1. juanrmattos

    Nano Build Fluval Sea EVO 5 Gallon AQUAFOREST Desktop Reef

    Bent the knee again guys!!!... This time I truly hope to keep it simple, yet, it is proven how challenging dealing with such small amounts of water can be. So here it goes :)
  2. Scubabum

    Build Thread Reefkpr Red Sea Reefer 525XL build

    Hello everyone. My name is Phillip aka Reefkpr on Youtube and CC_Reefkpr on IG. I've been Reefing for 25 years but fairly new to keeping SPS. I also have a 58 Gallon Oceanic Reef that has been running consistently for 25 years and a 40 gallon Breeder Frag tank. I'm Retired and totally addicted...
  3. jourdy

    A visit to Aquaforest in Poland

    Hi all, Had an amazing experience visiting Aquaforest in Poland last month. Just wanted to share some photos of my trip there. The facility is about 45 minutes away from Krakow by car. 10x6 tank This guy really draws the eyes The tank is really huge. Pictures don't do it justice because...
  4. DiZASTiX

    Build Thread DiZASTiX - A Tank for the Road

    My name is Spike. This is the story of reef keeping with a jet setter lifestyle. EPISODE I: The story begins with keeping a reef while traveling heavily, and leaning on an enthusiastic partner and plenty of technology to ensure operation while I'm away three days every week. EPISODE II: My...
  5. jsker

    Aquaforest Reef Salt & Automatic Water Changes

    Good day @Perry @Aquaforest @120reefkeeper @Anirban @sever10 If you could please pass this on or if you know the answer. Question: Why should I not use Reef salt for auto water changes? I do not want a general answer, if not. I have been running the Reef Salt for an AWC. I have found...
  6. jordimex

    Hello not sure how to start using aqua forest in my tank

    I currently have a Red Sea 350 aquarium total water volume advertised is 90 gallon, taking into account all of my live rock i would guesstimate that my water volume is around 65-70 gallons. i currently have a good amount of fish, and not dosing anything at the moment only doing 5 gallon water...
  7. jordimex

    Aquaforest 1+, 2+, 3+

    Hello, I was wondering when component 1+, 2+, 3+ from aquaforest will be back in stock?
  8. mike werner

    aquaforest makes good on under filled bottles

    I recently posted a thread "aquaforest 10ml.micro e bottles underfilled"i reached out to af and had trouble getting a response from them.noticing my frustration,perry and anirban two of the us reps stepped in.they contacted af and they responded.yesterday I received a 50ml of micro e in the...
  9. Volcmreefer

    Aquaforest Reef Salt Question

    Hello R2R! I perform 1.25 gallon water changes daily and want to switch from IO to Auaforest Reef Salt. My question is, can I mix the salt in the RODI station and allow it to sit for a week or so by the tank in my reservoir, awaiting water changes? I know that the Aquaforest Probiotic Salt...
  10. marco fish

    Cycling tank with Aquaforest

    Good afternoon, I recently started to cycle my aquarium with Aquaforest. Total water volume 130 gallons brought from 20 miles offshore of Key West, Fl Dry cured pukani rock about 70 lbs total, in a bare bottom tank. 5 drops of Bio S daily for now 15 days Running AF carbon, AF phosphate minus...
  11. Bulk Reef Supply

    President's day PRIVATE PREVIEW savings >>

    What's more patriotic than 10% off gear for your tank? Probably a lot of things, but that's beside the point... Let's get to the details; scroll to the bottom to check out the brands who are joining us in the savings! STARTING TODAY, 2/18, Preferred Reefers get exclusive access to our 10% off...
  12. niQo

    How I increased my NO3

    I think my tank suffered from lack of nitrates. I was dealing with some GHA and always testing zero for NO3 and PO4. I think my nitrates were actually too low, but the phosphates were used by the GHA. A few weeks back I dosed a few capfuls of Seachem flourish nitrogen over a few days, but then I...
  13. Peter K

    Transition from Triton Other Methods to Aquaforest

    Hi all, So I am properly sick of not being able to purchase Triton additives because they are always out of stock and having two sets of milk jugs leak in the boxes when I receive them is not making me very loyal at this point. I currently do not follow the "triton" method but us their...
  14. Pain

    Starting New tank running on Aquaforest products

    Hello Aquaforest, I have build my new tank and started on 19/1/2018 and i got the list below of aquaforest product. Please let me know if i missed any of the product i should get for the tank. And please advise me with which product should i start. I have used Pure ammonia to start the cycle...
  15. Txdragonslayer

    GHL Maxi Unboxing - review to follow

    I just wanted topost this quick video I pre-ordered the GHL Maxi during the all the Black Friday sales. I Had my eye on a DOS for a very long time, but couldn't get over the shape of the DOS. I may be unique in that regard, but i had purchased 2 DOS units and two DDR's and sent them back. I...
  16. Crimsonvice

    Crimson's garage sale

    Gyre xf150 used for almost two years. Works like a champ. $130 (in vinegar bath now) Hanna Checker dkh NIB - $40 Hanna Checker Cal NIB - $40 Hanna Checker Pocket pH NIB - $30 OR all 3 for $100 Aquaforest Build and Amino Mix NIB $10 each Bubble Magus Curve 5 - $80 ***PLEASE READ*** Skimmer...
  17. RhynoNynja

    Probiotic Reef Salt Cloudy

    I very recently decided to switch my salt to the Aquaforest Probiotic Reef salt. I used the salt last night for the first time to do a 35 gallon water change on my 120 gallon tank. The water has been cloudy all day today, even though it was crystal clear in the mixing container. I've...
  18. Mortie31

    High Zinc levels with Aquaforest reef salt refill packs

    Hello all I'm posting this on here in the hope you can sense check my issues, I've contacted Aquaforest through a sponsors forum and am getting the usually excuse manual read out to me, this is my original post, Could you please scrutinise it and if I'm wrong or misguided could you please tell...
  19. chcgregg

    Blind dosing of Component A, B, and C?

    Hi, I have purchased the 2L containers of Component A, B, and C. I have a heavily stocked SPS system and I am dosing a 2 part Calcium and Alkalinity supplement I have made myself. I ran a calcium reactor prior to dosing hence why I bought these products. Is there any directions of these...
  20. JD Walt

    Converting to AF System

    Hello all, I'm new to the community. Have been keeping SW tanks for the last several years and have in the last year started adding SPS. I've had success getting some growth but after reading and seeing the tanks that are on AF system, the corals look phenomenal. I've been reading several forum...
  21. jhatfield

    Two Weeks into Cycle - Reality Check

    I'm two weeks into my first tank's cycle and have a couple questions. First, here are the stats: Tank is a Red Sea 170 Dry pukani dry rock that has been soaked and acid washed live sand Parameters measured today: Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - >1 Nitrate - 10 Phosphate - 0 After cycling for 2 weeks...
  22. ocncheffy

    What supplements and coral foods should I get?

    I've recently switched over to the probiotic salt in my Nuvo 16g tank that consists of mostly sps/lps. It was an ULNS tank before the switch, and I kept up the nutrients with roids and fuel. I want to dive into the supplemental coral foods from AF but I'm not sure on what to get.. Should I...
  23. DipSpit

    HELP! Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt Cloudy?

    I wanted to try something different than Reef Crystals for a new build. I chose the Aquaforest Probiotic Reef salt based on generally positive reviews on BRS. When mixed according to on the box instruction, the end result was somewhat cloudy. I continued to mix with no change in results over...
  24. jhatfield

    Cycling with AF

    After a full year of delays I'll be starting my first tank (~45 gal total with sump) in a couple weeks and have a few questions about starting a fresh tank with AF Products. There will be no live rock but perhaps live sand. (?) So basically starting from a clean slate. I would like to start...
  25. L

    KH level

    Hello, I use AF products. My tank is a red sea s max 400, I started it 2 month ago. I use Pro Biotic Reefsalt, Probio S, NP pro, Amino….. and Component +1,+2,+3. I have a problem with my KH. - ca 410, mg 1300, kh 9,6 ( my kh is high from the start - I don’t know its cause - I think it comes...