cleaner shrimp

  1. A

    Clownfish Unpaired

    About 3 months ago me and my boyfriend bought a nano-saltwater tank (upgrading soon) with two ocellaris clownfish. We also bought a cleaner shrimp all from PetCo (there are no marine stores near us), and the tank was running perfect. All levels were good, our male Svedka was doing the submissive...
  2. nanonøkk

    what’s the most reef safe shrimp

    ok so i’m wondering on what the most reef safe shrimp is because i’m looking to get one and as i’m looking i’m not seeing very good things. so i first though coral bandit shrimp because i heard- they were reef safe but the i kept reading and it looked to be a 50/50 on if they would eat corals...
  3. ReeferWarrant

    Virginia Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp I've had it for 5 months now and I think it is too big for my tank. I have a 32 gallon tank and wanted it for it's cleaning use. Most of my fish are too scared of it or small for it to be of use. It's absolutely healthy, regularly molting and feeding fine. Asking $25...
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    Cleaner on gsp
  5. lazycouch

    cleaner shrimp gave birth during acclimation????

    hey everyone i was acclimating my shrimp yesterday and when i went to look at him i noticed a bunch of these guys floating around! i’m not sure if they’re baby shrimp or copepods but they sure look and move like shrimp!
  6. LxHowler

    Cleaner shrimp eggs

    So I was feeding my tank earlier and noticed one of my cleaner shrimp looks like it has eggs attached to it, I was wondering is there a way to tell if they are fertile or if they will survive. Also if they hatch how likely are they to survive. I believe one of them has just molted so it might...
  7. gavinb612

    2 Cleaner shrimp acting strange at the same time

    So I just purchased 2 cleaners on Friday, I've had them before and had one for nearly 2 years, love these guys, but these two were doing great until earlier today. At literally the exact same time, they went down to the sand bed away from the rock and just say these moving their arms and...
  8. T

    Can a rock anemone eat a cleaner shrimp? And green algae question.

    Can my rock anemone eat my cleaner shrimp? It sure looks he’s sticking out of the anemone right now and I can’t find him elsewhere. I’m hoping this is just a molt, do anemones eat that? Second new reefer question while I’m posting the picture. This is an established tank but was probably...
  9. dzolot

    Cleaner shrimp spawn

    I apologize for the horrible video and picture quality, but i think my cleaner shrimp spawned tonight!!?? These are pictures of the pregnant mamma moments before. Video is of the spawn, but not sure it’s loaded correctly anyway, my question is - how can i harvest some of these babies so that...
  10. Carebearsss.x

    Cleaner Shrimp

    Just curious, my cleaner shrimp molted & I was wondering if I should leave it in there or take it out? Is it nutritious for him?
  11. DQM5

    Pregnant scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp.

    Anyone have any experience with a pregnant scarlet skunk shrimp? I was feeding my fishes and notice how fat my shrimp. I noticed eggs on her under belly.
  12. Nate_Krohn

    Skunk cleaner shrimp

    My cleaner shrimp has been hiding for the past week or so. I can see him under a rock and he’s living but his antennas are pretty much gone. I’ve been spot feeding him to make sure he eats and he does. Any ideas?
  13. T

    Cleaner shrimp missing legs

    Hi guys, I may have a problem. I have a cleaner shrimp who lost 3 legs and all of his antennas have been cut short. I am not sure if my fish is nipping at it or if it’s being caused by my circulation pump...or something else? I have a fluval 13.5 evo and my circulation pump is somewhat close to...
  14. mattybecks

    My first Marine tank, 170L, 100cm x 40cm x 45cm.

    Thought I would share some pics of my setup. Added the clowns two weeks ago, and the firefish yesterday. I was thinking of doing one or two more fish in here...
  15. M

    Trouble with Inverts - Shrimp, Clams, name it

    Hi, I am having a heck of a time with inverts and it's only getting worse. Tank: 70 gallon mixed reef. Kole tang, 2 anthias, bi-colored blenny, and 2 clowns. Several SPS and LPS (SPS grow well in the tank but LPS is hit and miss) and softies (grow really well). I lose cleaner shrimp every...
  16. M

    Can’t keep cleaner shrimp

    Hi, I usually always have a pair of cleaners but cannot keep them alive past 4 months. I run a mixed reef and I don’t think I am subject to any massive swings. I check params weekly and do 10% water changes weekly. One will die almost guaranteed at the 4 month mark, I will replace, and then the...
  17. alexjoha

    Shrimp die off

    Shrimp die off I have had 2 cleaner shrimps for about 1 yare now, healthy and fine. I have also added 5 peppermint shrimps for about 2 weeks ago. Both cleaner shrimps have died the last weeks. And I have lost 2 peppermints as well. the system is 210gallons in total. Tank tread for more info...
  18. Schnizzle

    Excessive Cleaner Shrimp molting

    I picked up a nearly full grown cleaner shrimp, simply because I like them. Around the same time I sent off an ICP test. It came back high in a few heavy metals (chrome and vanadium, which I found and removed the source) and suggested weekly 20% water changes over 3 weeks. I did the first one...
  19. ethanbear111

    Inverts Won’t Survive

    I have a Reefer 350 that has been running for about five to six months, with three fish, a mini angel, a royal gramma and a damsel fish. I have tried all sorts of invertebrates and they just won’t survive. Snails, coral, an anemone and cleaner shrimp. My only living invert is a tiny blue hermit...
  20. NY_Caveman

    Cleaner Shrimp Deaths: A Whodunnit Poll

    We had two Cleaner Shrimp for six weeks. One was almost 2” the other about 1.25”. They were healthy, eating fine and molting regularly. This week they both died. I have kept Cleaner Shrimp in the past with great success and am a bit at a loss as to their demise. The smaller of the two vanished...
  21. snwmnky007

    Who to Choose? Best (looking) pest control fish?

    With everyone trying their hardest to QT, dip, and keep parameters perfect, it still can happen. Pests! Maybe bristle worms, Aiptasia, flatworms, or hair algae. The question what do YOU use for that unexpected nuisance? there are a lot of short term cures but what would you want to put and KEEP...
  22. ThunderGoose

    Pederson's anemone shrimp - cleaning fish

    This morning I've been at my desk watching a Pederson's anemone shrimp cleaning my sailfin blenny. The blenny is sitting still. It briefly got annoyed and swam off but she came right back to the same spot and the Pederson's is back at work. I didn't know they'd act as cleaner shrimp. It's a lot...
  23. Snake132

    Anglerfish possible murderer ?

    Hi , just wanting some input from anyone who has experience owning or who knows about this type of angelfish ? (Heralds angelfish) So I think my angelfish is killing my skunk shrimp .... the cleaner shrimp have been in the tank for two months with no issues both of the shrimp suddenly died 2...
  24. RickG

    Cleaner shrimp has algae on him

    Lol first time this has happened to me, my cleaner shrimp has some algae on him. Has anybody seen this before? Is it healthy? Lol is he lazy to clean it off? Hopefully he molts soon
  25. mike_jorg

    Anemone and Cleaner Shrimp

    I have a 30 gallon aquarium and have had 2 clowns and a cleaner shrimp (along with some corals) for about a year. Last week we decided to add an anemone to the tank, and it seems to be doing alright overall (one of the clowns has even shown pretty consistent interest in the nem). My issue is...
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