the size is not the determining factor I would lean toward the 150 which will work well on a 75g tank. Good luck with whatever you choose...
  23. Peace River

    Rubber gasket protein skimmer leaking

    I suggest that you reach out to CoralVue customer support ([email protected]). They provide the North American support for #reefoctopus.
  24. Peace River

    Who has CLASSIC 200INT hep set up

    Congratulations on finding a nice used skimmer! I have several #reefoctopus skimmers (not the 200 INT) and I have found that the line were the cylinder starts to taper in is usually a good water height (in your picture, it is just above the Reef Octopus sticker).
  25. Peace River

    Skimmer too large?

    #WelcometoR2R and congratulations on your saltwater adventure! I currently have 3 #reefoctopus skimmers running on different tanks including the 150 INT classic. IMO you will be fine with the Reef Octopus 150 INT on your system both now and in the future.
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