1. m0jjen

    Build Thread m0jjen's reefer 425XL

    Hi guys! Time to get a new thread going for the upcoming tank! Im really excited about it and im going to do my best to create an awsome reef out of it. Im mainly an SPS guy and will carry on in this direction. Hopefully with more success than my previous 2 tanks! Some info regarding the build...
  2. Bulk Reef Supply

    AHH! Time is almost up!

    There are just hours left of our sale, and you will not see discounts this deep until November 2017 :eek: Here are a few key sales that might spark your interest:
  3. C

    Aquaforest - Component 1+, 2+, 3+ Bundle

    Hi, Hoping for some help/advice. I don't use any AF products for my 120G DT or 40G Frag tank. I am currently using BRS 2-Part dosing (Ca, Mg, ALK) along with supplements for the essential components. Use IO Reef salt along with BRS RO System as salt water source for both my tanks. Scenario 1 -...
  4. Sebastian Costin

    Build Thread Evolution Reef - Aquaforest

    Hello, My new setup is in working progress! Few specs, plans: Dispay: 75x55x45h cm - 10mm Full Optiwhite Glass, polished edges, internal overflow Aprox: 47G Stand: 75x55x90 in iron and electromagnetic painted Sump: 65x50x40 cm (ATO, skimmer chamber and return) (aprox 16G) Light: First step -...