1. F

    Question about my cycling tank (ammonia 0, nitrate 0 and nitrite 0)

    Hi to every reef tank lovers. I have a problem with my cycling. Maybe it’s not a problem, but I’ve always been at 0 nitrates, 0 nitrites and 0 ammonia. Don’t worry about the nitrates testing, I shaked the bottle really well. Here is my setup : - 80 gallons tank - 20 gallons sump - My...
  2. Aaron Davis

    Ammonia- non emergency....I think

    Hey all. Have a 55 gallon tank that's been going for approx 2 years. Deep sand bed. Plenty of live rock. Running a sump with Fuge filled with cheato along with a skimmer. Only inhabitants currently are a clown, mandarin dragonet, and a golden dwarf that I just added only 1 day ago. I have a...
  3. lonewonderer

    Ammonia present

    Hello, I have started my 40 gallon reef tank last May of this year. I'm just curious why my water until now reads 0.25ppm ammonia on my API test kit. I feed very minimal. below is what i have in my tank and my parameters. need help please. Ammonia 0.25ppm nitrites 0ppm nitrates "undetectable"...
  4. GenericReefer

    How a noob is cycling tank

    Hey guys! I set up my saltwater 10g tank, using live sand, Bio Spira, and Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride to start. I put a way too much of ammonia, but it's hard to tell the exact ppm. My question is, will I need to do a partial water change after cycling? All of this excess ammonia will be...
  5. PiscesPower

    Ammonia spike after cleaning sump & gravel vacuum.

    I cleaned out the sump yesterday somewhat when I made the new fuge mod. Stirred up some stuff and then I did a water change about 15% and vacuumed the shallow sandbed. (Sand is only 5 weeks old in this tank). I was remiss in changing my Seneye slide by a day and when I did it tonight my free...
  6. LEOreefer

    Need some help with cycle

    Hey everyone i need some advise I started using the red sea mature program and decided I didnt want to continue. So I got a bottle of Dr tims aquatic ammonium here is what my ammonia is reading. It's in the <.15 category maybe .25. As per the instructions on the ammonia bottle it reads "add 1...
  7. Fr4nkthet4nk

    Ammonia in my QT

    I have 7 fish in my quarantine tank due to an ich attack. I have been doing water change ever 2 days but I notice that the ich is gone but my fish are barely swimming. I measured ammonia level and it is present in my tank between 0.25 and 0.5 . Do you have any advice to reduce the ammonia level...
  8. Mwag

    Aquarium Cycle Help

    Hello, I have started a new 30 gallon saltwater aquarium on Sunday (5/14). I am using CaribSea Live Sand and 2 pieces of dry rock as well as a small piece of Live Rock which is cured. I am also using Seachem Stability. I went to go add some fish food to the tank to start the cycle and I put in...
  9. M

    No ammonia spike after 2 weeks?

    I set up my new 46 gallon bow front 13 days ago. I added 40 pounds of the CaribSea live sand, 45 pounds of Marcos dry rock and 10-20 pounds of live rock from my old tank. I added a whole bottle of the BioSpira stuff (the 75 gallon bottle). The tank is at 79 degrees. All RO/DI water with Kent...
  10. Chase89

    New aquarium guidance

    I have a 72 gallon aquarium and I want make sure that it's done right. I've used reef saver rock and live pink Fiji live sand. I've also put bio-spira in it to make sure I have the right bacteria growing. I've been watching my PH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, calcium, phosphate and KH...
  11. thinktank

    Confusion on Nitrate and Nitrite in saltwater tank.

    So, I migrated over to saltwater from freshwater and am currently waiting for my 100 gallon tank to finish cycling. I cycled using 5 dead shrimp I bought from a supermarket. After about 5 days of them rotting in my tank my Ammonia finally started to show up and when it hit 8ppm on around day 7...
  12. AquaNerd

    A Closer Look at the Seneye Reef Monitor

    Please click the link to learn more about the Seneye Reef monitor and how it can help you avoid problems before they occur.
  13. SillyBeast67

    Ammonia spike

    Hello, my 65g tank has been up and running for about a year now. I have inverts corals liverock and a clown fish and also a small sailfin tang that recently died of unknown causes. I pulled it out of the system within an hour of its death so no decomposition occured. I recently checked my...
  14. R

    The people at the lfs screwed me and my clowns :(

    I can't express the anger I am in right now....the people at my lfs basically told me to leave my tank for 3 weeks before adding fish with live rock. They told me absolutely nothing about the Nitrogen Cycle. After reading more and more on these forums I have learned about the Nitrogen Cycle and...
  15. R

    Need help with new saltwater tank (lowering nitrate and increasing ph)

    This is my first saltwater tank and any information you guys can give my is appreciated. Specs: -29 Gallon (picture of tank: -1 600GPD Powerhead (aimed slightly down) -84 Degrees Fahrenheit (in process of lowering this to 80) -1.022 Gravity / 30 PPT -Around 7.4 pH...
  16. BlueWorldJeff

    Adding Dry Rock to Established Reef

    My 180g reef has three live rock pillars right now and I want to add another one. I had some dry rock in the garage, that I epoxyed into another pillar. It has been sitting in a 18 gallon rubbermaid tote filled with 1.025 salt water with a MJ1200 powerhead moving the water. This was old tank...
  17. Sarah007

    SHRIMPOCALYPSE! Help Water Testing. Mean Clownfish.

    Hello Reefers, So within a couple days I've had all my shrimp (4 year old pistol shrimp, 2 peppermint shrimp) die. I've also had 9 out of 10 hermit crabs die off. The shrimp and the crabs seem to turn over on their backs and then slowly kick around and die over the course of a couple days...
  18. Adam113

    New to the hobby

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to the world of saltwater aquariums, and have a few questions starting out. We got my dad a 29 gallon BioCube for Christmas a few years back. He absolutely loved it, and had it up and running for 2 years. He was diagnosed with cancer about a year and a half ago...