1. Rhyper

    Nilo's Red Sea Reefer 250

    I've been postponing creating this thread for a while lol. So here is my newest tank, running since July 2019. It’s my third tank in 11 years of this hobby. Starting with the specs! Tank: Red Sea Reefer 250 (v3) Lighting: Maxspect Recurve 90 240w Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve A8 Return: Reef...

    North Carolina Dry Rock Aquaforest Synthetic Rock 30kg of Used Rock

    For sale 30 kgs of AF Aquaforest Rock taken out of my tank. As you can see it is really nice and different shapes as opposed to normal reef rock. Bottom of pieces is flat for good appearance on your sand or bare bottom tank. Selling because of tank tear down. NOTE: This is for pick up only...
  3. Darsh

    Aquaforest vs Salifert phosphate tests

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this has been answered numerous times but I can't find a comparison thread with these 2 specific tests. Hanna is out of my price range before you ask ;) I see that a lot of people get zero readings on their Salifert kits, hopefully that means their actual levels are close...
  4. Berlibee

    Alexey & Yuliya | Aquaforest Adventure Mixed Reef Tank 2020.

    Hello Everyone! ;Happy I can't believe I finally have a chance to begin a fresh build thread for our latest reef project. This year started just crazy and affected all our projects for this cycle, but we are working to adjust to the #newnormal and progress. Finally, we are ready to share with...
  5. S

    Zevoit is still the best

  6. Jeff@CoralVue

    3 New Giveaways: HYDROS, Aquaforest, and Reef Octopus!

    3 New Giveaways: HYDROS, Aquaforest, and Reef Octopus! Win some cool stuff from the CoralVue family of brands! ;Woot
  7. Jeff@CoralVue

    Never mixed saltwater before? We'll show you how!

    Never mixed saltwater before? We'll show you how! Start making saltwater at home: it's easier than you think!
  8. A

    Changing from Aquaforest Balling to Tropic Marin Balling

    I don't like all of the plastic that comes with the Aquaforest Balling kits and my wife has been pushing our household to use less plastic container so i want to start mixing my own using the original Tropic Marin powders. Technically they should both be the same chemicals, so do i need a...
  9. Jeff@CoralVue

    More Stocking Stuffers!

    More Stuff for Your Stocking! Awesome & Affordable Gifts for Reefers!
  10. S

    Automatic Dosing

    Was wondering if there is any way to use the aquaforest products through a dosing pump .
  11. Jeff@CoralVue

    20% off Aquaforest - Black Friday Special

    Our BIGGEST Aquaforest sale EVER is on now! Save 20% on everything but salt for Black Friday at participating retailers. But hurry! Sale ends 12/2 or while supplies last.
  12. Jeff@CoralVue

    CoralVue's Black Friday Specials - What Will You Get?

    10% off Abyzz 20% off Aquaforest (except salt) 10% off AutoAqua 10% off Reef Octopus (with some even better deals, keep scrolling) 10% off EasyReefs 10% off Focustronic 10% off Giesemann 10% off IceCap (excludes Gyre 2K & 4K) 10% off ICP-Analysis 10% off Kamoer 10% off Klir Filters 10% off...
  13. Jeff@CoralVue

    CoralVue Black Friday In-Store Event @ Living Reefs Orlando!

    CoralVue Black Friday In-Store Event @ Living Reefs Orlando! You Could Win a New HYDROS WaveEngine!
  14. Jeff@CoralVue

    Black Friday Deals: UNLOCKED! Up to 20% Off CoralVue's Family of Brands!

    CoralVue Black Friday Deals: Unlocked! 20% off Aquaforest, 15% off VarioS Pumps, 15% off Regal Skimmers, & MORE!
  15. Jeff@CoralVue

    These Contests End Soon—DON'T MISS OUT!!! ⌛

    These Contests End Soon—DON'T MISS OUT!!!⌛ Happy Friday! ;Woot Here's what's happening at CoralVue today...
  16. Jeff@CoralVue

    How to Stack Your Filter Media in Aquaforest Reactors: Carbon + Phosphate Minus + Zeo Mix!

    Stack it? Don't stack it? Never tried it? Watch our latest video about stacking filter media in @Aquaforest media reactors and weigh in with a comment below! AquaForest Reactors Aquaforest Carbon
  17. Gustavo89

    How to dose (using doser) Dry Calcium from AquaForest?

    Hello, I want to know how to dose The Dry calcium from AF (make my own water to be dosed) I saw on youtube on the balling method, that you should add 50 grams of Dry Calcium to 1 liter with RODI water. They dont mention how much ml you should dose to a certain Tank size, and how much will...
  18. Jeff@CoralVue

    Something FRESH From Aquaforest...

    We have some FRESH new products coming from Aquaforest. :cool: Leave us a comment and let us know if you have a freshwater aquarium in addition to your reef! ;Wideyed
  19. Beats001

    Aqua Forest Probiotic reef salt batch differences.

    Hi all, I realise all batches of AF salt are all slightly different and I wandering how others manage this in conjunction with dosing equal amounts of Components 1,2,3? Take the following as an example ... I am in the process of balancing my ions, dosing equal of the 3 comps, with a little...
  20. juanrmattos

    Fluval Sea EVO 5 Gallon AQUAFOREST Desktop Reef

    Bent the knee again guys!!!... This time I truly hope to keep it simple, yet, it is proven how challenging dealing with such small amounts of water can be. So here it goes :)
  21. Scubabum

    Reefkpr Red Sea Reefer 525XL build

    Hello everyone. My name is Phillip aka Reefkpr on Youtube and CC_Reefkpr on IG. I've been Reefing for 25 years but fairly new to keeping SPS. I also have a 58 Gallon Oceanic Reef that has been running consistently for 25 years and a 40 gallon Breeder Frag tank. I'm Retired and totally addicted...
  22. jourdy

    A visit to Aquaforest in Poland

    Hi all, Had an amazing experience visiting Aquaforest in Poland last month. Just wanted to share some photos of my trip there. The facility is about 45 minutes away from Krakow by car. 10x6 tank This guy really draws the eyes The tank is really huge. Pictures don't do it justice because...
  23. DiZASTiX

    DiZASTiX - A Tank for the Road

    My name is Spike. This is the story of reef keeping with a jet setter lifestyle. EPISODE I: The story begins with keeping a reef while traveling heavily, and leaning on an enthusiastic partner and plenty of technology to ensure operation while I'm away three days every week. EPISODE II: My...
  24. jsker

    Aquaforest Reef Salt & Automatic Water Changes

    Good day @Perry @Aquaforest @120reefkeeper @Anirban @sever10 If you could please pass this on or if you know the answer. Question: Why should I not use Reef salt for auto water changes? I do not want a general answer, if not. I have been running the Reef Salt for an AWC. I have found...
  25. jordimex

    Hello not sure how to start using aqua forest in my tank

    I currently have a Red Sea 350 aquarium total water volume advertised is 90 gallon, taking into account all of my live rock i would guesstimate that my water volume is around 65-70 gallons. i currently have a good amount of fish, and not dosing anything at the moment only doing 5 gallon water...