1. F

    Tank cycled but after 25% water change I got readings of Ammonia and Nitrites

    Hello there, Im new in the hobby, I just started my reef tank, 20 gallons, I started my cycling period about 25 days ago using Brightwell Micro Bacter Dry Rock Starter Kit, I made the cycle, brought down Ammonia and Nitrite to zero and my Nitrates where reading at 80PPM, the instructions on the...
  2. C

    Concentration of Ammonia (ppm) per Ammonium Chloride Dose (g) and Tank Volume (gal)

    Hi everybody, This thread may not be relevant to everybody, but to those who need it I think that this could be extremely useful. For those of us that opt to do a fishless cycle, I have created a quick reference dosing chart to achieve whatever concentration (ppm) of ammonia you desire by...
  3. Eve


    So Im in the middle of cycling my tank with fish in it. Checking the water parameters it seems like the nitrites and ammonia are very high, which obviously it’s supposed to happen, but it seems like it’s really not going down. Is it possible to do a 50% to 75% water change in the middle of...
  4. Z

    Cycling thoughts

    So it’s been a week since I started cycling my tank with Dr. Tim’s and the nitrite levels have been off the charts since the second day (meaning that the levels were unreadable on the chart since they were so high) two days ago I raised the ammonia to 1 ppm just to feed the bacteria and left it...
  5. I

    Ammonia not spiking during cycle

    So 2 weeks ago I started my 69 gallon tank with dry Marco rock, live sand, Dr Tims One and Only, and a cocktail shrimp. After 3 days I began testing and I seen no real rise in ammonia and a very small rise in nitrite. At the 1 week mark I pulled out the shrimp and replaced it with a raw shrimp...
  6. ChelseaBidwell

    Ammonia & Nitrate Crisis in QT!

    Hi everyone! Since you guys have been SO helpful in the past, I thought you would be the best people to go to! Btw, sorry the post is so long! I have had a goby/shrimp pair in a 10G QT for almost 2 weeks. From the moment we put fresh RODI water in it (from our RO/DI unit), ammonia has been...
  7. Peter K

    During cycle, nitrates have risen to 30ppm but nitrites are stalled at 1ppm

    Hi all, I just finished up week 6 of our cycle but am still detecting nitrites at around 1ppm (using salifert test kit. I have no ammonia, or very little, according to salifert ammonia test kit) but my nitrates have risen from 5ppm on August 5th to around 30-35ppm now. Nitrites have...
  8. MarineDepot

    Fishless Cycling a New Aquarium

    Fishless Cycling a New Aquarium A Recipe for Success from DrTim's Aquatics!
  9. Ammonia & Your Tank's Own Nitrogen Cycle

    Beginner Topic Ammonia & Your Tank's Own Nitrogen Cycle

    This article is sponsored by @Triquatics Images are courtesy of @Triquatics. ©2019, All Rights Reserved. The Nitrogen Cycle, as it applies to the greater natural world, is a series of chemical reactions that support all life on earth. Through these reactions, non-reactive nitrogen gas (N) and...
  10. Wen

    Chloroquine Phosphate and Ammonia in a 75gal QT

    I am on day 3 of CP QT and worrying about ammonia. Fish are looking and acting fine, but I am seeing debris on the bottom. Red Sea Ammonia test kit is reading .4, after adding Prime the reading is still .4. Is there an accurate way to test ammonia with CP present? Did the Prime take down...
  11. Fish_Sticks

    #1 WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Ammonia is causing your algae problems?

    After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you keep believing that nitrate and phosphate are the cause of your algae problems. You take the red pill - I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. This image was created by @Fish_Sticks, ©2019, All Rights...
  12. Lylelovett

    Sustaining a newly-cycled unstocked tank?

    Hi all, I did a fishless tank cycle and am getting some nice diatom growth. I am going to wait until after the first of the year to stock my tank, but obviously want to keep the cycle going. I'm assuming I need to continue to add some ammonia every so often to keep it going? Has anyone done...
  13. Tangina20

    New Live rock leaching ammonia

    I bought around 7 pound of live rock from a local reefer the rock was sitting out of water but was still moist for about a day and had some green hair algae on it. I scrubbed all of the algae off and let the live rock cure in a bucket for about 10 days with a powerhead and heater and have done 2...
  14. Sleepydoc

    Ammonia in QT

    Not sure if I should post this here or in the disease treatment or tank emergency forum, but it's mainly a chemistry question, so here I am. I got a beautiful purple tang about 4 days ago and put it in my QT. The QT was cycled from the last fish I got but had been empty for 2-3 weeks (with the...

    What is Ammonia?

    A brand new video, in the brand new DansReef #fastfacts series explaining Ammonia in under 3 minutes! Check it out and look out for the next videos in the series!
  16. ArialReef

    Too Much Matrix?

    So, I recently bought a 250ml bottle of Seachem Matrix. It says on the bottle that I should use the whole bottle for 25 Gallons of water. Currently, my water volume is about 13 Gallons. Can I use the whole bottle? Or should I follow the instructions? Also, in which part of the sump should I put...
  17. BlueBuddha

    Is api ammo lock reef safe?

    hey everyone. I experienced some die off in my tank and have an ammonia spike. I know the cause and working to fix it. The closest store to me only had API ammo lock. I see that’s it’s saltwater safe but is it reef safe? I have some corals zoas and euphyllia. I want to neutralize it so it...
  18. B

    Tank crashed

    I started a thread in the emergency threads the other day. I just transferred all of the content/livestock from a friend's tank to my tank last week. All was well, but ammonia started to skyrocket. Well, pretty much everything is dead now. Deaths included the CUC, 2 peppermint shrimp, 1 Skunk...
  19. B

    Ammonia spike in transfer tank

    I just took over a tank from a friend. She gave me about 45 pounds of live rock, 2 ocellaris, 1 dottyback, 2 striped damsels, a decorator crab, and 1 cleaner shrimp. She had them all in a 40-gallon breeder with a cheap protein skimmer. I just moved it all to my 50-gallon with a 20-gallon sump...
  20. GenericReefer

    What in the heck is happening?! Where is my ammonia going?!

    My cycle completed, and I did a complete water change, the nitrates having skyrocketed. Everything (but the pH..) showed up at zero. Nothing at all. So I added a few drops of ammonia. Ammonia began to read, then faded. But nothing else changed. I've noticed this yellow/peach layer developing on...
  21. S

    Ich? Help!

    Ok so I have a 40 saltwater tank. I added 2 clown fishes and in few hours I noticed one of the fishes has a little speck on her head or it might be a little scratch. Sometimes it looks like a dot and sometimes it looks like a scratch. My clown fishes have been playing with each other but I...
  22. F

    Question about my cycling tank (ammonia 0, nitrate 0 and nitrite 0)

    Hi to every reef tank lovers. I have a problem with my cycling. Maybe it’s not a problem, but I’ve always been at 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites and 0 ammonia. Don’t worry about the nitrates testing, I shaked the bottle really well. Here is my setup : - 80 gallons tank - 20 gallons sump - My...
  23. Aaron Davis

    Ammonia- non emergency....I think

    Hey all. Have a 55 gallon tank that's been going for approx 2 years. Deep sand bed. Plenty of live rock. Running a sump with Fuge filled with cheato along with a skimmer. Only inhabitants currently are a clown, mandarin dragonet, and a golden dwarf that I just added only 1 day ago. I have a...
  24. lonewonderer

    Ammonia present

    Hello, I have started my 40 gallon reef tank last May of this year. I'm just curious why my water until now reads 0.25ppm ammonia on my API test kit. I feed very minimal. below is what i have in my tank and my parameters. need help please. Ammonia 0.25ppm nitrites 0ppm nitrates "undetectable"...
  25. GenericReefer

    How a noob is cycling tank

    Hey guys! I set up my saltwater 10g tank, using live sand, Bio Spira, and Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride to start. I put a way too much of ammonia, but it's hard to tell the exact ppm. My question is, will I need to do a partial water change after cycling? All of this excess ammonia will be...
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