anemone care

  1. A

    Ritteri Anemone

    I think my anemone is either splitting or dying. From what I am seeing online, ritteri are not prolific splitters. My husband was the one who suggested that it might be splitting (possibly just to keep me from getting upset) but I am concerned about the other occupants on my tank. We have had...
  2. B

    New Anemone Help

    Hi everyone, new reefer here 2-3 months and I just placed my first green bubble tipped anemone. I put it in last night and it moved around eventually detaching and floating then getting stuck by its bubbles to the back of my tank. I woke up this morning and it was stuck in the same spot so I...
  3. hyeclass

    anemone issue

    Not sure what's wrong with my anemone
  4. M

    Anemone shriveled up and something coming out of it

    Hello, I got this bubble tip yesterday, it was doing good (opened up and moving around) and when I woke up I found it like this. Does anyone know what is going on with it? Thanks
  5. OdetteDelacroix

    Acid Wash BTA: Rapid-Fire Splitting?!

    I woke up this morning to find that my 8” BTA split. Okay. On closer examination, it looks like she isn’t finished yet (check out the photos). Care wise, should I do anything or be worried? That’s a lot of energy being used in such a short amount of time. How long does it usually take for...
  6. alimac122

    Show off those rock nems!

    So I just purchased my first rock anemone at my LFS yesterday. and WOW! The color on this baby is incredible! I am IN LOVE and how slightly addicted. So.... I wanna see yours! Tell me a little about them too. What made you want one? How do you care for yours? Any special tricks? Anyone have a...
  7. M

    Anemone urgent

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a BTA and the first day it seemed to do well other than not being able to find a place it likes. It was upside down hanging on my live rock for a day but then fell into the sand. His tentacles are still puffy and he seemed happy until today when i came home...
  8. W

    New anemone

    I just got this anemone and and drip acclimated for like 1 hour and put it in like 20 minutes ago I just want to know if it looks fine because it is deflated
  9. R

    Please help, Anemone not looking good

    Hello, I have had this anemone for about a month may a little longer. All has been well until about a week ago, I noticed it was deflated. I know they usually do that from time to time, but it has not gone back to normal. This is what is look like now. I'm not sure what my parameters as I...
  10. Cantusaurus

    Too soon to add Rock flower Anemone?

    Hi, I have had my 32 gal. tank up for 2 months, and the parameters and salinity have not been fluctuating, and are not perfect, but are very near perfect. I have 1 fish, CUC inverts, and a serpent star, all of which are doing great. No algae surprisingly. Could I add a rock flower anemone to...
  11. R

    Is my Sebae dying?

    I need some help with my Sebae. He has not seemed happy since I have bought him. I have had him for about a month now. Sunday he started to look really bad his mouth is open pretty wide. He is not loosing his color and he is still eating. It might just be stress but I would like some other...
  12. CaliDanhReef

    Wild bta and tank raised bta

    I was wondering if it’s possible to keep both wild and tank raised bta? Want to know people’s experiences with keeping wild and tank raised bta. Any tips would help.
  13. R

    What kind of Anemone is this?

    I was wondering what kind of Anemone this is? Thanks in advance for the answers.
  14. BighohoReef

    The Anemone at the gate (Finally getting a NEM!!) Share your nem homes

    Well it’s finally happened the wife cracked and we’re finally getting a rainbow nem!!! First I would love to get some ideas for nem placement. Post a pic of how you house them In your tank! Bonus for a brief on your thoughts behind it. Second I need some advice in my current plan: As with...
  15. FullReefSurvivalMode

    Oh man, a little bit up hill - please advice

    Just had an carpet Haddoni finally give up, so I removed it - It did well on and off, but eventually started falling apart. Darn 2,5 day shipping, It arrived like a mess where I didn’t know which side was up or down on it - I already talked in the forum about this, where I got qualified advice -...
  16. AceShadow_Reefer

    Colorado Sunburst Anemone Problem!!

    Hey guys, I'm new here so it's cool to meet you all. I'm posting this today because I noticed my poor Colorado Sunburst BTA is starting to look really strange... Never seen a nem look like it before. It almost looks as though it's withering. The tentacles look almost flat!! This occurred after...
  17. Z

    Is My Anemone Dying?

  18. Accidentalreefers

    BTA acting strange

    Hey, just curious my anemone seems to be acting strange this is my 1st anemone I added him to the tank around 4 months ago found his spot and has been hanging out there ever since and had been very opened up only closes up a bit at night. A couple days ago I noticed hes been closed up alot more...
  19. Aquatic0627

    Please ID this

    I bought this guy today. The man at the lfs said it was a leather toadstool mushroom coral, I paid $120 for him. Very shortly after buying him I noticed his mouth and later learned that he's some type of anemone. I'm thinking maybe a green carpet anemone, but I definitely need your help. He's...