bubble tip anemone

  1. Tangina20

    New Mexico Rainbow BTA

    Rainbow BTA $100 shipped!
  2. Tangina20

    New Mexico Rainbow BTA

    Rainbow BTA $100 shipped!
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  5. C

    Florida Rose Pink Bubble Tip local pickup

    Selling my huge beautiful pink Bubble Tip Anemone, this guy has been in my tank over 7 years and has seen everything , aclimated to all the craziness our aquariums go through, hardy as bull and whould make a luxury mattress for any clownfish, local pickup in Hallandale Florida 33009, asking...
  6. ech0o

    Arizona Yellow Tip Bubble Tip Anemones BTA For Sale!! AZ Sunset!

    Have a couple AZ Sunsets, and a few other beautiful anemones including some various rainbows. ALL ANEMONES ARE WELL HEALED, WE DO NOT SEND OUT FRESH CUTS!!! This photographed anemone is over 3" and has some STUNNING color!! $499 price includes shipping to your door. We pack our animals...
  7. TroyClark

    Which Anemone to get?

    I think I am ready for a Nem. My tank is a year old +-. 35 hexagon but moving all to an in wall 120 in the next 2-3 months following basement construction. Have mushroom, Kenya tree and toadstool leather coral frags growing. Two clownfish (one ocellaris and one blood orange hybrid). Temp...
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  10. J

    Anemone spawning!

    This morning as i was looking at my tank just after the lights came on, i noticed white milky fluid coming out of my bta. I thought it was pooping at first but then I remembered seeing anemone poop and it Doesn’t look like that lol. So i searched and found out that it was spawning. Is that a...
  11. FishyBusinessAq

    Anemones - Bubble Tip, Condy, Long Tentacle, Haddoni, Mini Carpet, and Mertensi

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  12. Andrew Schubert

    What does it mean when a BTA deflates itself.

    So I've hade my BTA for about 2 weeks and he's been doing great. I've been feeding him small pieces of silversides every other day. With that in mind from time to time, his 'bubbles' go away and he looks limp (just like a deflated balloon looks). He always revives back to his beautiful self...
  13. W

    Anemones, RODI unit and reefbreeders led for sale

    As the title states I am selling some extra equipment and live stock I have that I know longer have room for. Pictures will be sent on request if I dont get them up in time. I will update this ad as things sell. If it is still listed it is available!! 1) Barracuda RODI system All...
  14. M

    Attempt to encourage clownfish into anemone

    Hi guys, just wanted to share my most recent experience with you all. I know it doesn't mean much but maybe people can maybe benefit from it somehow :) So I have a pair of Ocellaris for a year now, and went through a couple of anemones before with the two not even looking at them. First anemone...
  15. Hugo Garcia

    Should I get a Bubble Tip Anemone?

    Hi folks, how is it going? I’m here to ask if you guys think it’s prudent for me to add a Bubble tip Anemome to my 30 gallon tank. I’ve had the tank for almost a year and I’ve been using tap water conditioned with Prime and running lots of carbon, GFO, Purigen and a Bio pelette reactor. I keep...
  16. D. Torres

    Is my nem dead/dying?

    I've had these BTAs and they were all doing fine and today the dark green one detached from its rock and has it's tentacles retracted? Is it dying or on the move? It was next to this rose one doing just fine. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  17. potatocouch

    Who's here thinks bleached Nem looks cool? And misc. Questions.

    I bought this Nem yesterday from LFS and I understand, it is bleached ... but who's here don't mind the coloring of bleached BTA? they look pretty; gives you that contrast of color. Anyhooo ... it is currently in a breeder box and my intention is to keep feeding it .. I guess nurture it, until...
  18. potatocouch

    If BTA is white, it's bleached; FACT or MYTH?

    I never dive in my lifetime so I am not sure if you folks (who has dived) ever seen white Anemone in its natural habitat. In my experience as hobbyist, I came across some bubbly inflated white BTA (some with colorful tips) but always in my mind "Do not buy; they are not healthy; they've lost...
  19. potatocouch

    Poll: How long did it take your nem to settle down?

    How long it took your Nem to settle down to a spot? From the moment it went from your plastic bag to your display tank to the moment it settles down and stay there "permanently".
  20. potatocouch

    Will that red morphs become issue for BTA?

    I need to care for the BTA and will need to do anything for it to be happy. So my question is, do I need to trim the red morphs colony?
  21. potatocouch

    I saw someone stung by Nem and go Hospital

    That is why am posting here. Normally I handle BTA using normal hospital gloves, they are quite thin like below Is that safe from Nem sting or do I need gauntlet gloves?
  22. potatocouch

    What is she (BTA) doing?

    Long story short: Day 1: Drip acclimated for 2 hours; wavemakers off for 24 hours. Day 2: Wavemakers on; she floats; tumbled here and there; even at some point, it was upside down (face/mouth down on sand substrate). Day 3 - 4: Stay on the sand substrate (face/mouth up). Today is day 5; at...
  23. potatocouch

    Sea Anemones, BTA, LTA, Carpet, Haddoni, Mag - what is the right thing? Target or Broadcast or None?

    Is Karens Rose, the famous karensroseanemones in Reef2Reef ? I want to ask her question if I may. I've read her articles one by one on her site and she strongly emphasize that Anemones must eat ... it's almost she is considering Anemones are some sort of NPS and that the photosynthesis process...
  24. potatocouch

    Few questions about BTA

    I understand it's more about the placement of the wavemakers itself but wanting to undertand if it is better using wave or sine mode? Wave mode is on then off and so on, whilst Sine mode is on all the time but gradually increasing flow then gradually decreasing flow. Does it sting human hand? If...