flat worm

  1. BTimms


    Is this a flatworm? My pocilipora has not been doing well, and today I notice these greyish things moving around on the coral. What do you suppose hey are?
  2. Biologic

    It’s 12 AM, you look into the tank...your worst fear?

    Losing sleep sucks, especially if your tank causes it. You look into your reef tank, your worse fear is....? For me, it’s when I am 2 weeks without seeing a montipora eating nudibranch just eating away in my QT. ::gets out dip bucket and picks clean 10 frags::
  3. jackalexander

    New Critter ID

    By best guess is a baby flat worm based on images that I’ve seen from other people. Maybe a pod? if not, it’s my best excuse to pull the trigger and get a melanurus.
  4. LukeWolf

    I HAVE FLATWORMS!! Good or bad kind??

    HELP! I thought these were the normal amphipods covering the glass of my frag tank, but I seem to have picked up flat worms! Are these dangerous or ok? If dangerous, what kind are they and how can I treat them?
  5. Zoa_Fanatic


    So I just got some frags today from a seller who has flatworms. Excellent guy, he dipped the frags for me and did a flatworm XIT dip along with his regular coral dip while we talked. I further inspected the frags before adding them to the tank and couldn’t see anything on them (they’re small zoa...
  6. LxHowler

    Suspected polyclad flatworm help

    So I think I have atleast 1 polyclad flatworm, I have seen what I suspect to be one, I didn't get a great view but I think that's what it was. I am going to make a trap that I have seen people making online but the only issue is I can't get any clams. Nowhere seems to have any fresh or frozen so...
  7. Khoi_La

    Help! Pods or flatworm ID

    Just like the tittle said i saw a bunch of these lil caterpillar pocket like thing across my liferock and its on my hob skimmer too, im not too sure if its flatworm or pods reproducing in tank (because ive seen a pod like creature crawling out of those caterpillar pocket). I can only take a...
  8. Jeremy K.A.

    Flatworm Predators

    Hey everyone, I have a 5 gallon reef setup and have some small brown flatworms. I don't have a ton so I'm looking for something, preferably an invert, that can live comfortably in the tank and help control or eradicate the flatworms. Any suggestions?
  9. E

    Tiny Flatworms

    Does anyone know if I should be worried about these tiny flatworms? I took this video of them in my refugium with a copepod for size reference.
  10. Michelesreef

    Flat worm extermination

    How apparently i have flat worms and if I'm not wrong, they're just a small as copepods if not a little bigger.....right? I have a TON of copepods in my nano tank which only houses 2 nass snails and a few different corals. This whole time i thought those were just adolescent copepods but if...
  11. O

    Unique flatworm ID

    Hi, I just started finding these flatworms in my tank. They are normally on my live rock and not on coral. They have a hard texture, with a pattern on their back. Does anyone know what specie of flatworm they are, and if they’re something I should be worried about? thanks in advance!
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