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  1. cwerner

    AIO Build CWerner's IM 50 Nuvo AIO build

    Hello All, I'm starting this thread to document my new build! To give some background, I'm new-ish to reefing (but not aquariums), and currently have a 75 gallon with 20 gallon sump setup in my Dining room. Well, life happens and I'll be taking that tank down in order to install a piano for...
  2. gaki

    Frag Build Gaki's Advanced Acrylics Super Shallow Mushy Tank

    Hey everyone, I'm going to start a super shallow (6 inches tall) frag tank (the 6x18x18 by advanced acrylics) for my mushrooms but I've got a question or two. My plan is to transfer most if not all of my mushrooms into this tank and have it as a place for new frags. Right now, they are in my...
  3. T

    Build Thread Tatic's Fluval Flex 32.5 minimizing tank build

    Hey everyone, pretty new here but I am a long time lurker. I had a 60 gallon FOWLR tank running since 2010-2011 and decided to shut it down for a smaller tank. I wanted an AIO and went with the Fluval Flex 32.5 Saltwater kit. I am really liking it so far but, at times I wish I had my bigger...
  4. T

    AIO Build The Reefer's IM Nuvo 25 AIO Tank Journal

    Hello friends. I've always wanted to try a "nano" build after watching a video of Michael Rice's 30g Innovative Marine all-in-one build on the Reef Builders' YouTube channel. Finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a whirl! Yes, I put nano in quotations, because 25g sounds small, but the...
  5. Hubris

    Zoanthids only Frag tank

    Looking for information on building a zoanthids only shallow frag tank. Is AIO frag tank viable long term at about 8 inches in height or should I look into adding a sump. Can I go with no fish and feed one or two times weekly? Can do water changes weekly with ease. Looking to do a 3 to 4 foot...
  6. C

    Nano Build My BioCube 32 Build

    I’ve been reading other people’s posts for much too long without posting any of my own progress and experiences. So wanted to start a thread and will put some info on how it’s been going so far. For starters I had done FOWLR tanks about 15 years ago and then stopped due to some life changes. My...
  7. ljc

    Sump inside large tank

    Hello, I am now the owner of a 210 gallon tank that is not drilled. I'm thinking of doing an internal sump of about 55 Gallons. I would start at 6" wide section for the internal overflow and live rock/bioballs under that and then expand to 1' to accommodate the skimmer, etc. My concern is...
  8. Woodyman

    AIO Build Woody's 12.5 Gallon Mini Reef Build Thread

    Nano Tank Build
  9. kiswanson

    Build Thread Red Sea E170 max AIO mixed reef build - first reef tank

    I have been keeping fresh water “high tech” planted aquariums (CO2), and thought I should try something really high tech and start my first reef tank. I went with the Red Sea e170 max ($1744) since I liked the form factor and I liked the rear sump option. 45 G (37 G display 8 G sump) 24" L x...
  10. mdrieder

    AIO Build MDR's 25 Lagoon

    I know I kind of missed the boat on the setup but while its still in its infancy I figured I'd start documenting the progression of my 25 lagoon. The tank has currently been housing fish and inverts for only a month and is enjoying its ugly phase. Here's where its at so far Livestock: 2 clowns...
  11. C

    Build Thread New Build Red Sea Max C-130

    Hey Everyone, now that I've settled into my new place and finally found the tank I was looking for I'm ready to get back into it. My tank crashed during the move and lost all my coral and was only able to save a single clownfish and a yellow tail damsel. Picked up a used Red Sea Max C-130, the...
  12. gaki

    Nano Build gaki's IM Nuvo 14 Peninsula Build Thread

    Hello, everyone. I'm starting a 14 gallon AIO peninsula and I figured I'd post some updates on this thread. Also I've got some questions, but first for the equipment and stocking plans. Equipment: - IM nuvo 14 peninsula - AI prime HD - ehiem jager heater - JBJ...
  13. Gaspipe

    Build Thread Basement Office with a View

    ** Under Construction ** Tank: Waterbox Mini Peninsula 25 Return Pump: Syncra Silent 1.0 Pump (251 GPH) Rock: Branch LifeRock Dry Live Rock - CaribSea LR: AquaBiomics: Live Reef Rubble Salt: Tropic Marin Pro UV: Aqua Ultraviolet 8-Watt Advantage 2000 w/ Syncra 1.5 COVER: Kraken Reer w/ feed...
  14. Tadpolesreef

    Build Thread 40B - AIO - FluvalM90 Soft Coral Build

    Hello friends and happy reefing, recently retrieved all of my old live rock from a breakdown and starting up again in a rimless 40 breeder aio. Currently a month into the new tank holding 0 on nitrites and ammonia with 8 ppm nitrates. Dosing - reef fusion part 1 and 2 , purigen , live rock and...
  15. Tadpolesreef

    Cyano, Dyno , or my coraline coming back?

    Hello reef2reef community , in the diatom stage of the cycle (hit one month). bringing an old tank from the dead with cycled live rock that ran in an established tank for roughly 5 years. Did my first water change after a couple diatom spots started creeping up. Diatoms are now gone but for...
  16. Neffly4u

    AIO Build Aquatop 40 Recife AIO media basket

    *Update* **V2 has been made and have a few ready to ship. Anyone that's interested just send me a message or my paypal is open. Cost is $60 shipped paypal goods and services** Hello! New to reefing and picked myself up a Aquatop Recife 40 AIO. Upon doing some...
  17. M

    AIO Build Waterbox AIO 50.3 Build Thread 2021

    What's up everyone! I had a nano reef Biocube 14 gallon back in college but now that I am settled (& have more cash) I am getting back into the hobby! I am by no means an expert so all constructive criticism and advise is welcome. There isn't much material out there regarding the Waterbox 50.3...
  18. Meowtentacles

    Build Thread IM 40 gal Fusion build

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here- R2R has awesome info and perspectives! I've been reefing for about 15 years mostly pretty low budget and DIY heavy.. I finally made an account and I'm excited to be participating more fully! I am very open to suggestions, comments and constructive criticism this...
  19. Brandon McHenry

    Brandon's IM Nuvo 40 SPS Reef

    Hi all! So I've been thinking about making a build thread for my current SPS tank for a while and I finally feel like I'm at the point where I'd like to show it off! Below is some information about me and my tank as well as some pictures. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think! About...
  20. Hammerheadz

    Nano Build Jeff's 30L AIO mixed reef build

    Hello... I'm Jeff in San Antonio, TX. After years without a system up due to regular moves I've bought a house in 2020 and am now ready to get wet again. After lengthy consideration I'm putting a Nuvo Fusion Pro 30L AIO reef tank in my living room. My goal is for a very high finish top of...
  21. Bioballs

    Nano Build Coralife Biocube 16 LED

    Welp. here we go. I’m going all out on this build! More to come! shop rare & farmed corls