1. L

    just one more?

    i have an infamous 20 gal cube with a flasher wrasse(temporarily i promise, and he is healthy with good weight and no deformity), a mandarin dragonet and a masked goby. could i add another fish like a small blenny(tail spot, two spot, pictus), shrimp goby(randall, yasha, yellow)or a spriger...
  2. MarineDepot

    Species Spotlight: BLENNIES | With Hilary, Marine Biologist of

    Fish species play a vital roll in our enjoyment of the aquarium hobby as a whole. Get to know more about Blennies with Hilary from WaterLogged in our new video. You can also explore countless other aquarium fish by checking out some of the other videos in the Species Spotlight Playlist.
  3. caribbean reefing

    Horned blenny not eating , HELP!

    I collected this horned blenny here in playa about 1 week ago and **** it would be easy to feed , but he hasn't touched the sea veggies , pe mysis, or brine shrimp/live Any suggestions on what to try and feed him ? thanks
  4. M

    Clownfish fin torn by Midas Benny?

    Tank: - 40 Gallon Aquatop cube with added wavemaker Livestock: - 1x Midas Blenny (Noodle) - 1x Clownfish pair - 1x Sailfin/Algae Blenny (Salarias fasciatus) idk the common name - various soft corals, mostly frags - CUC Problem: Recently my old female clown died from some parasite I believe...
  5. Gonj

    Blenny with Bloated Stomach

    So I noticed my blenny occasionally has a very bloated stomach, I'm not sure if it is related to this bubble he has on his fin, the bubble has gotten smaller so I took him out of QT but now seeing this inflamed stomach I'm not sure what I should do. It doesn't look like this all the time, but it...
  6. K

    Three spot blenny sudden death. Help me diagnose him!

    Hi, my three spot blenny suddenly stopped eating today and hiding away in its little cave. It was breathing hard so I thought of ammonia rise. Did 20% PWC. Later on, it came out and swam like frenzy, almost hitting itself to the substrate. In that instant, I thought he was a gonner. I decided...
  7. Gonj

    QT Orchid Dotty back and Midas Blenny

    Just picked up a dottyback and blenny from lfs, I wanna quarantine before putting them in my dt. What medication is safe for them, I will be quarantining in the same tank. meds on hand : Cupramine Ruby reef rally Paraguard Metroplex any advice on how to quarantine these guys would help thanks!
  8. adamlodge14

    Which first? Gramma or blenny?

    Hiya guys, I have a Yasha goby/pistol shrimp pair in my tank and in about a week a pink streaked wrasse is arriving. About a month after it arrives (whenever my tank is ready) I want to add another fish, either a royal gramma or a pictus blenny. Eventually I would like both in my tank, but which...
  9. S

    Bundoon Blenny diet? doesn't seem to be eating

    Hi all, For any Bundoon Blenny owners I was hoping for some advice. Since I got this Blenny 4 days ago I haven't seen him eat, I've tried flakes, garlic infused pellets, veggie pellets, dried seaweed on a clip, and enriched Mysis/Brine. I'm starting to get a little worried, but at day 4 he...
  10. adamlodge14

    Goby and blenny compatibility

    Hi, I have a Fluval evo 13.5 and was wondering whether a Yasha goby, tailspot blenny and neon goby would all get along together, thanks. This is my tank.. it has lots of live rock
  11. TSBlennyEating2.png


    Betty the blenny eatin and poopin!
  12. TSBlennyEating1.png


    Betty the Blenny eating.
  13. TSBlenny.png


    Betty the Blenny
  14. Z

    EMERGENCY Was my blenny attacked or is he sick?

    I have a 100gl tank- 1 red lip blenny, 3 emerald crabs, 3 clown fish, 1 CBS, 6 nassarius snails, and a dozen or so hermit crabs. Saturday- Got my blenny, he looked great. After a few hours of having him it looked like he was swimming up to and laying next to the CBS as if asking the shrimp to...
  15. Cantusaurus

    Lawnmower Blenny is STILL Skinny :( Should I rehome?

    I have had my lawnmower Blenny for about 6 weeks in my 32.5 gallon tank (long). The first 4 days it was in the tank it hid and didn't come out much, and would get scared if I came near the tank. I could see it grazing on the rocks at about the 3rd day I believe. It didn't come out when I fed...
  16. GnarcoticFiend

    Blenny flashing. Prazi not working?

    Hi y’all. I’ve had this bicolor blenny for well over a month and about two weeks ago I noticed him coming down from his rock and kicking up sand in the same exact spot every single time. Note i’ve never seen him flash on the rocks. It almost seems as if he’s just kicking up sand with his tail...
  17. RedFrog211

    Blenny ID?

    Didn’t know if this belonged in critter ID or fish discussion, so here I am. I had my first reef tank about 4 years ago (has been broken down since) and found this photo of a blenny I had, and wasn’t able to identify it. Any thoughts? It was sold as a rhino blenny, but was obviously not that. Is...
  18. hds4216

    Does anyone know where to get a Tailspot Blenny?

    They're sold out everywhere I look - online and at all 16 of my local LFS. If anyone knows where to get one, I'd be much obliged!
  19. AceB9908

    Atlantic Sailfin Blenny, Emblemaria pandionis?

    So my LFS got a handful of these guys in, and had them mislabeled as a "Sailfin Goby" (no slight at them, it probably came in the shipment like that, I worked there for 4 years) Looking at the fish I can tell it's a Blenny not a goby, and while looking into trying to figure out what exactly it...
  20. W

    Need help for identifying a blenny

    Need help for identifying a blenny it was sold as a starry Blenny but it looks like a lawnmower blenny
  21. Sawyer Breslow

    Fish Stocking - 65gal, 3ft length

    Hi all, I’ve been running my tank for about a year and a half. just looking for some opinions and experience on fish stocking. I’m deciding on what fish to add to my 65 gal mixed reef tank. My current stock includes in order of introduction to the tank: 1. Fire goby 2. 2 false perc Clowns 3...
  22. Sipec

    Emergency help ballistic blenny

    I have some fish in qt rn with ich or velvet and my blenny is acting up he was limp on the bottom but then started thrashing and went limp again I checked I didn't see any ich or velvet on him I'm afraid that he might've gotten stabbed by my foxface I stuck him in a net at the top of the tank...
  23. ReeferMadne55

    Blenny dead

    Hey, so out of nowhere this morning I found my bicolor blenny dead. I had literally just seen him alive 5 minutes before I found him. I am just trying to figure out why he died? I am pretty much on top of everything regarding my tank. My two clowns are healthy and eating. The blenny has been...
  24. Sipec

    Can blennies go together?

    Here's some backstory: Me and my father both have tanks I've been wanting to upgrade for a while, he decided his tank is too big and decided to downgrade Now he's decided he wants out and offered me all his aquarium stuff So basically my current stocking is a Royal Gramma, tailspot blenny, and...