1. Danielsj

    AIO Build Small chip in tank

    Hey fellas, i just picked up a used nuvo sr80 basically for free. It has a slight leak thats easily fixed, but i also just noticed a small smooth chip on the outside of the front glass panel in the bottom right corner. Its smooth to the touch and i dont see any cracks. Theres some scratches...
  2. B

    Led reccomedations for 116 gallon corner LPS tank

    I need to light an Aqua Vim Moon View corner tank. Across the front measure 50” 29” deep on the sides and 36”tall. Light will be in a canopy sitting ~12” from top of water. The tank lid is clear glass. Photo inc for reference. I’m looking for LED recommendations for keeping LPS, softy and nems...
  3. B

    Led recommended for 116ga corner tank LPS

    I just picked up a preowned Aqua Vim Moon View corner tank. Across the front measure 50” 29” deep on the sides and 36”tall. I need LED recommendations for keeping LPS, softy and nems please. I’m looking at the Kessil AP9x. What do you all think?
  4. N

    Which tank to put in a corner?

    I am in the early stages of planning To upgrade to a larger tank and looking for some advice. The location will be in a corner and the maximum length is 30” and width is 24”. If I go with a 30” long tank, I the right side of the tank will be flush with the wall. I plan to go with a sump, not...
  5. J

    Bangi cardinal staying in corner

    Bangi cardinal sitting in corner 2 days ago I picked up a bangi cardinal from my lfs, I put him in the tank and all it does is sit in the corner all the time, I’ve tried feeding it frozen brine shrimp, the first 2 times it ate like 2 then swam away, but today he looked at it, then just looked...
  6. Steven91

    Build Thread 54 Gal Corner Tank

    Hello everyone got a new build coming up, a used 54 gal corner tank. I am getting is Friday and will end up being my dads tank ( i have a 120 and this 54 is gonna be his to put what he wants in it). Lighting i think if gonna be a Kessil A360, and he wants "colorful" fish so this should get...
  7. Gahngoo

    Build Thread Custom corner tank build DIY (w/ pics)

    Hi everyone. I recently finished a custom corner aquarium build. Took around 7 months to complete. This is my third tank that I have up & running. IIt' around 100 gallons. The other two are a 180G mixed reef & a 10G LPS tank. The 180G is going on 11 years old & the 10G it's about 8 years old...
  8. Gahngoo

    Florida Anyone selling a 92G corner bowfront?

    If anyone is selling a 92 gallon corner bowfront aquarium in Florida (or if you know anyone who is) please contact me. Thanks!