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  1. Torch Town Reefer

    Florida ⚠️TANK BREAKDOWN SALE⚠️ TORCHES!— Jester's Court, Sun Devil, Jeepers Creepers, Medusa, Firefly: OBO - MUST SELL!

    TANK BREAK DOWN SALE TORCHES: MUST SELL! —————————————————— —SOLD—  #1: Firefly Torch— rich vibrant green tentacles with bright yellow tips. — single head — asking: $120.00 OBO  SOLD —SOLD— #2: Sundevil Torch— some what rare and hard to find, high end torch, deep burgundy purple tentacles...
  2. LoveTheReef

    Massachusetts Rainbow Trachy Madness!!!

    New Rainbow Trachy corals up on the website! Free shipping over $349 AND FREE BSI gel glue ! Click the images to go to item page...
  3. N

    Build Thread 40 gallon Aio

    This is my first documentation of my 40g reef tank. This is just a run down of what I'll have running it. Equipment: -Figi Cube AIO drop in kit - Simple 150 w heater (i dont remember the name) - Orbit IC led strip -ATO FZONE aquarium ATO - Small return pump Tank details: -Dry rock/ reused tank...
  4. BlackiceClowns

    Euphyllia Choice

    I'm hoping to add some Euphyllia to my tank as its a bit more on the mature side now. Out of hammers, torches, and all other Euphyllia which is the easiest to keep alive,
  5. Nutramar Foods

    Crazy for Caulastrea!

    The Candy Cane Coral, (Caulastrea furcata) goes by another common name as well – the trumpet coral. The scientific name of the genus Caluastrea is based in Latin, meaning stalked star. They are members of the family Merulinidae which includes a few other easily recognizable names such as...
  6. mkereefer

    Mystery Chalice? Identification

    Picked up this chalice the other day and was wondering what type it was. Any identification helps. Thanks
  7. Epic Aquaculture

    Live Goods Epic Aquacultures WYSIWYG Wednesday starts at 12:01AM tonight

    WYSIWYG Wednesday starts at 12:01AM tonight. This is the last WYSIWYG Wednesday before RAP California, so we are discounting a little more than usual - 20% off all WYSIWYG frags, 30% off 3-5 WYSIWYG frags, and 40% off 6 or more!!! Free shipping or local delivery in the Phoenix metro area on...
  8. Larry Bowens Jr

    New Jersey Spring cleaning Sale!!!

    Need to make some room so I'm making more stuff available, any order over $300 shipping is free, located in Morris Plains NJ. Amazeballs Goni $300 LRO Candy Apple Goni $175 plus shipping King Kong Bounce Yuma $75-$100 plus shipping Mardi Gras Bounce mushroom $100 plus shipping...
  9. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely INSANE Goni Combo Plates Available Now!!

    These Goni Combo Plates are out of this world!! Some great color contrast for anyone who wants to start their Goni garden. These definitely won't last long!! SNATCH THEM UP HERE
  10. Les Poissons

    EMERGENCY HELP! Losing LPS to bacterial infection?

    Looking for help/suggestions… I’m losing my LPS one after another. The losses started 2-3 months ago with a plate coral that came in damaged and an Acan from the same shipment, and the issue has been gradually been getting worse and moving faster ever since. Now I’m losing corals that have...
  11. J

    Tank over grown selling corals

    I have a 350 gallon system and the corals are over grown. Feel free to message me I have tons of zoanthids about 25 different types, nice Yumas, chalices, frogspawn, rose bubble tip anemones, rainbow anemones, various other softies and LPS
  12. T

    Connecticut SPS/LPS frags for sale

    Looking to sell a whole bunch of SPS and LPS coral. Mixed bag of Acros, Montis, and purple candy cane and about 30-40 in total. They are big frags and at only 20-75 each they are a great deal. I'm in Rocky Hill and can meet anywhere in central CT. Thanks,
  13. C

    How do you successfully keep SPS, LPS, and soft coral?

    Im curious about what parameters are recommended for keeping SPS, LPS, and soft corals together. I know that LPS like nitrate at 10-15, SPS would prefer it at 3ish, while soft corals prefer dirtier water. What parameter would work best? Also I know that lighting and placement is very important...
  14. Richsreef

    Acanthophyllia Advice

    Hi there, I have a 100gal LPS dominated mixed reef which has been set up for 2.5 years. 9 months ago I brought a lovely Acanthophyllia that settled in well and has been doing great until the last 2 weeks. I have noticed it is no longer inflating fully or feeding - I think it might have a...
  15. Larry Bowens Jr

    New Jersey Holy Grail Torchs for sale.

    For sale: I've got 3 available frags of my Holy Grail Torch, two single heads and a larger double that splitting into a 3rd head. Pricing from left to right $800, $1000, $2000. *Not looking to do any trades*, shipping is available/included located in Morris Plains NJ.
  16. J

    Hammer coral recovery

    Hello. Got a question about hammer coral as this is my first time having one. I know they prefer moderate light and flow and while I thought I was providing that it seems maybe it was still a little to much. Some of the polyps retracted back into the skeleton. Since then I’ve dialed things in...
  17. Larry Bowens Jr

    New Jersey Multi head NYK Torchs $400 shipped

    I've got 2 multi head NYK Torchs (each frag has 2-4 heads) asking $400 a piece shipping included, located in Morris Plains NJ 07950
  18. Zoa_Fanatic

    LPS I’d?

    Hey guys what is the LPS that is circled here? We can’t figure it out. It’s not mine I did not buy it not knowing what it is. A friend has it and believes it’s an acan but it looks like a rarer color of candy canes to me that I’ve never seen .
  19. Mr. Stooge

    Anyone love torches??

    My torch garden with my favorite up front! from left to right Flashlight, Ultra Green, Rasta Fabio up front - Dragon Soul Fabio before I added the other three
  20. T

    HELP SCOLY Not doing well

    Good evening, I have had this bleeding apple for about 2 years I have been moving it around trying to make it happy. It won't eat. Water permainters do not fluctuate and are spot on. Never have missed a weekly water change. I have another scoly who is doing just great. I dipped the bleeding...
  21. J


    When I first got my hammer coral it was fully open and I got deployed and had my wife feed and do my water changes. When I came back home I realized that the middle of the coral would be retracted but the outsides would be open. I also noticed that it was in the process of splitting into two...
  22. ajtomase

    Amino Acid for LPS preference

    I'm looking to do an LPS only tank. What does everyone use for amino acids for the LPS corals? I'm thinking about using one of the following products: CoralAmino Restor AcroPower (only for sos?) Red sea ab+ (fridge) KORALLEN-ZUCHT Thoughts?
  23. Sharkfisher88

    Good Reef GPH Flow Rate

    I have a 90 gallon Aquarium what would be a good flow rate in GPH? I plan to do soft and LPS Coral
  24. A

    Is this a good budget light to use?

    I have the Fluval Flex 32.5, and I have been struggling to find what light to buy for an LPS and Soft coral tank. I’m on a budget of $1,400, which seams like a lot at first, but I keep forgetting that fish and coral are expensive. The light I landed on is the NICREW 150W Aquarium LED Reef Light...
  25. Chouchen

    Hello New Member From Taiwan

    Hi everyone! I’m new here hoping to connect with people and learn new things. Share my nano tank.