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  1. Piscean_Introvert

    Cycling Help

    Hey Everyone, So it’s Day 9 of using MicroBacter cycling kit, and I’m a little confused about the results. I’ve attached the readings over the 9 days as well as the photos of days results. I don’t want to add any fish or clean up crew if I’m not ready. Any advice and suggestions are greatly...
  2. jackalexander

    EMERGENCY Ammonia Issue

    So I decided to do a fishless cycle using Dr. Tim’s nitrifying bacteria and ammonia. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I dosed 5x more ammonia than I should have. I’m using an API test kit and my ammonia readings have shown 8ppm (the max for the test kit) for days and I’m getting readings of 5ppm...
  3. Tangina20

    Low Kh and calcium in reef tank

    I just got test kits for these two things and it says my calcium is 340 and kh is 17.9ppm or 1dkh with api test kits. What should I do to get these levels up??? I also don’t understand the difference between all, dkh, and kh.
  4. J

    Api vs Salifert test kits

    so i have been using Api for years now and have heard theyre like bottomline. I technically didnt do water changes on my tank for 3 months(i did but only twice) cause i ran out of salt and didnt buy a new bucket cause i was thinking of switching salts idk why it took me so long. But well yea ive...
  5. DeepBlueSomething

    Side by Side - Calcium with API and Red Sea Foundation

    As my tank is maturing so are my methods -- and I wanted to share the first of my side by side. Like many out there, I started with the reasonably priced and easily available API Test Kits and have relied on them for the first months of my tanks existence with good results to date - fish alive...
  6. spyder813

    Cycling test question.

    This is my first API test after a week of cycling the DT 40g. Using Dr. Tim bacteria and ammonia. Do I need to add more ammonia or just leave it like that?
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