1. B

    Clownfish Head Injury or Parasite ID Please

    Hi, 6 months into the hobby paying the price of learning some painful lessons re quarantining. Had 4 fatalities over the last two weeks, all visual (gold/brown fuzzy spots, white fuzzy spots) and behavioral (fast breathing, swimming into power head flow, scratching and flipping) seem very...
  2. T

    EMERGENCY Clown disease help

    I just got two clowns from my LFS. One was tank raised and one wild. The wild one looked sickly from day one and died after 3 days (picture attached with wood background). Now the other clown that was healthy and active now has a part that looks like an issue. (Picture attached). Not sure if...
  3. Bankertanker

    Hello New to reefing

    Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself I am Eli and I just set up my first saltwater tank, it's for my office so working on a smaller scale. It's a 10 gallon with 2 clown so far, going to wait a bit to start adding more to the tank. Any suggestions, recommendations, comments ETC I would...
  4. D

    Clownfish lost mate and clown behavior

    Hey everyone, I have decided to get my clownfish (male) a new mate since the female died in qt. The male clown is very adventurous. The tank is around 50 gallons around 3 feet long. They are 4-5 cm .The new clown is almost the same size and when i plopped him in he old clown went straight for...
  5. LukeWolf

    Missouri Bonded pair of Mocha Storm clownfish first sale!

    Hello all, I am breaking down my tank due to moving off to college, so all of my livestock is for sale. I’m going to post the bigger more expensive fish individually then all the small cheap fish in one post. If anyone is interested I also have a 8” naso tang, 8” Hawaiian black longnose tang, 6”...
  6. Hunter90 HD

    Fluval 57L Reef Aquarium Improvements

    Good morning / Afternoon / Evening All, I am looking at redesigning my current Fluval 57 L tank filtration system for better filtration / water quality. At the moment i am currently using the system as designed except i changed the return pump to a UV filter pump. As you can see below, this...
  7. P

    Nano Build Possible Nano Nem / QT Build?

    I may or may not have been bit by the saltwater bug... Thinking about setting up a Nano (10-15 Gal) tank of BTA and some clowns. Would be using this as a QT tank for new frags (on a small rack) and keeping and propagating Nems. In the long term is this possible? I would be able to set up the...
  8. Danny's Aquariums

    My Designer Clownfish - Danny's Aquariums

    I want to show you my clownfish! I'm so happy with these cool fish. They are doing really well! What type of clownfish do you have in your reef tank, if any? See more of them here:
  9. taymarie

    Dead clowns

    I have had an established tank for about 8 months now and my two clowns for about 6. I have a 20 gallon hex tank. Five hermits were added about two months ago and I have various corals. Last weekend I added some copeopods from petco( I don’t normally use Petco organisms but my lfs is an hour...
  10. Y

    1 or 2 clowns

    I’ve been thinking about my clowns I’d like to add once I get my tank set up and all sorted, but I’ve been thinking, is it really necessary to add two clowns? Could I downsize my tank from 120L, 30 gallon, to something a lil smaller and only have 1 clownfish? or would the clown not be as happy...
  11. D

    Not sure what my clown has

    I recently noticed my clown had white coloration on his top fin and rear fin. The clown is perfectly fine and is very active. Not sure what it could be, it doesn’t seem like ich. Tank is 10 gallons and lives by herself because she is aggressive. PH- 8.2 Ammonia- practically by 0 Low nitrates...
  12. D

    Not sure what my Clown has

    I recently noticed my clownfish had sort of white coloring on his top fin and back fin. He’s acting perfectly normal and eating so It doesn’t seem like ich. He’s by himself in a 10 gallon nano tank. PH- 8.2 Ammonia- practically 0 Low nitrates and nitrites
  13. chill903

    Red Bubble Tip Anemone(s) + Mated Pair of Cinnamon Clowns

    I have a mated pair of cinnamon clowns I'm looking to rehome from my anemone tank. They are continually laying eggs, and seem to be a happy couple. They host the anemones, and I'm willing to sell the pair + two RBTAs for $200. The anemones will come on a piece of live rock. (Birmingham local...
  14. Mr & Mrs Hartz

    Single white spot on clown fish

    I know this isn’t the greatest photo but Pennywise the clown fish is very active so it was hard to take a decent photo. He has a little white spot near his tail and I was wondering what it could be. Like I mentioned, he’s very active, comes to the side of the tank when I’m there to feed them...
  15. J

    Would a golden dwarf morray work in this setup?

    I am looking to see if a golden dwarf morray eel would work in the setup I have now. It is a 32 gallon biocube, I have 2 clowns and a small melanurus wrasse (he’s small now and I am rehoming him when he gets too big). Would the tank be too small to sustain him? Liveaquaria says 30 is min but...
  16. taymarie

    Lights in my tank

    This is the light I have for a ten gallon with two clowns and some soft corals and I’m wondering if that’s ok. It has the two settings of white and blue light then just blue light. I want to make sure it’s ok since my tank is so small with just a few frags without killing them. This is also my...
  17. selmer_paris3

    Clownfish breathing heavy? HELP!

    Hey all, I got a pair of clowns 3 weeks ago at my LFS (LAX aquarium) and one of them appears to be doing really well but the other looks not good, I am concerned he is sick. He is breathing heavy, his bottom fins are tucked in, he is pale and only swimming by the rocks. The tank is new, these...
  18. A

    EMERGENCY Clown Fish Fighting

    I’ve had my Clowns for almost two months now (one was always slightly bigger than the other) and this week I’ve noticed they have been fighting. The smaller one is really trying to start fights with the bigger one, causing the bigger one to have twitches orshivers when it swims. I’ve also...
  19. NewNanoTank

    Removing excess food

    So I just fed my 2 clown fish today (10g tank) and usually after feeding I try to remove (with my hands because I don’t have bottom feeders or a net) the left over fish food. However, looking at the tank right now there are 2-3 pellets I missed from previous feedings and 4-7 visible sized pieces...
  20. H

    2 clownfish pairs in 8 foot tank?

    The tank is 96” by 30” by 24”, 300 gallons. Will they have enough room to establish separate territories?
  21. jp98777

    Lump on female clownfish cheek

    Hello all, I am new to the saltwater hobby. After months of research and preparation, I found a great deal on a secondhand, established 45 gallon with a 15 gallon sump. It came with 2 bonded clowns, 3 damsels, pajama cardinal, anemone (of which I’m not sure the species; I think a sebae?), and a...
  22. LxHowler

    Can fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp live together

    So I have a tank with a fire shrimp in it and for some reason my female clownfish has tarted to randomly attack it. Started last night and hasn't left it alone since, I don't know why the shrimp has been in there nearly 6 months fine. I have a second tank that I can move it I to but that tank...
  23. JohnnyTsunami213

    Hello New Reefer [Primetime Reefs]

    Hey everyone my name is Johnny and I am brand new to Reef keeping and saltwater aquariums. I originally joined Reef2Reef to learn from all of the experts here but I am also looking forward to sharing my journey and knowledge with those that come after me. I’ve been doing a lot of research on...
  24. Joel2036

    EMERGENCY Looks like ich, but I’m sure it can’t be.

    Hey everyone ! So my clown has had these dots on him for weeks now, im waiting until I 100% know what it is before I made any decisions on what to do as he is still happy eating and active. But it seems to be annoying me more then him and I wanna find out what’s happening to him. the reason I...
  25. alimac122

    Spinal injury or something more?

    I got these guys on the 22nd they Appeared to have appetites but slowly over the week, they just seem to be eating and spitting out food. The healthier one has taken on to eating brine here and there. The more emaciated (swimming vertical) one hasn’t had interest in any food in two days. I just...
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