fish advice

  1. 99gtbaby

    CBB, new to this but have an established tank.

    What worms would you recommend for a CBB? I’ve been feeding a small amount of dried blood worms/flakes/pellets mix twice a day and in between my fish get a variety of frozen foods, clams, mussels, shrimp, cockels etc. my CBB won’t take food from the water column that I can see but it does forage...
  2. GuilhermeLba

    Live stocking ideas! HELP MEEE

    Hello guys, I'm new to the saltwater world, and I would love to hear some suggestions about which fish should I put in my tank, I already have a pair of clownfish and a shy juvenile yellow watchman goby (hoping he gets a lil bit more brave as he grows, if you have any experience with that fish...
  3. An_Enemy

    Living FISH in my mysis!!

    There was a living fish inside my mysis pack! I want to take care of the little guy if possible, but I have no idea what living conditions he needs. He's been in a fridge for who knows how long and somehow survived, so I guess it's cold water. Would it be ok in a reef tank? I tasted the water (...
  4. nsroberts

    75 gallon fish stocking

    Is this overstocked Or bad stocking for a 75? This only includes the fish though 2 black storm clowns 8-10 blue green chromis 1 flasher wrasse 1 starry blenny 2-3 neon/cleaner/shark nose gobies 1 mated pair of orange striped prawn gobies 1 geometric Pygmy hawk
  5. A

    Dragonet compatibility

    Hi, I was have a 30 gallon set up. With a six line wrasse and a canary blenny. I really have my heart set on a dragonet but don’t wanna make that purchase if they don’t get along. Would they be peaceful if I add one? Thanks In advance!
  6. R

    What exactly is this fish and what are these marks?

    Hi guys, I purchased this blonde naso tang and what I believe to be a Vlamingi tang. The naso tang has not eaten yet but the vlamingi is a voracious eater. Could you guys help me positively ID that fish, the guy I bought it from said it’s too early to tell what it is. Also can you guys help me...
  7. jackalexander

    Final Fish Choices

    Looking for a final fish to add into my 65g 4ft and thought of a smaller tang like kole tangs and bristoletooth tangs. I really want a yellow eye kole tang but it seems like they were affected by the Hawaii ban. Any suggestions? (Price Range: $50-120) I have: 2 clowns YWG Melanurus Longnose Hawk
  8. R

    Diamond Goby alternatives

    Hello everyone! I just started a semi-new reef tank (fully cycled, brimming with pods, low nutrient, etc.) in a 35 gallon peninsula. I adore the diamond goby, and hate having to suck up pellets on a nearly bi-daily basis. I would want to add more invertebrates but I'm keeping a flame hawk in...
  9. Davar93

    80 or 90 gallon stock list advice

    Hey guys! Let me know what you think of my stock list below for tank upgrade 80 or 90 gallon. Please let me know which may be better from the ones I wrote “or” in. Thanks!! Green chromis 3 Clowns 2 Six line 1 Royal gramma 1 Molly Miller blenny 1 Blue spot jawfish 1 Springeri damsel 1...
  10. Davar93

    Foxface in tank

    Hi just wondering if a juvenile fox face around 2” can be kept in a 30 gap tank prior to me moving him to a bigger one in few months?
  11. Davar93

    50 gallon stock list

    Hello everyone! I am looking to upgrade from my nano 30 to a 50 gallon cube. Here is what I have for my stock list for far. Please let me know what you think. The ones that say current are currently getting along in my tank. Thanks! 2 clowns (current) 3 chromis (1 current) Midas blenny...
  12. Zoa_Fanatic

    Are acan lords fish safe?

    I know some acan species have strong sweepers. And I know the lords are now a micromussa species. Can j keep smaller fish with an acan lord? Getting my first one soon and I’m planning to add two tiny WW clownfish to my dt. It’s a biocube 32. If they’re not safe around acans I’ll put it in my 16...
  13. B

    32.5 gallon (123L) stocking advice

    Hello All! I have been doing some research regarding stocking for my 32.5 gallon (123L) system. I feel that I have nailed down some ideas but would like to hear from others and line up my ideas accordingly. I am looking for personality and beauty, but most of all utility! Algae grazers...
  14. M

    What to choose

    Dear reefers, Not that long ago I bought a new Orange Stripe Prawn Goby and I loved him. But after 2 days I noticed my Clownfish were attacking my goby, because of that I had to remove the Goby. But now I really want to add a new fish but I don't want the same thing to happen, I know every...
  15. MSarro27

    Tank is CYCLED!!! Where to purchase quarantined marine fish?!?!

    Everyone’s input on where to purchase quality quarantined marine fish. Don’t have room for QT tank. Looking to purchase CUC, clowns, watchman goby, fire shrimp, & royal gramma. Thank you! 1. Live Aquaria Divers Den 2. TSM Aquatics 3. drreefsquarantinedfish 4. aquarium creations online 5...
  16. M

    75G Stocklist

    Is my stock list too heavy? Had a small bump up in nitrates over the first week after adding the kole tang and not sure if I should be concerned. 75G Display / 20G Sump Mixed reef - Melanurus Wrasse - Yellow Coris Wrasse - Occelaris Clown Pair - Orange Spot Blenny - Longfin Molly - Chalk Bass...
  17. ItalCanadaReefer

    Coral Pest Eater - Pink Streaked Wrasse or White Banded Possum Wrasse

    Hi all, I am looking for a pest-eating fish species to help keep corals from pest vulnerability. I was originally considering adding a six line wrasse to control some coral eating pests, however, after some more research, I am seeing that this fish, even if added last to the system, can become...
  18. #R_TST

    ADVISE? stocking 32.5gal Fluval Flex

    Noob here. I’m doing my fish planning while I wait for my tank to arrive this week. I want to make sure I have decided on my livestock so I can be sure to take their habitats into consideration when I build my rock formation and start cycling my tank. Getting the 32.5 gallon Fluval Flex and...
  19. hannernanner

    Stock List Feedback

    New to the hobby, but I've done some research and I'm finally planning my first tank. I'm hoping to go 90 gal minimum, hopefully closer to 110/120, reef tank plus a sump with refugium and skimmer. Corals will be mostly soft ones (not jumping right into SPS or anything). I've gathered a potential...
  20. THEBOOM1011

    Deciding on Fish

    Hi, I have a 75 Gallon Long Tank with 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, a Starry Blenny, a Chalk Bass, 3 Nassarius Snails, and a Blue Hermit. My sandbed depth is not consistent but the depth is 1-5 inches, on average its about 3 inches. My reef tank currently is very peaceful the clownfish do not pay any...
  21. MummysReefTank


    Hi, I've added 2 cardinals to my 450L tank, they have been in there since Saturday, and this AM I noticed that one was looking a little raged. Now I've watched fish A attacking (the now raggedy) fish B. What should I do? They are all that is in there atm, will this stop once pecking order is...
  22. AceB9908

    Atlantic Sailfin Blenny, Emblemaria pandionis?

    So my LFS got a handful of these guys in, and had them mislabeled as a "Sailfin Goby" (no slight at them, it probably came in the shipment like that, I worked there for 4 years) Looking at the fish I can tell it's a Blenny not a goby, and while looking into trying to figure out what exactly it...
  23. BlueBekaw

    75 Gallon fishlist suggestions/rework

    Hello all! I've been a long time lurker here but decide to finally post something that requires a more specific answer. What fish and how many should I put in my new 75 gallon reef system? (I'm wordy, what's blue is what my post is about) Some information on my build: 1in. sandbed, 60lbs of...
  24. Cfellini91


    Last week I noticed my Coral Beauty's left eye was cloudy, milky, and swollen. I moved her to a QT tank and started dosing FURAN2. I did 4 days of FURAN-2 and did 25% WCs every 2 days. I waited a day then dosed Kanaplex to the tank, first dose almost 48 hours ago. I came home to find her...
  25. poke555mon

    Hello Fish advice and recommendations

    This is my 60 gallon cube tank. I’ve got a sump under that’s got water flowing through it’s maybe 30 gallonsbut it’s not 100% done yet so I’ve also got a hang on filter for now. This is my first tank that I’ve set up at home. I have a B.S. in Marine Biology but that doesn’t mean I know any of...