hammer coral

  1. mario4933

    Florida Indo Hammers for Sale Miami

    I’ve got indo splatter hammers for sale! prefer local pick up 33126 but will consider shipping at buyers expense. $25/head.
  2. lordthaxto

    Hammer coral splitting correctly?

    *Edit I clicked SPS by accident. Not sure how to move or delete this thread New to this hobby, see my build thread for tank type / setup. Water params are all good < .25 ppm ammonia( detects but never gets to first color zone of api drop tester kit), 0 nitrite, and < 5ppm nitrate. Sorry if...
  3. Alex808

    Is this a grafted hammer?

    Recently picked up some cool pieces and one of them was a hammer coral with a unique color morph. At first I didn’t notice it and I think neither did the LFS. The guy told me it wasn’t grafted and that only the skeletons were stuck together but After getting home, I noticed the colors. The...
  4. I.M.JR

    Hammer Coral

    Hello everyone. Recently one of my branching hammer lost a small piece of tissue on one of its heads, and its currently sitting on the bottom of my tank for about 2 days now, it seems to be open as if it was an individual head. Q: Is it possible for a hammerhead coral to split like that and...
  5. Alex808

    Picked up new hammers for a steal.

    So I just picked some new Euphyllia and gotta say I feel like I did pretty good. Sort of popped into a store on a whim since I had some spending money and saw pieces I couldn’t pass up. 1 rainbow hammer wall variety. 1 green and purple tip grafted skeleton. 1 green on green frogspawn. 1...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    How to feed my hammer

    I’ve got a small hammer coral and I try to feed mysis but I never see it react to being fed. How do I get this thing to eat?
  7. jackalexander

    Pest Eating Hammers

    I have been noticing that my hammer’s skeleton has been decaying/being eaten for the last few days. I didn’t want to unglue it to inspect it but my emerald crab knocked it over this morning. I picked it up and saw a clear/white curled up worm or something sucking on the skeleton. It was...
  8. Zoa_Fanatic

    Hammer coral ID?

    I’ve had this hammer since October. He’s grown a new head and his original head is growing in size. What kind of hammer is he? And is that growth rate slow or normal? Several pics under several spectrums and a video attached.
  9. N

    Help after hammer bailout

    Hello! I am new to the hobby. I unfortunately had an alkalinity spike and believe I caused my branching hammer to bailout. I currently have my water parameters under control. My hammer had one last piece of flesh remaining. I read in another forum to put it in a shot glass with sand and see if...
  10. james-vader

    Arizona NY Knicks 2 heads splitting torch Available

    Hello everyone, I have a 2 head splitting frag of my NY Knicks colony available! Asking $450 buyer pays shipping. I am located in Phoenix AZ. Standard 2 hour DOA shipping. I am not responsible for shipping delays. PM me if interested :)
  11. Reefer37

    Tips on Hammer Care?

    So I've done well with other euphyllia, frogspawn and torches do great for me. The two hammers I've had, one died from a metals issue with previous sand I had, the other randomly just polyp bailed out on me. I believe this was possibly because a dip in magnesium and being stress by cyano. I've...
  12. T

    Help Identify Hammer or Frogspawn????

    Hi everyone, I just bought this guy a few days ago, it was sold to me as a frogspawn, but I’m thinking it’s a hammer, I’m new to lps so I’m not super sure which it is. I also have a new Duncan and I’m not super sure if it’s happy, it’s not super vibrant. Thanks in advance! Also, if anyone knows...
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    Hammer coral

    Hey reefers, are my hammer coral ok? I got this frag as one head about a month ago. It’s split into two now. My biocube just cracked so I had to move it to a new tank. It’s opening fine it’s only been in there about two days. I noticed the tissue doesn’t go all the way down the stalk. But I’m...
  14. Maynard87

    ID hammer coral

    Can anyone help me ID this hammer?
  15. B

    New Jersey 4 Headed Holy Grail and Others

    Hi all, I am looking to get out of the hobby and have a LPS collection I am looking to sell. Among that collection is a 4 headed holy grail torch 4 headed into gold torch 1 headed dragon soul 2 heads holy grail hammer super man acantho OG bounce holy grail micromusa colony A bunch of novelty...
  16. Reefer37

    Hammer Tentacles Only Half Attached

    So the other day I took my hammer out to do an iodine dip because he wasn't looking too hot. Been having a bit of a cyano problem and some had grown on it's skeleton. I dipped and basted him with a turkey baster and I guess I hit him too much with the baster because it looks as though part of...
  17. Jersey Corals


    Jersey Corals is currently offering low pricing and free shipping on all torches site wide!! Check it out at Jerseycorals.com Jerseycorals.com
  18. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland gold tip hammer

    Branching hammer. Gold tip with greenish base. Asking $150 shipped within lower 48 states. $130 shipped in DMV area. $100 local pickup 21061. DOA policy: * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment received and opened within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. * Picture and/or video of the dead...
  19. Oscar’s25Gal

    Finally getting into corals!....

    Hey guys, i’m finally getting into corals! I’ve got some credit from the LFS aswell (about 275$ ) and i wanted to get into reefing anyways. I currently have 4 BTA’s and 4 clowns, 1 blue tang, 1 six line wrasse, 1 coral beauty, green damsel, fox face rabbit fish and a “rock dweller” i think...
  20. J

    Hammer mouth open?

    Hey everyone, Not sure what's happening. Nitrate 5, ammonia and nitrite 0. Phosphate 0.04. Alk 8.4, PH 8.6. Salinity 35.5 I have been adding 8ml/day in my 55 gallon tank. My hammers are looking not great and I have only noticed this tonight.
  21. JVS

    Pennsylvania Selling Pink Hammer frags

    I’m selling my pink hammer frags. 4 head-$50 6 head-$75 Both for $90
  22. M

    Reef Aquarium Lighting

    Hello, I have a 20 gal long reef tank (30"x12"x12"), and I am currently using the 24"-36" Fluval marine and reef LED light 25000K 32 Watt on it (I can still return). I have a couple of clowns, a royal gramma, some CUC, a BTA, and a small hammer coral. The BTA and coral don't look so good at the...
  23. nkusumoto

    Green Purple Tip Branching Hammers For Sale

    Please delete.
  24. ItsNiQi

    Hammer Coral Question?

    I’ve had my hammers for over 6 months now. They have always opened up nicely and I’ve seen growth. Lately they’ve been looking a bit different...their mouths are slightly opened and look puffy in the center. Does anyone have any idea what they’re doing?
  25. Amantijt

    Trying to identify something...

    So have a hammer and it’s always had some “dark spots” figured it was some discoloration of some sort. After tonight looks like it has spread ALOT since I’ve last paid attention to it. Might someone know what or why there is some blue Something growing around my hammer? Got the best pic I could...
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