1. crasius

    Hello Hi, from Romania

    Hi. I’m new into reef keeping and this hobby is pretty much low key in my country (Romania). Not a surprise since this passion can be expensive. In my case I had the resources and last year I started my first saltwater tank, a 20 gallon AIO. Before that I was into freshwater fish and...
  2. mdock

    New Clown Health

    This guy is a new addition to my smaller tank. How does he look health wise? He got beat up by the yellow damsel I had in the tank when I put him in but after feeding they both calmed down. There are palys, a purple tipped anemone, and a starfish in the tank with him. I don’t have an active qt...
  3. S

    Tank break down

    I have a back surgery coming up and won’t be able to manage my tanks. I’m hoping to help out a new reefer. I’m breaking down two tanks, a 50 and a 70 gal. I could set someone up with live rock, soft corals and some stock. The fish are healthy, large and I’ve had all of them at least 2 years. A...
  4. William Chiavetta

    Build Thread 55g reef tank

    I recently had a huge Ich outbreak and had everything die. When I start back up again (July 6th) it will basically be starting over. No survivors. I want to eventually to upgrade to 125 Bank account balance: -$4290 I eventually want to have corals but don't own any yet QT tank: Tank: Topfin...
  5. mdock

    Is this ick? Clownfish

    Not sure about the discoloration around his gill plate. He’s been hanging out in the top corner of my tank all evening like he’s trying to get out of the water.
  6. Starbuxxx

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Live Goods Tangs, Designer Clowns and Chromis in the DMV area

    Updated. Bundle offers welcomed. Fish available: Twospot Bristletooth tang Scopas Tang SOLD Platinum Storm Clownfish Maroon Gold Nugget Clownfish Misbar Blood Orange Clownfish Black and White Chromis Location - PG County
  7. J

    New at Saltwater

    Hello all, I’m new at Reef2Reef I have some questions for you all I’m an experienced FRESHWATER only hobbyist I been doing them for a long time, I have multiple tanks but I decided to “jump” to saltwater I’ll start small and then get very big down the line in 3 years after getting really...
  8. Starbuxxx

    Anemone hosting Damsel

    Surprised to see this anemone taking to the anemone while my clowns prefer my Goni
  9. W

    Ocellaris Clown Fish Fin Issue

    We have a 7+ year old ocellaris clown fish that had its left side fin clamped to its body on Sunday morning. Late in the morning he was using it and it appeared with a little white sloughed mucus like or shedding with a slight tear. During this time he was eating and swimming normally. Monday...
  10. N

    yasha pistol with a semi aggressive clown a bad idea?

    I have a pair of clownfish, with one being bigger than the other, I do see the smaller one having nipped fins from time to time but its nothing extreme. I did see that my lfs will have a pistol/yasha goby pair in stock but not sure if its a good idea to keep them in the same tank, its a 20G AIO...
  11. mgh723

    26G Peninsula Stocking - Help

    I have a 26G Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula. I’ve had two clowns in there for a month and the tank was up for 3 weeks before they were added. Will the following fish be a good fit together in the tank, with the clowns: Yellow Watchman Goby Molly Miller Blenny Possum Wrasse I’d like to get the...
  12. B

    Ich, velvet or brookynella? Please help me ID

    Hello fellow reefers. I was wondering if you can help me ID what is on my clownfish? He recently started hosted my gonipora and I thought it was just debris but I think it is something more than that? He seems to be eating and acting normal. Thanks for your help!
  13. mgh723

    Will clowns get along with a possum wrasse?

    I have a 26G tank with a pair of Flurry clowns and no other fish. I’d love to get a Possum Wrasse but I am hoping you all can advise me as to whether this is a good idea.
  14. nanobambam

    Question about QT and ttm

    Hi, My formee clownfish didn’t make due to brook, it was in my displaytank without any other fish or inverts. I’m trying again and setup two Qt tanks and want to try the hybrid ttm for the new fish as my display tank will have to be clean of fish at least 60 or 72 days this is also true for...
  15. nanobambam

    Help is this Ich?

    Hi started out with the hobby so new to the saltwater got a 120 liter (30gallon) tank with life sand and used life rock. After cycling (use seachem prime and stability) i bought two clown fish a week ago. They are the only fish in the tank no corals. They are great and full alive although i do...
  16. TheGrimReeferTx

    Missing Fish and Maybe Sick Clown, Help!

    About a week ago I had a fish die out of the blue. This fish was never being super successful in the tank since I got him. Maybe a month before his death. I didn't notice any specific reason to his death. But decided to keep a close eye on the rest of my fish. This morning I have a clown fish...
  17. I

    Citron goby bully

    Hi! I have a 40g community tank with lps and soft coral. I have about 45 lbs of live rock. I have: 1 pajama cardinal, 2 clownfish, 1 diamond goby, 1 purple fire fish, and 1 citron goby (the bully). For inverts I have about 10 hermits and 15 snails, a skunk cleaner, a fire shrimp, 2 peppermint...
  18. K

    Clown Disease ID

    I added two clowns to my third marine tank. They are the first guys in. He had this spot come up in his eye and it seems to be getting bigger. Any idea what it could be? I don’t think uronemia which I had before on some fish. The white horizontal line is gone but the spot is causing his eye to...
  19. H

    Clownfish Lethargy

    My clownfish keeps hanging in this corner of the tank and recently has started laying motionless, I’ve had him for 6 months and he had brook about a month and a half ago but I assumed it was cured after treating him. However, everytime I do something as little as open the lid without dropping...
  20. H

    Blue Green Chromis Picking on Clown?

    Why does the chromis keep hanging around my clownfish like this? The clown obviously doesn't want him there and charges at him, but I've also seen the chromis bite back, no matter where the clown goes the chromis continues to hover around him. Is there some way to stop this? Let it run its...
  21. Gonj

    Shipping my fish? Pls help I’m clueless :,)

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but figured I’d give it a shot. I’m moving from Florida to Colorado I sold most all the of my live stock but I kept my 2 clowns and a few snails. I intend to ship them overnight with ups the day before I hop on my flight, but apart from that I have no...
  22. enlighten

    Clown Fish with Flatworm Shaped Marking on Tail

    What should I do? These marks just appeared, I tried to take a photo for reference.
  23. S

    Clown sick or just tired?

    My clown fish has been really going after the smaller clown, doing the whole mating dance, shaking a lot. But recently she started breathing really heavy. Wondering if she’s just tired out from all her love moves or if something could be wrong.
  24. Narideth

    How long to allow clowns to fight for dominance?

    So, I've been in the process of restocking my nano (13.5 gallon) with fish, and I found this absolutely stunning long fin black ice clown that I bought on the spot, alone. After some conversations via another thread, many people suggested she (it's too young/small to be a she yet, but it was...
  25. X

    EMERGENCY Clown fish white spots on blue light?

    Hi guys! Today I noticed these tiny white spots on my clownfish, is kind of weird cause it only looks like that under blue light, just wondering if you could give me some advice on him (I am new in this hobby just started this year), he is swimming normally and not acting weird at all. I do...