180 gallon

  1. DcoarM

    Large Build My Jump from 40g to a 180 (still have the 40 ;))

    I tend to bight off more than I can chew, but yolo haha. My wife and I started the conversation about moving to a larger tank this year, but wanted to wait until summer. However, one day I was scouring Facebook Market Place and found one heck of a deal. A guy had a system he had in his garage...
  2. TampaMark

    Large Build 180 Gallon In-wall build

    Backstory: My first fish tank was a 29 gallon (that became a 55 gallon) freshwater tank in college in the 1980s. First job, a couple of apartment/house moves later, a kid or two, and I was back in the hobby again in 2002. This time saltwater. I had a 90 gallon peninsula tank with some...
  3. Saveafish

    Indiana Kentucky 180 gallons full set up and loads of other things with it.

    I'm moving to a bigger house and going to remodel it. I need this puppy gone and fast!!! I'm looking to 1500.00$. OBO. Willing to trade for a dependable pick up truck too. You get the ro/di. Mixing station. All the test kits every thing. Every thing. Un used sand a MH 250w digital. led black...
  4. Perpetual Novice

    Build Thread Finally getting serious: The 180 gallon dream tank

    I’ve been in the feeding hobby since I was 16. While most kids begged for a puppy I somehow convinced my parents to buy a 75 gallon saltwater tank instead. You might say that tank was a failure, but I fell in love with the hobby during those two years of heartache and frustration. 2 years ago I...
  5. R

    Help me stock my 180!

    Hi everyone, I need your help! I recently purchased a 180 which is a nice upgrade from my current 75 gallon DT. I need advice on how and what to stock my tank with so please offer your critique and advice. My 75 has the following: Super male flame wrasse x1 Katherines fairy wrasse x1 Female blue...
  6. Rob.bucek

    Large Build Rob's Really Rad 180 Reef Rally

    Hello all! Hopefully the title is catchy, unlike this build thread... I promise this won't start out all that rad :) So where do I start? I usually approach things with the end in mind as that's a recipe for success in my job, but this is for fun so we'll pitch that book in the trash to...
  7. Reefaddict585

    DIY 180gal stand build, what you all think

    I’m pretty new to the reefing scene, started about a year ago with a 55g and quickly realized, that tank size wasn’t gonna cut it. Had a lot of success with it but just to small over all. So I started saving and a year later I found a good deal on a used 180g and a BUNCH of gear, took it home...
  8. B

    New York 72" IC LOOP PRO Dual LED Marine Complete System - Current USA $500

  9. Irishman

    Let’s see them skirts/skins

    I’m all finished with my build and started cycling my tank. While the cycle is going I need to get my facade going. Can anyone help with some ideas on what they did. Also the tank is very quiet the only thing I hear is the skimmer and return pump, would the facade damp the noise down or would I...
  10. Irishman

    Ammonia cycle

    So I started on Sunday with my ammonia cycle and used pure ammonia bought from ACE. This would be my third tank I’ve done with it, other two were successful with starting cycle this way. Anyways I dosed ammonia according to this link to 2 PPM on Sunday. I didn’t test right away and tested just...
  11. AJI23

    Large Build 180 gallon build. Upgrade from the 120

    So I finally moved and got in a whole lot of trouble from the wife when I picked up a 180 to install in the new house basement aka MAN CAVE BUILD. . She’s come around and now it’s here go stay. lol. Oops.
  12. nosmok

    Tennessee 6 foot long light bridge

    This is a 6 foot long anodized aluminum Lightbridge that can mount 3 Radion light fixtures and may be adaptable to other brands. It will span a 150 or 180 gallon tank. Bought 2 years ago from Reef Koi ( no longer exists?) for over $200. Asking $120 shipped
  13. BlueWorldJeff

    Build Thread Evolution of the Blue World 180

    Its been two years and some change since the Blue World 180 was first established. The previous tank was an All-Glass 120g 4'x2'x2' with custom coast to coast overflow. When we bought a house, I wanted to go bigger and initially purchased a 4'x4'x2; 240g cube with center overflow. I thought...
  14. InkedReefLady

    Michigan 180 Gallon (Tank, Stand, Canopy, etc.)

    **S.E. Michigan** Upgraded to a custom 300 gallon and selling our 180 gallon. AGA Standard 180 gallon reef ready with dual overflows. (72 L x 24 W x 24 H) ~10 years old AGA pine stand. (personally, I would add in extra support for peace of mind) ~10 years old Custom built/stained canopy with...
  15. N

    Which ati fixture for a 180 gal mix reef?

    I’m upgrading from a 90 gal to a 180 and I’ve always enjoyed the look and coral health I’ve got with a t5 led combo. I plan on using my Aquaray AquaBeam 600 Ultima led strips because I already have them. I’m looking at buying a 60” ATI Sunpower but I’m not sure how many bulbs I should get. I’m...
  16. Elennon19

    Trigger Sump 34 large enough for 180 gallon?

    I may be upgrading from a 90 gallon to a 180. I have a very new Sapphire 34 sump from Trigger Systems that has been in use for literally a few days. Would it be able to handle a 180? I am sure I am dreaming here but I thought I would ask. Thanks
  17. BlueWorldJeff

    Another Tang for my 180g

    Looking to get another tang for my 180g reef I had three previously, Large Dejardini Sailfin, Medium Yellow Eye Kole and Medium Blonde Naso. One day the Naso didnt look too good. Saw the Sailfin bullying it, so moved it to my hospital tank, but it didnt make it. Looking to get another...
  18. Realworldreefing

    Upcoming 180 Gallon ZEOvit Reef!

    Hey all! Long time reader first time poster! I'm over the moon excited that my decade long dream of starting a reef tank is finally here! I'm moving to my new home in late June/July and my tank will begin then! I welcome all the advice you can give, as all of my knowledge has been gained...
  19. knowen87

    Build Thread 180 Gallon In Wall Tank

    Right now, I live in a small house near the Utah Idaho border. It is only 384sf or about 12ftx32ft but I have a 150 gallon in wall tank. We moved in to the home to save money and pay off debt but it is time to move. We just dont have any room left with two girls my wife and I and our 2 100lb...
  20. R

    Build Thread Robert's Biocube 29

    This is my first saltwater aquarium. It is a Biocube 29. I first put water in it in mid November. Since then I also bought a 180 and am currently getting it setup ready to move everything from this tank into that one. As of now I am resealing the 180 and have 85 lbs of Pukani dry rock curing. I...
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