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  1. M

    Acan Echinata abnormal growth?

    I bought this coral from my LFS about a week ago and have some concerns about it I'm hoping someone could help me out. I was told this is an acan echinata correct me if I am wrong but there seems to be a spiky white growth in it that doesn't seem to be part of the coral because the flesh recedes...
  2. AlexChef

    Slow to No LPS Growth

    I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on why my LPS and zoas are showing very slow growth. I have a Fluval Evo with an AI prime light. I just got Seifert tests in the mail today to test all my levels. I am currently dosing 2 part 1.25ml of B Ionic 2 part. This tank has been running...
  3. J

    Hammer coral loose head?

    Hi everyone, I noticed this afternoon that my hammer is going through something messed up. Not sure what it happening. I sometimes target feed BRS reef chili, and also have been using Aminos from Brightwell. My tank is fallow to eliminate Ich. I'm testing my parameters now. My first that I...
  4. KaidenGilbert20g

    Favia edges are clear!?

    The edges of my Favia are clear! Is that new growth or is it dying?
  5. FreakPrism

    Can you help identify these corals

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I bought a pack of 9 "beginner coral" pack from a local coral store that was on sale. Each pack is different and silly me forgot to get the names of what I was getting. Can I get help from the veterans here as to what I have? That way I can read up on them more. The...
  6. FamilyMan_4

    Cherub Pygmy Angelfish, anyone keeping them?

    I have been trying to narrow down a livestock list for my tank, and another member on here mentioned the Cherub Pygmy Angelfish. I did some reading on them, and most livestock sites mention that 'It may nip at large-polyped stony corals and clam mantles' This seems to be almost the same copy and...
  7. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Holy Grail Hammers

    Indo branching hammers with bright yellow tips and green stems. Holy Grail Hammers are sought after for their rare green to yellow coloration. I have only 3 frags available. All prices include shipping by FedEx Priority overnight. SOLD Reviews from my previous sales...
  8. CD832DB5-F585-405A-AAFA-6E221967EDAF.jpeg


    Space invader chalice
  9. Zoa_Fanatic

    Safe LPS to keep with candy canes

    Are there any LPS that won’t sting my candy canes to death? I like acans a lot and favia but I hear they sting. I also have a small zoa colony that I can’t ID yet so idk how hardy they are. Photos of my colonies attached. Parameters are: -Ammonia 0 ppm -Nitrate 15 ppm -Nitrite 0 ppm -pH 8.0-8.2
  10. Luke 29 Gallon

    AI Prime 16 HD

    I have two ai prime 16hds over a 29 gallon standard and I was wondering if anyone had some more experience with these or atleast have a better understanding. At the moment I feel like it’s at a too high of an intensity and I’m just trying to get lps and zoas. Any help would greatly be...
  11. Reefer37

    One Blasto Head Shrinking, The Other Thriving?

    I'm not sure what's going on with my blasto, one head is shrinking while the other looks happy as can be. I've never had an issue with these guys in my tank, I've found them to be honestly some of the happiest and hardiest corals in my tank. Any ideas why only one head might be shrinking?
  12. SunsetReefing

    Frogspawn splitting or dying

    I have a fairly large piece of FS and just noticed it looks like the skeleton is visible and or the head is splitting...any ideas? My tank has been up and running since January, parameters seem good, temp is 78-80. New to salt and am still very much in the learning phase.
  13. N

    Help with AI Prime 16 HD and 32 Gallon Cube

    Hello, I have a FijiCube 32EXT with an AI Prime 16 HD. I have been using a profile I found online ( can't remember which one ) for several months but have never really gotten much coral growth. Even before this tank I had a 28gallon AIO with a similar lighting schedule and didn't see much if...
  14. BighohoReef

    Oh my GONI! Let’s see those Goniopora and Alveoporas!

    Our goni’s and alveo’s are looking for good in their new home I just had to share! The red ones finally came out a few days ago Please share pics of your favorites! Sea chicken also wants to say “Hi!” He’s shamelessly photobombing as always
  15. TCK Corals

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  17. oceans garden aquaculture

    Build Thread Project ZERO

    Background: I have been fascinated with zero edge systems since the mid 2000s. I was working for ORA as a technician in their coral greenhouses. The 1st time I saw the display system they had designed for trade shows, I knew I had to have one of my own one day. Fast forward 15 years later, I was...
  18. Salemsoul

    Dang Nature, you scary! Duncans ate my peppermint shrimp

    A littleback story.. a few days ago my peppermint shrimp was seen trying to take food from my duncans. On my IG @spellboundreefing a handful of people warned about them eating their coral and that I should take him out. Today I went looking for my peppermint ship my duncans ATE HIM! They look...
  19. C

    New 10 gal reef is coming together! 8 weeks in

    New tank is coming together!! Just added the nem, zoa and hammer. All are doing great, cant believe my luck so far in keeping everything stable. Started with the duncan and hairy mush the week before as testers. ATO to get the 10 gallon balanced and checking levels daily for now. Very...
  20. MJV15

    New hammers won’t open, is there anything I can do?

    So I got these hammers three days ago from a reliable private seller. They looked great in his tank so I took them home. At home I dipped them in the TM iodine dip as per the directions (5 minutes). Rinsed in fresh salt twice. And since nothing came off I add them to a lower flow, lower light...
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  23. BabyShark

    Where do you buy your coral online?

    What’s a good place to buy corals online? I’ve shopped at AquariumDepot a few times and they’ve been fair. I’m only keeping LPS and softies right now. I never find any good deals at my lfs so I’d love to hear your guys thoughts!
  24. S

    Sick/dead coral

    Hi, quick intro, I’m new to reefing, about 2 months into my nano 10 gallon, everything is going smooth, stable parameters and such. I have purchased a few frags of LPS from a local hobbiest a couple of weeks ago and he threw this Favite (I believe that’s what it’s called) in for free. A few...
  25. Reefer37

    Red Spots on Torch?

    Anybody have any ideas what these red spots on my torch are? Not sure if this is normal or not.