1. R

    Adding a shrimp & goby pair to a tank with another shrimp?

    Hi, i had a 20G tank and a shrimp and goby pair, but the goby recently jumped after moving tank and not having a lid :disappointed-face: My LFS dont sell shrimp goby on its own. Do you think i can add another pair or one shrimp would get killed? Theres only one big tunnel in my tank so likely...
  2. hmfaysal

    Sleeper Blue Dot Goby Gasping

    My sleeper blue dot goby had been gasping for the last 2 nights. It stays in its burrow all day long, after lights out, opens up the burrow and keeps opening and closing its mouth rapidly and heavily. I can only see it at night. I had this goby for a year now, 5.5 inches long, was very active...

    Defective pistol shrimp

    I've had a yellow watchman goby and a tiger pistol for roughly 5 years. They lived great together doing what they do. After reading about their lifespan and not seeing the shrimp near the tunnel holes for about 6 months I figured he had died. I decided to get the goby a new buddy. They paired...
  4. FishDaddy1992

    Goby list for Pistol Shrimp

    I have created a list of Goby's that can go with pistol shrimp. This may not be a complete and accurate list. I did a quick Google search and filled in what I could find. Further, there should be further research on what shrimp will go with which Goby as some shrimp will create too small of a...
  5. J

    Goby Pistol pair

    Just got a yasha goby and tiger pistol from my lfs yesterday, they went separate ways yesterday but paired and burrowed earlier today. Haven’t seen my yasha goby and it hasn’t come out for any feedings. How long does it take for these guys to adjust? Tank is freshly cycled, only thing in it...
  6. F


    I just got a new rainsford goby today and my hectors goby is bullying him. Will it past? My hectors keep following him.
  7. MantisShrimpMan

    Multiple shrimp goby pairs?

    I'm a big fan of gobies and I'd like to acquire a handful of the ones I find to be the coolest. I love western Pacific white caps, flaming prawn gobies, Yasha's, Dracula's, watchmen, and more. I am considering getting several gobies since I know that even in tanks under 100 gallons, multiple...
  8. Sailaway

    Have I reached my limit?

    I started my 13.5 nano in late august, after three weeks I added a lovely pair of clowns that have done fantastic, and have even grown quite a bit. Soon after, I bought a few snails and an urchin, all of which are still alive. then I added a coral banded shrimp that has molted twice since I’ve...
  9. WilkCP216

    Goby Grabbing Air at Surface

    My husband and I have had our tank for almost a year now. All of our fish and tank mates we've had for about 9 months. 40G Breeder Long with Live Rock 3 powerheads (2 small, 1 big) Ammonia- 0ppm Nitrite- 0ppm Nitrate- 26.9ppm (we know its high, it's due for a water change tomorrow) Salinity-...
  10. B

    Yellow watchman goby friend help

    I have quarantined a yellow Watchmen goby for over a month. I recently put them in my tank about a week ago and he's having a hard time adjusting. He eats the food when it floats by him but he doesn't actively hunt it down. He stays at the very top of the dark corner of my tank. Behind my...
  11. FishAreCool

    More Clown Goby Questions

    I just got a citrinis clown goby today. I dont have any corals yet, but I am going to get some very soon. Is there any types of LPS or soft corals they prefer to perch on, or will they perch on all kinds of coral.
  12. alishasreef

    Midas Blenny and Goby comparability? 31G

    I’ve read in the past that blenny and goby shouldn’t be together, however recently I have read that as they occupy different space they get along fine? Any experiences/suggestions? I have plenty of live rock, caves, holes, ledges and areas that break apart the whole tank. If this could work...
  13. FishAreCool

    Clown Goby Questions

    I like the look of the citrinis clown goby (Gobiodon citrinus) and I have some questions about them. 1. Are they hard to get onto frozen foods? 2. Will they nip other corals besides SPS?
  14. Kolby’s Reef

    What type of goby is this?

    Got him for free from a local person they didn’t know the name maybe bicolor goby? Just was wondering the specific name of this fish. Thank you!
  15. M

    Stocking 75 gal

    I’m planning on stocking my 75 gal/40 gal sump with these fish eventually, but I’d like to know what order y’all would suggest putting them in? Along with will all of these fish thrive together? Yes I’m already aware of the dietary needs of the harlequin and mandarin goby. Melanurus 1x...
  16. C

    Florida Live Goods Tank breakdown - Livestock for sell

    I have the following for sell, local pickup only. I’m in Orlando. XL Yellowfin tang $500 XL Vlamingi tang $200 M Melanarus wrasse $50 M Banana wrasse $30 (2) Engineer gobies $30ea M Convict tang $60 M Hippo tang $75 Flame angel $75 Potters angel $175 (7) XL black widow anemones $250ea (8) S...
  17. nsauer3

    What is the max number of Gobies?

    What is max number of gobies for a 180 gallon tank? Is there even a max number or can I have as many as possible that would fit in the tank?
  18. HonorableWhat

    Goby compatibility

    So! I'm wanting to put a yasha goby and a hectors goby in my 20g I'm nuvo. Those, a pistol shrimp, and maybe a possum wrasse or something that'll swim more mid To top level of the tank(feel free to suggest something) will be the only thing in the tank with probably some rock flower nems. I...
  19. Yellow Clown Goby (Gobiodon okinawae)

    Yellow Clown Goby (Gobiodon okinawae)

    Yellow Clown Goby (Gobiodon okinawae) perched on pink mushroom coral
  20. Green "Warpaint" Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)

    Green "Warpaint" Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)

    Green "Warpaint" Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus) perched on some pink mushroom coral
  21. polyppal

    Let’s see your Engineer Goby’s

    Size matters when it comes to Engineer Goby’s. They grow long like an eel to a purported size of 12”! I’ve had mine for about 6mos and got a rare glimpse of him today. Looks like he’s up to about 6”! Very impressed to see his growth from the little 1” baby I purchased him as. Lets see the...
  22. J

    Sand Sifting Goby

    I’m looking for a hardy sand sifting Goby that will last. I’ve been hearing that sand sifting gobies tend not to last long because the sand bed gets cleaned and then it just wastes away. Is there any sand sifting gobies that are hardier than others? I’ve heard the sleeper head sifting goby tends...
  23. ManaReef

    Cube Build My first ever SW tank

    Hello all! Thank you for checking out my salt water journey! I have a lot to learn am excited to see what happens! I will be listing details in this thread of major events of the tank (dates of set up, new additions, w pictures!) Note that all equipment was cleaned prior to any use. Please also...
  24. S

    Alabama Live Goods Clownfish & Goby : 55$

    Selling a pair of ocellaris clownfish and a yellow watchman goby. Downsizing tank for a while and need to rehome
  25. P

    Diamond Goby - Less Active & Color Darkening

    Our diamond goby has been acting weird the past couple of days. We have had him for about 8 months and he has grown a ton but seems to be short of breath and less active in the last couple of days. Last night he seemed 'frozen' at a part of the tank he is not usually in, mouth wide open, not...
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