bacterial infection

  1. Wen

    Urgent Help yellow coris wrasse!!!

    Tonight when feeding all my fish in qt I see the yellow coris/canary wrasse looking bad! Tattered fins Whitish patches on side Fish has been swimming mostly at surface of qt, very active, eats very well. This afternoon it kept swimming through air stone bubbles which I thought odd. It’s been...
  2. Niterunner77

    Copperband Butterfly with an infection? Help?

    Just noticed my CBB has a nasty looking spot on his side in the middle and I’m trying to figure out what it might be. Maybe a bacterial infection? He’s swimming around fine and eating very well like always. I’ve had him about a year and a half. Not sure what actions to take and what to treat him...
  3. Gmj4409

    Square patch on hip tang - bacterial?

    I’ve probably read/seen this scenario 50 times in this forum but need some direction & confidence! This tang (& 2 clowns and 6 chromic) were added about 9 months ago to my reef after 80 day fallow and 30 day Copper. All has been well. I just did a 30 day Copper & 10 day observation with yellow...
  4. Diego.28

    Zoas Melting/Looking Irritated

    Hi, this is my first post on R2R. I've been using this forum as a resource, just reading threads, for almost a year now, and it's been fantastic, so when I encountered this problem I couldn't figure out how to solve, I figured I'd join. (But I'm sure I'll use this forum for a bunch else now...
  5. R

    Internal parasites??

    I noticed a yellowish/brown string hanging out of my coral beauty today. I'm assuming it is poo. Is this a sign of internal parasites or some other type of infection? Or does the string of poo have to be white to signify an internal infection??
  6. TANK TERROR: Bacterial Infections In The Reef Tank

    TANK TERROR: Bacterial Infections In The Reef Tank

    Editor’s Note: The reef aquarium hobby is not for the faint of heart. Maintaining a complex ecosystem can be a daunting task with many variables in play that all have effect on one another. However, beyond the effort to maintain the ecosystem and address common day-to-day issues, there are...
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