1. Mike N

    Small overflow drain options

    I've acquired a small reef-ready frag tank with a very small overflow box built in. It has a single 1" hole drilled, center, at the bottom of the overflow. I'd like to know what options I have for drains on this overflow. Is that enough space for a durso drain? The previous owner said he was...
  2. BoSalman

    Sockless with a huge splash!

    Hello everyone, So i tried to go sockless for a full day just to try and see how it goes. I wa amazed by the big increase in noise levels from the drain line as well as the huge splashing that was going on! I've got an old photo i took before running my setup to give you an idea about where...
  3. Gahngoo

    Florida 21" Reef Savvy Ghost overflow NEW

    I bought a ReefSavvy 21" ghost overflowthat flows 2000 gph for a new aquarium build I'm doing. Of course, my plans changed. It's brand new and was never installed. ReefSavvy doesn't accept returns, so my loss your gain. To get all the info on the overflow, Google: "reef savvy ghost overflow 21"...
  4. Jason0101001

    ICH ATTACK, 300 gallon reef. Best way to catch small fast fish.

    I wanted to ask your advice or any tips you may have. My reef has had ich. It killed a bunch of fish in just over a month, then I left the tank with a couple of immune fish for 2 months ( As they were impossible to catch). Well, the immune fish still carried ich and the new fish I added caught...
  5. SaltySquid

    Issues with plumbing overflow for Nano tank

    This is from another post I started but hopefully someone can help me figure out a solution to this issue with my overflow not working:
  6. BrandonP

    Plumbing Question

    I have been running a 120 gallon reef-ready reef tank for the past 6 years. For all of this time I have been running with the drain kit that can be bought in addition to the tank. I have switched up the plumbing underneath the tank multiple times but it has always been one durso in each...
  7. Reefnewb

    Herbie drain overflow problem

    hey guys I have a problem with my new herbie drain. The water level in my overflow keeps fluctuating. No matter what I do it goes up and down at first I thought it was because my vortech mp40 was pushing to much water but I was wrong. The way it's plumbed is one 1" main full siphion drain and...
  8. Simply__J

    2 Drains 1 Input - Plumbing Help

    Currently in the middle of plumbing a 45 gal cube with a small overflow with two 1" drains. However my Proclear Aquatics Freedom 4-in-1 100 refugium only has one 1" input. Should or can I plumb them together so they both drain int to the 1 input? As pictured (Will that have any restrictions on...
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