1. R

    New York Drygoods Radion XR15 G6 blue and Neptune Sky

    I have one Radion XR15 Blue, and two Neptune SKYs for sale. They all used for about 1 year. Also have RMS tank mount for extra cost if needed. Radion XR15 Blue (with 3D print shade): $400 shipped ($50 extra if taking the RMS mount) 2x Neptune SKY: $450 each shipped ($50 extra if taking the RMS)
  2. reefsaver

    Ecotech Radion G6 XR15 Blue($789 Aud) VS Kessil A360X Tuna Blue ($849 Aud) Comparison [Priced at time of writing]

    Ecotech's G6 Blue XR15 versus Kessil's A360X Tuna Blue. Note: I have 4 years reefing experience, your input is welcomed and encouraged to provide additional clarity on the differences between these lights. Introduction: Both the Ecotech Radion G6 XR15 Blue and the Kessil A360X Tuna Blue are top...
  3. M

    Alabama Lighting Drygoods SOLD!! Radion XR15 G6 250

    Up for sale is my used for 2 years Radion XR15 G5 in Blue. Tore down the frag tank this was on and don't need it anymore. I believe I have some tank mounts somewhere I can find and send with the package. Asking $250, plus shipping from Alabama, if requires.
  4. Dragen Fiend

    Fungia Plate right?

    Well I couldn't pass this one up for $100. I may have underestimated how big it was for the tank it was going in. Its been 24hrs now. Feeding response was good this morning. I forgot what the owner said but I'm pretty sure this is some sort of fungai plate coral.
  5. Dragen Fiend

    My First Molt Experience Blue Legged Hermit Crab

    So my blue legged hermit crab disappeared on me for about 5 days in a 15G tank. Initially I though it died because that sucker could not be found and normally its very active. Low and behold I found it wedge against some rocks underneath. I thought maybe it got stuck because I see its body...
  6. M

    Nevada Drygoods G6 xr30 blue with mount and diffuser. Like new

    $700 shipped inside the 48. Purchased in August and used from September to Feb at 55-60%. Light is in great shape and less than a year old from manufacture.
  7. legacy2mj

    Sump LED door activated lights

    Looking for somebody who has installed some led lights, strips or otherwise, with a switch that’s controlled by the door opening and closing. I can easily find a kit on Amazon labeled for gun safes… does exactly what I’m looking for…. But I want a colored LED, not white. Which apparently is...
  8. Ketan

    Kansas Missouri SOLD -> Neptune Apex EL + FMM / AI Prime Fuge / ATO Sensor + Pump

    SOLD, Please delete.
  9. Lostreefin

    North Carolina Lighting LED Drygoods Ecotech XR30 Blue Gen5 Great Condition $550 Shipped

    5 units-Ecotech Radion XR30 Blue Gen5 all used, but well taken care of with original boxes.
  10. J

    A blue nano fish.....

    Hi all, I have a 20 gallon long tank with 2 clowns, firefish, gramma, and yellow goby. I have very strong filtration, tank parameters are great, everyone is peaceful. I just have no blue color in their. I know I am already pushing it with the amount of fish I have, but just feel like I can...
  11. BigMac426

    Pennsylvania Live Goods XL Pacific Blue Tang fully quarantined $250

    I ordered this fish a few month ago and i recently decided to go a different direction with my tank. I have a lot of tangs already. Asking $250. I'll add pictures to this post when it arrives tomorrow.
  12. SwiftStorm

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Radion XR15 Blue G5 with RMS mount - $275

    Works great and in great shape. Comes with RMS mount and will ship.
  13. ReefStable

    Favia of the Gods - $60!

    Favia of the Gods - $60 Usually these go for nearly $100 but when the growth is good, I will pass along the good fortune! First picture is rough idea of the frag, about 1/2" to 3/4". Second photo is the colony it will grow into!
  14. Scaggs1117

    What is the best light spectrum percentage?!

    I have a Hipargero 100w 5 channel spectrum light for my aqueon standard 29 tank so it’s 18 inch tall the tank. I have mixed corals, torch, hammer, birdsnest, zoa, acan, gsp, Duncan… when I set up the light schedule, for the full ramp portion, I can choose the percentage of each color spectrum...
  15. Kamila89

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Ecotech XR15 G5, Georgia. Light

    Selling Ecotech XR15 G5 in perfect condition clean, working perfectly with a box, arm and diffuser.
  16. E

    Miscellaneous Package Deal SOLD SOLD -- Tank Teardown - Radion XR15 G6 Blue + RMS Mount, AI Prime 16HD + Mount, Apex EL + FMM, Hana Testers, Red Sea Dose 4, Par Meter (SQ-420X)

    Alright everyone, I have decided to throw in the towel (not due to issues, just time commitment) and I am tearing down the 40G AIO + 5G AIO. Below is the first of two sales (next sale is pumps, fans, heaters, once I get it all cleaned up). Here is the deal: 1) I will only ship within the US 2)...
  17. PhantomHalo

    Michigan Lighting Drygoods XR30 Blues w/RMS mount

    Have 2x Radion XR-30 blues for sale with RMS mounts. $600 each plus shipping. Less than 6 months of use on them. They work amazing! Broke down the tank due to a move and no longer need them. PM if interested please.
  18. bobyboy

    New Jersey Lighting Drygoods unopened Sealed Radion XR30w G5 blue

    As the titles states this is new and unopened, I have decided to continue using my G3/T5 setup and no longer need it. $700 cash picked, anything else is at the buyers expense.
  19. D

    EMERGENCY baby hippo tang not doing well

    I’ve had this blue hippo for about 6 days now. He rarely eats and sometimes swims around. Now all of a sudden he is sitting by this heater at the top of the tank the whole time or sometimes he sits in the same corner and just sits there. What should I do please help lol?!
  20. B

    Blue sapphire damselfish

    Hi, I purchased 3 sapphire blue damselfish yesterday. It has been 24 hours since introduction and they won't come out of hiding. I already had two clownfish (one ocellaris and one percula) in the tank before I introduced them. I also introduced them with a neon blue goby the same day. I can't...
  21. Henressy

    Blue green chromis

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Blue green chromis. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  22. Dad2Wyatt

    Can I use chemipure blue and carbon together? Can I completely cut out white spectrum for a few days?

    I decided to take a stand this upcoming week on hair algae. Tuxedo Urchin and more CUC will be here in a few days, I took out some of the rocks and scrubbed as much algae off as I could, as well as suctioned some more up during my water change. I currently run carbon but picked up some chemipure...
  23. jjschno

    Xr15 lighting, anemone spectrum

    Anyone have any sort of good lighting setups that are specifically good for anemones or have shown any crazy success? If so id love to see em/ try them out! Thanks guys
  24. G

    Which Type of Blue Damselfish has the Brightest/Most Intense Blue color?

    Hello Everyone, I want to get a Blue Damselfish because of their beautiful blue color, and would like to know if in your experience from what you have kept/seen at your local stores, there was any types of blue damsels that had a brighter/more intense blue color than the rest. From the...
  25. LegalReefer

    Ohio Pennsylvania Livestock Trade Blue Discosoma 'Shrooms, free/trade to a good home

    Hello! I was warned by the gentleman I got these 'shrooms from that they would grow like a weed and multiply like there's no tomorrow. He was quite right, these 'shrooms have loved my tank and taken off like a rocket! I started with ten tiny ones, and have about 30 now. Would love to trade them...