green algae

  1. C

    EMERGENCY New Tank Mates = Death?

    Hey another question, definitely have an emergency on my hands and need to know what to do ASAP. As much input as I can get would be appreciated. I have a 29 gallon tank about 3 months old housing two ocellaris clowns and a bunch of mushroom corals. 3 days ago we added some new tank mates 4...
  2. C

    EMERGENCY Attack Of The Brown Algae

    Hello just messaging from the Arizona area, looking for some input. I’m fairly new to the world of saltwater aquarium care and could really use some advise. We have a 29 gallon tank about 3 months old housing two ocellaris clowns and a beautiful bunch of mushroom corals who have been doing...
  3. Reefer37

    Algae ID?

    Been dealing with this algae for a little bit now and it's just getting out of hand. Starting to grow on coral skeletons even with scrubbing and removing it regularly. Can someone tell me what this is? Having a hard time 100% IDing it. It is some sort of green sheet algae that grows in layers...
  4. jackalexander

    Help with green hair algae

    I’ve been battling GHA for a few months now and It’s upsetting because I got it on a frag plug from my LFS. It has only spread a little bit and it pulls off easily so my nitrates are >5ppm and phosphate is around >0.15. I have tried flipping rocks upside down to cover the GHA, manual removal...
  5. S

    Algae I.D and snail shell

    Can someone tell me what algae I have on my rocks and is it good or bad. Also what the white marks are on rocks and snails shell, aswell as the purple tip on snails shell. Any advice will be appreciated
  6. jackalexander

    New Tank Syndrome

    I have been extremely patient going through my cycle and it’s been quite fun but I’m tired of it! Does anyone know when the different types of algae will start to disappear? my tank is 6-8 months old and my nitrate is sub 5 ppm. Also, how can I control green hair? it’s getting bad..
  7. A

    Battle with dust algae

    I've had my tank running for a few months now. I cycled the tank with microbacters cycling kit, the cycle went great and was done within a couple of weeks. This sort of dust algae appeared about two weeks ago and then some GHA. I added 3 emerald crabs to keep up with the hair algae but now the...
  8. Z

    Best way to get rid of green hair algae?

    Starting to get a little out break so I thought I figure out how everyone else deals with this.
  9. S

    Algae identification and fix

    Hey guys, Got some algae issue. Not sure what type of algae it is and would like to know how to fix it. Tank is about 6 months old. Algae looks green and is fuzzy. I can use a turkey baster to blow it. But not fully. Images attached Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. S

    Which Algae is this?

    Hi guys Got some algae issues. But before I go ahead and do something about it I wanted to ask your help to identify the algae, so I am 100% sure. I think it’s green and red Cyano bacteria. But will be great if you can please help. Tank is about 3 months old. Cheers, Shiv
  11. Garcia2460

    What kind of algae is this?

    Hi everyone, have some green algae that has been growing in my tank. Im not sure what kind it is. I don't think it is green hair alga because it doesn't look thin enough. Can someone help me ID and potentially shed some light how to regulate or manage these? THANK YOU!
  12. LxHowler

    Hard algae growing

    I have a hard green algae growing on my tank. I have been having to use a razor to get it off of my glass as the magnetic scrubber i normally go over the glass with can’t remove it. Any ideas as to what sort of algae this could be, it is a brightish green, not like coraline Thanks
  13. Bbowm

    Green Algae in 40 gallon Nano Tank

    Went to bed last night and all was good with our tank. Woke up and now we had a bloom of green algae. What would cause something like this and what can be done to remedy it? We have a Red Sea light set to run at 70% White and 70% Blue for 8 hours, moon for 4 hours at 15-10%. We went off what...
  14. KeystoneMalone

    Green Algae on rocks/sand

    Hello all! First time salt/reef tank keeper- I have a 20G Nuvo that has been cycled for about two months now (up for a little over 3 months in total), started with live sand and dry reefsaver rock. I do a 5gal water change every week (with RODI, 0.00 TDS), and also vacuum the sand bed while...
  15. BloopFish

    How to Increase Diatom and Green Algae Growth?

    Hello R2R! I currently have a 13.5g fluval tank mixed reef that I want to keep as many different types of snails as possible for collecting purposes. Currently this is the only tank I can keep right now. My CURRENT livestock is as follows: 1 Exquisite Firefish 2 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2...
  16. Stellywags

    Live Rock Green Algea

    Hi all new to the forums. I've searched a bit, but have not found quite what I was looking for. Or if I have it's been worse then the stage I'm at. But as my title states, I have a BioCube 32 that's been up for just about 3 months. It's been a month since diatoms have disappeared and all seemed...
  17. Beats001

    Cause of Green hair algae

    What is the actual cause of green hair algae? I have read so many differing opinions on this. Maybe its all of the below: 1) high nitrates 2) high phosophates 3) Out of balance nitrates and phosophates (redfield ratio) 4) high silicates 5) Not enough CUC 6) Too much light 7) All of above 8)...
  18. R

    Algae outbreak after goby introduction

    Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! I’m battling a green hair algae outbreak, I didn’t always have green hair algae but since I introduced my goby into the tank, it seems my algae has skyrocketed. Does anyone know if the unsifted sand being sifted for the first time since I set my tank up...
  19. Evan28395950

    Is this normal for a puffer?

    Just discovered my Valentini Puffer going to town on a patch of gha on my live rock. I’m wondering do puffers usually go for that,? Maybe some copepods in there, hmmm
  20. pwilliaml

    What is this green algae?

    I'm not sure if this is bryopsis, green hair algae, or some other kind of green turf algae. It's slowly taking over my tank no matter how much I peal off. I've tried, snails, urchins, crabs, hair algae, fluco treatment. I have a algae scrubber running growing nicely and a giant skimmer...
  21. Idoc

    New algae growth

    Should I be taking any action, or just letting it ride? Tank is about 2 months post-cycle. Finally turned on the lights...I suspect I had the white lights on too long (about 8 hours), but reduced to about 3hrs at 50% with remaining time at blues. A couple days after the lights turned on, a...
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