1. Peach02

    Lobo ID?

    Pretty self explanatory I saw the photo on here on a archived post and couldn't find any mention of it anywhere, anyone know what it is (apart from just a lobo)
  2. FLSharkvictim

    All most 1 yr old got it @ Reef-A-Polazza 2017 Orlando

    A 1 yr old Ultra Blue Tridacna maxima!
  3. Moonfruit777

    Another Acro ID please :)

    Ahoy again! Another acro without a name here... Latin or Hobby name or both are needed :) Very nice green and blue color on this acro! Edit: Usually the colors are a little stronger and the blue is less washed out- unfortunately I had to break it loose and dip it 3 days ago :( Thanks!
  4. Reefer40b

    Can anyone guess what this one is..

    I will give you a hint, G**** C***** C****
  5. N

    AI SOL BLUE with AI Controller

    I have an eight bulb Aqua illumination sol blue which is in a good condition. I am trying to sell it as i am upgrading my tank and it has no issues. It comes with an aqua illumination controller which helps you configure all the required settings. Please ping me for any information on this item...
  6. Goby-won

    Shroom / ZOA roack FS

    I am selling this gorgeous rock full of neon green (approx. 6), blue shrooms (approx. 12), and ZOA's (50+) - Rock is approximately 6" x 3" $100 + shipping by zip code from Chester, VA
  7. AlgaeBarn

    Captive Bred Blue Tangs Available Now at

    Captive Bred Blue Tangs Avilable Now at! We are pleased to announce the newest product offering from AlgaeBarn! These Captive Bred Blue Tangs are eating well, full of energy, showing no signs of scaring or HLLE. Their colors are indistinguishable from their wild-caught...
  8. jmanyoma

    Few frags up for grabs - SPS and LPS

    Have had frags healing for almost 2 months, some growing more than others. Anyway shoot me a pm if interested. Will post mother followed by the frags - all pictures are taken under AI Hydra 52 (blues and red), only modification is worked with warmth to get true color. Can post white pictures on...
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