How to dose (using doser) Dry Calcium from AquaForest?


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Aug 20, 2019
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I want to know how to dose The Dry calcium from AF (make my own water to be dosed)

I saw on youtube on the balling method, that you should add 50 grams of Dry Calcium to 1 liter with RODI water.

They dont mention how much ml you should dose to a certain Tank size, and how much will rise in ppm.

Does anybody knows the formula?

PS, my tank is 460 L


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May 20, 2017
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Gilbert, Az
The balling method for Aquaforest using Component 123+. The dry Calcium is one ingredient for mixing up the 1st of 3 solutions that make up 123+. You should look at the downloadable product guide which has the recipe to mix your own 123+ from ingredients that includes trace elements as well as the 3 base elements Ca, Kh, Mg. Aquaforest also has their own calculator for their products on the website

Dosing amount for the solution is calculated for each tank. Measure the Calcium, Alkalinity and magnesium of your tank and then wait for 2 days. At the exact same time take all 3 measurements again and note how much each has dropped. Divide the drop by 2 which tells you how much of each your tank uses daily. Use the calculator to offset that drop with dosing. If your tank uses 5ppm of Calcium daily then after putting in the volume you would enter the last calcium measurement and the desired is the Current + 5. Pick Compnent 1+ as the product and then hit the Calculate button. You daily dose will show in the results. The recommendation is to dose 123+ in equal amounts using Alkalinity as the measurement to determine the daily dose of all 3.
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