hammer coral

  1. rharter

    Light settings/coral placement advice.

    I recently added some new corals to my 20g peninsula tank and now I'm questioning my lighting schedule. I moved all of my Zoa plugs to a Zoa rock at the bottom, and they're not opening up, so I'm concerned that my lights might be too intense. I've also noticed a Hammer that I moved has one...
  2. S

    Branching Hammer

    Hey everyone, I have a branching hammer that’s been looking pretty rough for the last couple of days, not sure what it is, could this be the start of brown jelly disease or something else, looks a little brown underneath, but still new to the hobby now sure if it can be something else. Should I...
  3. Foggy Pirate

    What is the deal with the hammer?Are those mouths?

    Hey everyone if this is a unknown issue i will follow with all my parameters, and equipment. But my gut tells me someone will recognize it. And maybe this i just how the middle of hammers look like idk. However the hammer is in a evo 13.5 for the past year. All coral is healthily and growing...
  4. JennyH3

    Hammer OK?

    Does my hammer look ok? One of the branches always is spread open a bit with mouth open a little.
  5. djm

    Hammer Coral Dying…. Help!

    Couple of weeks back I direct fed my Hammer some Reef Roids Nano. A few days later it expelled what looked like a brown jelly balloon. Some guys kindly replied to my question on here asking what it was and let me know the Hammer was pooping. However my hammer coral never seemed to recover after...
  6. djm

    Hammer Coral Help

    I’ve had a branching hammer coral for around 9 months and it’s been doing really well. Earlier today it was fully extended and happy. This evening I’ve looked and it is very shrunken and looks like a brown ballon coming from its mouth. Never seen it do this before. what could this be?
  7. Dad2Wyatt

    Is my powerhead placement okay?

    I just installed 2 eflux current 1050 gph powerheads. Currently have them set to gyre mode at 70% My hammer retracted completely after turning the powerheads on so worried it might be getting too much flow. Nothing else seems affected
  8. Dad2Wyatt

    What is my hammer doing?

    Just got it 2 days ago. Yesterday it was fully opened and seemed to be doing okay, but since this morning it is been like this and is expelling this long almost clear looking stringy substance. Is there anything to worry about?
  9. noobreefer2

    Hammer receding because of algae, thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I have had a hammer in my tank a little over 6 months, that hasn't grown much, but has stayed healthy for the most part. But a few months ago, I had a severe outbreak of chrysophytes, that was irritating and killing some stony corals. This coral looked fine for the most part: But...
  10. R

    EMERGENCY Red on hammer?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what this may be? There seams to be 2 red masses and one small red mass on my hammer. I’ve had the hammer a month and the first 2 weeks everything was okay, but the last 2 weeks it just hasn’t opened fully, I’d say it’s opened about 70% max. I was wondering if these...
  11. N

    Hammer Coral help

    Hey guys, I’ve had a hammer coral for 2 months now, and it was looking great, at the start of this month it looked as if it was getting bigger, and now in the past two weeks the front edge hasn’t been extending and is retracted into the skeleton. at first I thought maybe my clowns or snails had...
  12. T

    Rust color on my hammer

    Good Day, I have a branching hammer that has this rust colour on the skeleton. Any idea what it is? Thanks! -Robert
  13. M

    I dont know whats wrong with my hammer!!

  14. Great Deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Hammers!!!!! Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach, CA

    For sale Great Deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Hammers!!!!! Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach, CA

    I have the following up up for sale as local pick up and cash for pick up. I will not hold corals unless you are on your way to pick them up. I have several 1, 2 and 3 head white tip torches with bright green tentacle. $75 a head. I have a several gold Hammers 2, 3 and 4 heads. $65 a head...
    $30.00 to $250.00
  15. C

    Hammer coral need help identifying bug from dip

    Bought a new hammer coral today and noticed at home it has black dots/patches on its skeleton. Gave it a dip and scrubbed lightly around the black spots and two little bugs came out which I'm having trouble identifying with Google. Could use some help and any info on why the skeleton has black...
  16. ahill25

    Hammer coral not looking good

    So I've had this hammer for about 6 months and just this past week, it has shrivled up and I can start to see the skeleton. What could've caused this and is it dying? This is one of the oldest corals I have and don't want to lose it! ph: 8.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 5.0 phosphates: .25
  17. E

    Please help ID these white spots on my hammer.

    Any idea what this can be on my hammer? I thought it may be growing more heads but I don't think that is it.

    Hammer plug

    Hi new to corals and am wanting to know if I should cut the disc down or add some rocks around it to hide the disc. Thanks for any input.
  19. wsoldier

    California USA Zoas and hammer

    Sorry no shipping, Pickup Burbank 91502. Zoas and a double purple metallic hammer. Sorry for the bad photos. Mixed zoas (orange oxides, WWC twizzlers, rainbow incinerators, unknown green) 30+ polyps: $30 Utter chaos (5p): $25 Purple w/ gold hammer (double; one head is smaller - Photo of colony...
  20. Amazing deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Gold Hammers. Local Pick up only. 92107

    For sale Amazing deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Gold Hammers. Local Pick up only. 92107

    I can meet at Union Bank parking lot in Ocean Beach, CA 92107 for local pick up only. I will not ship. I fragged the torches and Frogspawn about 5 weeks ago and the hammer about 4 weeks ago. If buying multiple then I would offer a discount. Item 1. Green Torch with pink tips - $40 a head. 3...
    $25.00 to $120.00
  21. nellyore24

    Florida WTB I want to buy some Bounce mushrooms, Goni, and torch/hammer/octo

    I’m looking to buy a pack. Really interested in bounce mushrooms, high end gonis, and euphyllia! Local - or not works. Pm me what yal have available. I am Looking forward to some nice corals. Thanks
  22. L

    Hammer identification

    Alguém sabe a identificação deste martelo? Achei diferente e quero comprar, mas tenho que pesquisar esse coral antes
  23. Luke 29 Gallon

    Nano Build 29 gallon Mixed Reef!

    Just wanted to show a few corals I have packed in this reef before I upgrade to my 75 gallon! I use two AI 16hds. A simple hang on the back with aquachar carbon and it’s a life saver. I can honestly tell a difference. I have a nero 3 and a small jaebo wave pump on either side. Thinking about...
  24. M

    Are those Hammer / Torch babies?

    A few weeks earlier i noticed these little corals on my living rock. Are they babies from my torch or hammer? Never saw that before
  25. wsoldier

    California FS: branching hammers, zoas

    No shipping, local pickup in Burbank 91502. 1.25" tiles for reference. Let me know if there are any questions, thanks. Indo gold branching hammer A1. $75 (double) A2. $85 (double, splitting head) Purple metallic w/ gold branching hammer B1. $20 (single) B2. $30 (single, splitting head)...