all for reef

  1. sneekapeek

    Carbo-Calcium TM support

    I currently use all for reef from tropic Marin and I am having issues of clogged dosing lines due to crystallization. I’m hoping by switching to carbo-calcium it will be better not clogging from not being a fully saturated solution. Has anyone had issues with carbo-calcium crystallizing on...
  2. P

    All for Reef & Red Sea Coral Colours

    Hi Guys, I use Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt and I've recently started using All for Reef instead of Red Sea Foundation A, B & C. However, I've been told that All for Reef has what Red Sea Colours (ABCD) also contains? If this is true, then dosing Red Sea Colours is no longer necessary? Many...
  3. Knawaiseh

    EMERGENCY I will literally quit this hobby! Corals lose colors in a matter of days or weeks

    My corals lose colors in a matter of days and some take weeks or just look pale, I’ve searched through everything and nothing helped.please help if you can!!!! I’m currently using all for reef and dosing iod by tropic marine, and use tropic marine pro salt. I have one radion g4 and two ai prime...
  4. S

    Tweaking all for reef

    I have a 6 month old 65 gal mixed reef that I’ve been dosing with all for reef. I use the powdered form and mix it myself. Currently have mostly small lps frags but a handful of sps and softies as well. I’m waiting for my parameters to get more in line before adding in any more acros. Most of...
  5. A

    All For Reef? Dosing help!

    Hello! I am new to dosing and feel like it may be time to start dosing I’m using about 12 ppm of calcium right now per day, but my ALK is staying around 9 DkH. For reference, my CAL was 482 a week ago and I just measured 398 with this past water change. I plan on testing in 24 more hours just...
  6. knockout

    Making the move from 2 part to All for Reef - a reef log

    I'm...going to give All for Reef a try - who is using this product? any notes in usage are appreciated! I am going to go thru the changeover to All for Reef to simplify the dosing regimen below. Understanding that AFR has a metabolic process to raise Alk in the tank and to prevent any Alk...
  7. TaylorP78

    Tropic Marin All for reef dosing calculations

    So I have a 20g water box cube and my dkh drops about .2 per day. How much of the tropic Marin all for reef will increase it? But with all my rocks and coral it’s probably more like 17-18 gallons.
  8. ClownFish664

    AquaVitro Fuel and All-For-Reef

    Is it safe to use both AquaVitro Fuel and All-For-Reef? from what I can tell, both contain some of the same trace elements? is there a risk of overdose or buildup? I do weekyl water changes of about 15% ish
  9. N

    Help with Dropping Alk

    I have a well established 32 gallon tank with another 10 gallons of sump. It has been up and running for 2 years. Recently my alk has started dropping and I can't seem to get it back up. Normally I try to keep it in the 8.0 range but over the last few weeks it has continued to drop and just hit...
  10. Schraufabagel

    Should I switch salt?

    I currently use Red Sea Coral Pro salt which has a dkh of 11.5. I started using All For Reef on my 25 gallon mixed reef tank which I'm assuming has a dkh around 7.5 ~ 8.5. Is it worth the cost of raising the dkh of the All For Reef by addition of alkalinity? Or should I start using Red Sea's...
  11. Dmolinini524

    Is all for reef safe to use with nopox?

    Hello everyone I’m just started dosing nopox in my nuvo 30 I’m starting low as everyone suggest .5 mil a day may bump it up a lil as nitrates are around 20ppm. Anyway I plan to switch over to all for reef for dosing big 3. Is it safe to use AFR with nopox? Someone mentioned AFR uses a carbon...
  12. Hans-Werner

    All-For-Reef: Enough iodine?

    Hi, My name is Hans-Werner Balling and I am doing R&D at Tropic Marin. I also have developed the All-For-Reef. Iodine is a very important trace element for coral growth, coloration and polyp extension. Low iodine concentrations slow coral growth, make the brown color fade to a pale...
  13. dr1271

    High Calcium with All For Reef!

    Established tank, but recently switched from Tropic Marin Balling Method to All for Reef. Change was made about a month ago, and at the time my calcium was around 460ppm. Since dosing the A4R (36ml/day), my calcium just came back from ICP at 547ppm! Mag is at 1417ppm. Alkalinity is stable at...
  14. Acros

    Tropic Marine All-For-Reef and nutrient issues

    I am having a hard time keeping my nutrients up while dosing Tropic Marine All-For-Reef (AFR). I really like the convenience of having to dose only one supplement, however now I dose NeoNitro and NeoPhos on top of AFR. Do you struggle to keep your nutrients up while dosing AFR? Please share...
  15. Macreefs

    Ostreopsis Dinoflagellates and TM All-for-Reef

    Hey all! I am currently battling Ostreopsis dinos that seem resistant to UV. Ive beat them in the past in this same tank with this same UV but this time around the difference is that I am dosing all for reef. I know in the wild that dinos feed off of free iron and that AFR has iron in it and...
  16. ThatsNoMoon

    All For Reef Maximum Alk?

    Hi all, It's my first post on this forum! I couldn't find the answer after looking around the forum for a while. I was looking into starting dosing AFR to maintain my alk and calcium but the instructions say to dose until you achieve 9dkh. I'm using the red sea coral pro salt which gets me...
  17. 0utworld

    Tropic Marin All-for-Reef Cystallization?

    Hi all, I've been using a 1L bottle of All-for-Reef and haven't had any issues. However, recently I've noticed clear crystals forming at the bottom of my dosing container. I've never mixed anything with this solution and I am worried that the crystallization is messing up the concentrations of...
  18. D

    All-For-Reef Powder

    Is anyone using the new all for reef powder? I’ve been using the liquid for a while and is clear, have just mixed up the first litre of the powdered and has slight brown colour to it. Does anyone know if this is normal?
  19. Nilo S

    Build Thread Nilo's Red Sea Reefer 250

    I've been postponing creating this thread for a while lol. So here is my newest tank, running since July 2019. It’s my third tank in 11 years of this hobby. Starting with the specs! Tank: Red Sea Reefer 250 (v3) Lighting: Maxspect Recurve 90 240w Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve A8 Return: Reef...
  20. Wtyson254

    Low nightly PH, should I add kalk

    My system has ~ 200L total water volume. I run a Red Sea 300 Skimmer with a recirculating CO2 scrubber (air Intake from the skimmer cup). I live in an NYC apartment and likely have elevated CO2 in the apartment (gas stove etc, 2 people + cat). I currently dose 3ml of Tropic Marin All-4-Reef and...
  21. L

    New SPS frags!!!

    Reefer 250 around 18 months old. Finally getting the hang of keeping sps. So I got rid of a big monti and went crazy with the sticks. This thing will be packed if I can keep everything in line. I've got 9 more frags to find spots for. I can't wait for these to take off!