1. Anthony Mckay

    Expansion Card

    Hello All, Is there any info on how to put in an expansion card before I go hell for leather with a screwdriver ?? I cant find any videos or info in the manual ? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Anthony.
  2. Anthony Mckay

    A1 AQlink to GHL Profilux4

    Hello all, I’ve got 4 of these to run my cp40s from my p4. I think I’ve got it sussed the pin out but I’ve been working between Swedish, German and pigeon English (I can’t speak German or Swedish and some say I can’t speak English either !) My question is has anyone done this ? Can you run 2...
  3. AquaNerd

    GHL make new APP Announcement

    Learn more on the AquaNerd Blog
  4. Whipples

    Build Thread Crystal Dynamics 100G

    Hi folks! Hopefully I am not too late for that build contributor flair but my new tank finally arrived! It's a 48x24x20 1/2" starfire tank with a synergy ghost overflow, dual returns, and a Trigger sump. Stand and tank were made by Crystal Dynamic. Planned equipment list: Apex Classic from...
  5. AquaNerd

    GHL to Release KH Doser with Press Release

    If you are going to MACNA then you might want to visit the GHL booth for a look at the KH Director. Learn more about it here.
  6. Ditto

    Switching Controllers from Apex to GHL

    The title of the thread says it all. I am not going to bash Neptune systems, all I am going to say mine crashed again, and the word fluke in the technical response left me going I cannot take any more chances. This was my second hard crash of the system, where both time the system came up in an...
  7. dangros

    Tank mount for Mitras LX7 using Vervve mounts

    I wanted to share the way I mounted my new Mitras with the Vervve mounts. I ruled out the hanging kit and the Flex Mounts for various reasons. I think this turned out really well and honestly, I like it better over the other 2 options. Front View by dangros posted Jul 15, 2017 at 8:42 AM...
  8. choss

    Build Thread Choss' 96 gallon Reef Savvy "Nano" Tank

    Ok let’s get this started. As you can see my Reef Savvy tank has arrived in its fantastic crate! My anticipation for this tank and the build I’m about to embark on has been great to say the least. After a year of planning, lots discussions with Felix at Reef Savvy, and then some hard prep work...
  9. oneilwiz

    Build Thread Rebuild 75 Rimless After Disaster

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their tanks and having lots of success. As some of you have already known, I recently had a tank crash. Long story short, I went overseas for burial of a relative and came back to a tank which the sump ran out of water causing my return pump to burn...
  10. Jerel

    Build Thread Jerel's Elos Midi

    Welcome! Follow along as i build a complete GHL controlled system for my ELOS Midi Diamond 36. Tank Equipment Custom D.I.Y 12" x 12" x 16" Sump GHL Mitras 7206 Pendant, GHL Flex Mount EcoTech Vortech MP40 with QD driver upgrade - Possibly a Tunze Stream 3 in the future Fluval E100...
  11. Elder1945

    Large Build [sponsored] Project Reef by Elder1945 200g

    Feb 5, 2018 April t, 2018 Hello all, I am back with a new build and I am extremely excited about it! I originally was going to do a Red Sea 525xl and then a 425xl but after thinking about it these tanks just don't have the room that I need. They are beautiful tanks but just not what I...
  12. Matthias Gross

    KH Director

    We are going to release details in a few days, so I started this new thread
  13. GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    Enter to Win Coupons over $1,000 for GHL Products! On behalf of the GHL team, we’d like to you all a happy and prosperous New Year! With Mitras LX7 fixtures officially shipping worldwide, we want to kick off the year by offering CURRENT and FUTURE LX7 owners the opportunity to win coupons with...
  14. Vinny@GHLUSA

    GHL ProfiLux 4 Official Announcement

    New from GHL Over the course of Macna San Diego, we debuted new GHL products. The response has been nothing short of amazing. Since then, we've continued to receive waves of inquiries and positive feedback. We cannot thank our customers enough for their ongoing support and trust in our brand...
  15. GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value

    GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value

    GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Sponsored by GHL USA! It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE CONTEST How to Qualify: 1. Go LIKE the GHL Facebook page here: LIKE GHL ( 2. Share this contest on one of your...
  16. New from GHL: Mitras Lightbar 2 + Pre-Order Offer

    New from GHL: Mitras Lightbar 2 + Pre-Order Offer

    New from GHL The next generation of the GHL Mitras Lightbar has arrived. Our original design proved to be an effective way to provide aquariums with powerful, energy efficient illumination. Better yet, it was and still is one of the brightest LED lights on the market. We applied these traits and...
  17. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Our way of saying thank you: GHL Doser 2 Offer

    Hello R2R, Just a few weeks ago we joined the R2R community and been welcomed with open arms. We are truly delighted to be part of this growing community. As a token of gratitude, we are offering the first 100 reefers a special 15% off coupon valid for GHL Doser 2 units! Offer details Coupon...
  18. daelie

    Build Thread Daelie's Reefer 250

    Hey all, new guy here, long time watcher though haha got a killer deal during black friday at a LFS on a reefer, and I would have liked to go larger, but my apartment will really only allow 55g or smaller so the reefer 250 was perfect. Previously I had an IM 30L, which was sold so most of the...
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