hammer coral

  1. AquaLocker

    HAMMER TIME! WYSIWYG Hammer Corals in all Shapes, Sizes & Colors

    Check out our selection of WYSWIYG Euphyllias here: https://aqualocker.com/wysiwyg/torch-octo-ham-frog/ 10% off on orders of $199+ (code: 10%off) or $50 off on orders of $299+ (code: 50off)
  2. B's Reef

    Texas Toxic green hammers!

    I have several single and double head frags of my toxic green hammer. It has been growing in my system for 3 years. $35 per head. Located in Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex
  3. KadeSirin

    Branching Hammer Receding

    I've got this branching hammer frag, 3 heads so far, that used to do great on my frag rack but I moved the rack up. Then it started shriveling up and not extending. I've moved it to the opposite side of my tank and it's been there for the last 4 days now, but it's still like this. The area it's...
  4. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Gold Hammers

    Indo Gold Hammers (2 heads) $200 shipped Standard 2 hr DOA applies
  5. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Gold Euphyllia Pack

    Light up your tank with a beautiful collector’s pack of Gold Euphyllia, which includes: 1. Indo Gold Branching Hammers (2 heads) 2. Gold Yellow Branching Hammer 3. Indo Gold Purple Branching Hammer 4. Gold Blue Tip Cristata $550 shipped. Standard 2 hr DOA applies Indo Gold Branching...
  6. SVP

    Florida Euphyllia packs, Acro pack, indo and aussie torches, indo and aussie hammers, indo frogs and octos 4 sale

    I have reached the point that I've realized you can have too much Euphyllia! My 3 tanks are packed. So to make room to buy more Euphyllia I'm doing some mid summer spring cleaning. If your interested in a pack I have 3 made up with 4 nice pcs of Euphyllia each 500 shipped(CC ***** yella...
  7. Luke iskra

    Hammer coral issues or not? Need advice

    Hey guys, my hammer been acting up alittle weird last few days through our he months i noticed the stem “ hard part “ look like it’s fading away or getting chewed? The heads on top went from 2 to about 6 in about 8 months now perimeters are pretty good no issues i also noticed the heads on top...
  8. ACF930

    Pennsylvania WTB Rainbow and Yellow Hammers

    I'm looking for nice Rainbow and Yellow Hammers - ones that look unique and brightly colored even under white.
  9. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

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  10. Jason sun

    California Eclectus/Red Devil/Carpet Mushroom + Gold Hammer

    Selling some of my corals. Local pick up preferred. Not going to ship ATM. Pick up zip code 91709. LA area. 1. Red Devil A/B/D $50 each. C with a small baby $70 for both 2. Large Eclectus. Super nice color. E in the photo $560 3. Xlarge Red carpet mushroom. 4+ when...
  11. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Torches, Frogspawn, Electus Mushrooms, and a Ton More

    We added so many new coral we lost count. Click the photos to be directed. Use code Take15 to take an extra 15% off your order CHECK OUR WYSIWYG SECTION SHOP NOW
  12. H2Ocooled

    Getting polyp extension Euphyllias?

    I have a couple of different Euphyllias and I seem to get good polyp extension on some but not others, the torches are getting good extension but the frogspawn and hammers do not. Is there a trick to getting this or am I missing something? Tank is a 66g, I have 2 gyre xf 330, I have them set...
  13. AquaLocker

    ON SALE - We've got some great deals this week!

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  14. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Sky Blue Hammer & Purple Tip Hammer Pack

    Beautiful hammer pack available for those Euphyllia lovers and collectors. Includes an Indo Sky Blue Hammer and Aussie Purple Tip Hammer. They have been aquacultured for almost 2 years. The Sky Blue Hammer has 3 heads and is a rare and marvelous hammer from Indonesia. I was fortunate to get...
  15. ACF930

    Pennsylvania WTB Gold Rainbow Hammer

    Looking for a Gold Rainbow Hammer that's similar in color to below. If anyone has one that is gold with rainbow colors, please PM me.
  16. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Shop the Locker: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/
  17. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Shop The Locker: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/
  18. Evan28395950

    Anemone moving towards lps

    Hey all, so my anemone has been moving quite a lot lately, now it’s getting close to my hammer. Should I move the hammer to somewhere else?
  19. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Shop The Locker (nearly 550 pieces of treasure!) https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/ Here's a sampling to whet your appetite
  20. Jcat2k

    Hairy Hammer?

    So... one of my 2 hammer corals has things (hopefully not things) that look like hair on its base. Is this some kind of worm or other critters?
  21. B

    Is my Hammer OK??

    Hi all , can you take a look and see if you think the base of my hammer is ok. I noticed tonight that possibly the soft tissue at the base of this coral looks as if it might be tearing . The coral has been in this spot for months without an issue . I also haven’t made any changes to the water...
  22. eggplantparrot

    Ugh, pure stupidity. Please help my hammer

    Hey guys, i was just doing a water change on my 14G, and did something so stupid. The hose i was using slipped out of my hand, and the suction end of the hose landed right on my beautiful hammer, which recently was doing super well. I felt a thud through the hose as the suction was cutoff by...
  23. eggplantparrot

    Hammer super fast colour change, what the!?

    Hey yall, i just made a trip to my not so local lfs and picked me up a bunch of frags. One of my purchases was a super bright and beautiful splattered golden hammer. I took my frags home, which took about 1 hour max. When i get home and start unpacking i notice my hammer was GREEN, not even a...
  24. tablesalt

    Tell Me About My Branching Orange Hammer Coral

    This past weekend I saw something at a different LFS I've never seen before, would likely never see again, and jumped on it. I bought my first LPS, a BRANCHING ORANGE HAMMER CORAL. Upon bringing it home, I immediately almost killed it by re-arranging my tank and fragging some corals. This...
  25. ChaosAquaculture

    Buy More & Save on Shipping! Chaos Aquaculture Sat & Sun Auction Announcement!!! 9.29 & 9.30

    Every week we host our Live Saturday Auctions on our Public Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction and Sales Group . Saturdays & Sundays Auction are filled with all the coral you could want to add to a starter tank, so if you just got your tank started up make sure to check out all...