1. Sipec

    Emergency help ballistic blenny

    I have some fish in qt rn with ich or velvet and my blenny is acting up he was limp on the bottom but then started thrashing and went limp again I checked I didn't see any ich or velvet on him I'm afraid that he might've gotten stabbed by my foxface I stuck him in a net at the top of the tank...
  2. R

    Blenny dead

    Hey, so out of nowhere this morning I found my bicolor blenny dead. I had literally just seen him alive 5 minutes before I found him. I am just trying to figure out why he died? I am pretty much on top of everything regarding my tank. My two clowns are healthy and eating. The blenny has been...
  3. Sipec

    Can blennies go together?

    Here's some backstory: Me and my father both have tanks I've been wanting to upgrade for a while, he decided his tank is too big and decided to downgrade Now he's decided he wants out and offered me all his aquarium stuff So basically my current stocking is a Royal Gramma, tailspot blenny, and...
  4. alexytman

    Blenny biting coral

    I recorded a time lapse and found my bicolor blenny biting my leptoseris. It's there a way to stop this because I really like the fish.
  5. N11morales

    Blenny that will get along with Royal Gramma

    Hello it’s been about 3 weeks since I put my royal gramma into my tank. I have: 2 clownfish 1 Royal gramma 1 goby/pistol shrimp pair I wanted to add one more fish to my tank. I had been thinking about adding a flasher wrasse or six-line, but the more I look into it I don’t think I should get...
  6. Britttt

    Brown ring on foxface

    Hi all! Yesterday morning I noticed my foxface had a large mark on its right side that suspiciously looked like a blenny kiss. After looking at the forum, it must be. I got home in the afternoon and noticed the Fox now has a Brown ring on the same side as the blenny kiss (blenny kiss has faded...
  7. Wen

    Bundoon Blenny Trio Aggression

    Looking for advice from Bundoon blenny owners, I purchased a trio from DD 3 wks ago. They went into a 30 gal observation tank as 3 hungry pale buddies. I’ve been trying to fatten them up before release into a 150 gal reef tank. Feeding 4-8 times a day (pellets, LRS and ROE). 1 has colored...
  8. mattybecks

    Help with ID of Blenny

    Hi guys, Firstly I would like clarification on what type of blenny this is. Is it an Orange spot blenny? It seems to have very close similarities but doesn't have the little "antenna" on its head. This brings me to the second question: just what is the lump on his head? Just behind his eye...
  9. Ryushei

    Texas Selling Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, & Ricordia

    I have for sale a pair of regular black clownfish, a lawnmower blenny, and a ricordia. All healthy. Blenny - $10 Ricordia - $20 Clownfish- $10 per fish or $15 for the pair. I reside in College Station/Bryan Texas. Will not ship. I sometimes go to North Houston on the weekends so I need a heads...
  10. B

    Well I did it! Meet Valentina!

    Well I took the plunge and bought another fish for my little slice of the ocean. Meet Valentina my beautiful Chestnut Blenny! I’ll have more photos of her in the tank soon. She’s still being a bit shy but has found several places in the rockwork she likes to perch and watch the...
  11. B

    Ohio WTB Chestnut Blenny

    I'm looking for Chestnut eyelash blenny (Cirripectes castaneus). Male is preferred but anything would be fine! If anyone has a breeding pair up for sale I might be interested in that instead.
  12. sghera64

    When a Tang loves a Blenny (Funny Fish Video)

    The subtitles in this 1 minute clip say it all. (Enjoy!)
  13. jk_s124

    Tailspot blenny and firefish biocube 29

    Hello! I have a biocube 29 with 2 clowns, 1 green chromis and a firefish. Firefish was added just over a month ago and has his cave well established. He is doing great. Eating and coming out from time to time. I would like to add a blenny. From what I have read I feel the tailspot would...
  14. Snake132

    Lawnmower blenny sick help me.

    Help me he is sick
  15. Snake132

    Need help lawnmower blenny !!!

    This morning I couldn’t find him my [lawnmower blenny ] and once I did he was hiding in an unusual place under the rocks and (white in colour)which is not his usual colour and he appears to be (breathing rapidly) ... is he dying ? What can I do to help at the moment ? And what is wrong with...
  16. Kenzie Jeanine

    Filling My 24 gal Cube

    Hi! I've had my 24 gal JBJ Nanocube up since late August/early September and I'm really enjoying this hobby. Right now I have a sixline wrasse, a black snowflake clown, and a tailspot blenny, as well as a good size cuc made up of two emerald crabs, a bunch of hermits, and a wide variety of...
  17. Kamden Uelton

    Rock Flower Anemone stinging Bi-color Blenny?

    Hello so a little about me is that i'm 14 and I have a mixed 30g reef tank, anyway I was playing a game on my computer and glanced at my tank and noticed my Bi-Color blenny lying on the sand with part of its tail on the anemone. I took the blenny out and put him in a cup and he died minutes...
  18. Connor


    Is this ick? I can't tell if it's the design on the starry blenny or not.
  19. arnoldndana

    Newbie to this site

    I'm new to this site and still learning how to navigate my way around here. I'm fairly new to SW aquariums but not the aquarium hobby. I have a 125g reef tank and started it on April 3rd of this year and fell in love with it. I have 150 lbs of sand (aragonite) 75 lbs of live rock 4 montipora...
  20. potatocouch

    Algae eater for 55g tank - taking suggestions

    Our Kole Tang just passed away yesterday evening; the Nemos are fine, Corals are thriving; params are good. The Kole Tang has done tremendous job in cleaning algae, particularly those on the rocks and I am keen to find his replacement, which I hope would do similar or better job, whilst...
  21. Eva Rose

    Blenny - Your Experiences

    So I want a peaceful blenny that will nibble on algae on rocks . Omnivore blenny that likes meaty also is fine. Definitely avoid blennies that tend to snap or bite fish that get too close. It would be great to find blenny that prefers rock to sleep in like a Midas. Important: I want it NOT...