1. vogtn

    goby black spots

    Hi everyone, My LFS had a cute little goby I couldn't help but pick up, but upon closer inspection at home, he seems to have numerous black spots on his spine near his dorsal fin. I haven't found anything from the usual searches, and he's doing just fine otherwise. Could this just be...
  2. Nate_Krohn

    New fish for 60 gallon, ideas?

    I’m giving my diamond goby back to my lfs today as he has been covering all my corals and he has even gone so far as to pull snails off the glass and pull coral plugs off the rocks. Any recommendations for some cool fish? I currently have a yellow tang, pair of clowns, mandarin, filefish and...
  3. J

    Clean up crew for sand

    I’m working on a list for what fish and clean up crew I want for my 40 gallon 3ft long tank. I want to have a diamond back goby in it to sift the sand and clean it up. If I put in some Nassarius snails in will they be competing with my goby for food or will the goby be alright.
  4. grantor

    What's wrong with Marty?

    I got Marty, a Pink Spotted Watchman Goby, about a week ago. I was watching him while feeding earlier and noticed he has a rough patch of blackened scales and it appears there is some kind of parisite moving under his skin (see attached video). What is wrong with Marty and how can i treat him?
  5. AquaLocker

    What's In Your Nano Tank??? Post your photos & share recommendations on stocking!

    Nano Tanks are becoming more and more popular! For the sake of this post, let's assume a nano tank is anything 30 gallons or less. Please post your nano tank photos, your recommendations, and warnings here! Looking for the fish in this post, we have a huge selection of awesome nano tank...
  6. goby full.JPG

    goby full.JPG

    My Black-ray goby (Stonogobiops nematodes)
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  9. J

    Connecticut Selling whole setup (Coral+Fish)

    Bunch of zoa's(purple monster, sunkist, candy apple some more i forgot the names), green star polyp, 2 hammer corals, green and red kenya tree and a couple others shown in picture (not sure the name). Fishes are 2 clownfish (1 orange + 1 black) , 2 chromis, captive bred Mandarin goby, green war...
  10. GreenClown-WarpaintGoby-Megability.jpeg


    My Green Clown “Warpaint” Goby from a few years ago, they’re cool fish, RIP
  11. LaraLouM

    Sharknose Goby

    I have a 32G Biocube with 2 zebra Dartfish, a sharknose goby, and a yellow assessor. I purchased the sharknose because he was said to not be aggressive and I thought his cleaner tendencies would not be a negative aspect. Well, he is a bully! He attacks all the fish and us every time we put our...
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    Bella Goby

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    Blue Spotted Watchman Goby

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  15. Eve

    What fish should I get ?

    Hi guys, I used to have a 29g tank and I decided to upgrade to something a little bigger, so I got a 55g. Now that I have a little more space, I would like to add some extra fishies ☺️. At the moment I have the following: A saddleback clownfish, an ocellaris, a yellow watchman goby paired with a...
  16. TXReefer89

    Orange banded goby ich advice

    First of all, thank-you in advance for any recommendations you're able to provide! I've been reef keeping for about 3.5 years and enjoy the challenges of it. I've made the rookie mistakes and tried to learn from all of them. I was able to hook up with an awesome LFS where I lived and they were...
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  18. R

    Algae outbreak after goby introduction

    Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! I’m battling a green hair algae outbreak, I didn’t always have green hair algae but since I introduced my goby into the tank, it seems my algae has skyrocketed. Does anyone know if the unsifted sand being sifted for the first time since I set my tank up...
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  20. ianryd

    Urgent! Does my goby look skinny?

    Yellow watchman goby, been in my DT for 2 months, was in QT for 1 month. I removed a leopard wrasse yesterday who looked skinny, and noticed the goby looked skinny too, so I pulled him today. The Leopard wrasse is in QT with Prazipro, but I dont think he's gonna make it. Right now the goby is in...
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  25. Tanking in the 603

    Goby color changing

    We have two sleeper banded gobys. In our reef tank. We have noticed that every once in a while they have new spots or their colors are brighter. Today we noticed one of them now has a black line on his face, kind of like a mustache. Anyone have any insight on this?