nano 20

  1. reeferjeeper

    Build Thread Proud Nano Moment

    After a 2-3 month long battle with hair algae, I think the worst of it is behind me! I’ve been able to actually sit back and enjoy my tank . So here is a little photo dump of my fight and where it currently stands… Bowser (my Wartskin Angler) is enjoying the cleared up tank! It’s only a 6 month...
  2. D

    Hello Intermediate Reefer with a Slight Hair Algae Issue

    Ive got a 20gal nano that’s been up for about 7 months and I’ve been experiencing a brown hair algae problem. My nitrates are 0 and my phosphate it’s 0.25 so i am currently trying to increase the nitrate to about 5 over two weeks. Any other opinions would be much appreciated!

    Nano Build 15 galon reef tank

    hello i am new here this is my 15 gallon tank

    Practicing on keeping the right parameters

    Hi everyone, I have a 20gal tank that I've modified to keep it an all-in-one tank. I started in late February of this year and it's going really well. Since started it's been cycled and I have added a Turbo snail/Emerald crab, then waited a few weeks before adding in two clownfish. Livestock is...
  5. Mashbox

    Nano Build JBJ RL-20 Build, Started 30 Mar 2021

    Hey everyone! My names Ryan and I just Just wanted to take a minute and start a build thread for my new nano reef. This is my second tank, after a 7 year break. I Kept up with research just didn't have a tank. Just trying to learn my lessons from my previous tank as well as learn from fellow...
  6. MDSReefing

    Used Eshopps Aqua AR-Nano Refugium/sump ***$175 shipped***

    This nano refugium has been running on my main display for a year. I used it as a sump/refugium for my chaeto and it worked perfectly. Holds around 15 gallons. It’s a great little sump had it attached to my WB 20. Will ship to you for $175 even. I also have a PF nano ESHOPPS hang on back...
  7. crys

    Build Thread IM Fusion 20 Pro x XR30 Gen 2 pro (MIXED REEF) (drilled with sump

    August 30th, 2020 this was the day I brought home my im fusion 20 pro. Besides the tank I was hoping to go with a more modest budget friendly setup. I was able to setup my tank on a stand my brother and I made. I added black livesand and about 20lbs of love rock. I cycled my tank with a pair...
  8. DeNovice

    Phosphate question

    I have a newer tank setup. 20g AIO cube. That being said, I turned my middle chamber into a chaeto reactor and it doubled in size in about two weeks. I just tested my levels and came up with this - Ammonia .25 Nitrate 0 Ph 8 Phosphate .25 Nitrite 0 Full disclosure I’m not 100% since I’m using...
  9. R

    I may be in over my head on this...

    I have been wanting to start a reef tank for quite a while now. In fact, around 3 years ago I purchased everything I needed to start an all in one around a Biocube 38. I ended up moving due to work and selling it as a serious steal to some lucky craigslister. Now I am back at it...and I'm not...
  10. M

    BioCube 32 G or Peninsula AIO 20 G

    Hi All, I am planning to get a new saltwater aquarium. Can you please suggest which is better ? BioCube 32 Gallon or Peninsula AIO 20 Gallon. Thanks.
  11. J

    Cyano in 20 Gal all in one

    Hello everyone! So my boyfriend and I both have nano 20 gallon all in one tanks (both about a year old) and we have been running without skimmers with no issues up until now. We’ve both started to get cyano bacteria on our sand beds but our tests are showing that our water is perfectly fine! I...
  12. E

    EMERGENCY Aiptasia? First Saltwater Aquarium.

    This is my first go at the saltwater hobby, I bought a Red Sea Nano 20 a little over 2 weeks ago. I bought live rock live sand and the saltwater from a local fish store. Tanks been running over 2 weeks now and these guys showed up a few days after I was up and running. It is all over one live...
  13. johntdaballa

    Build Thread Redsea Nano max build

    Hi Everyone , This will be my first nano build. I am quite excited to do this build. Wanting to make this a ULM tank or as low as possible!! I have a 120gal already :p lol hope I won't regret maintenance days . Thinking of a Euphyllia dominate with LPS/Softies. Equipment: Powerhead: MP10 or...
  14. reeferjeeper

    Nano Build Nick's Nano Drop Off Build!

    After 2 years away from the hobby, I've decided to jump back in! Now I know this isn't some monster build, but nanos have always had a small place in my heart! I've decided to go with a 20 Gallon Nuvo Concept Peninsula tank, it offers a very unique style, while also being a nano AIO build...
  15. Macreefs

    AIO Build Macreef's Nuvo 20 Mixed Reef

    Well after a year with my fist tank I feel confident enough to go ahead and post my build. Although I have spent countless hours researching and pouring myself into this tank, I consider myself lucky to have the amount of success that I've had so far. This tank was started December 19th 2019...
  16. eamm97


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to show you my progress so far. This my new nano setup, it’s coming up to 4 weeks now. Let me know what you think! Also, what fish do you recommend I add next and how long should I wait to do so?
  17. eamm97


    Hey guys, here is my very first saltwater tank. I’m very excited!!! I’ve wanted to start one for years now and I finally did. Any advice for a new reefer? Especially on how to deal with diatoms? I’m on week 4 now and it’s starting to explode!
  18. KeystoneMalone

    Hydra 26 Lighting Schedule

    I scored a great deal on a Hydra 26 off of someone on the forums here, its currently on my Nuvo 20. I am using the saxby preloaded schedule from the AI website and ive noticed a significant uptick in algae since. Can anyone recommend a schedule with a shorter photoperiod? im thinking that may...
  19. Djkelley35

    Diatoms and light

    Hello! I am pretty new to the reefing hobby and have a question as to how to deal with my current diatom bloom. the tank is 20 gallons and is roughly four months old, has 2 clowns, 3 blue green chromis, a cleaner shrimp, one new zoa frag, Pom Pom Xenia frag, and a long tentacle anemone (bad...
  20. M

    Plan for first reef tank: feedback and advice requested

    Hi all - Nice to "meet" you! I'm just getting into the hobby with the hope of staving off a long boring winter in Minnesota and I've wanted a reef tank since I was about 8....finally doing it! This is the plan I've managed to come up with with the research I've done. I know that 20 gal is a...
  21. lazycouch

    Build Thread tank #2 ..

    HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE TANK #2 IS FULLY CYCLED 20g custom AIO 1/2” acrylic “frag” tank (not in my eyes) AIO because i have no more space hahahaha 2nd pic is the only one i have during cycle /: it was part of a pano
  22. sparrow_reef

    Nero 5 gph rate for 20 gallon cube

    Hello everyone. I’m new to reefing and was curious about my Nero 5. I’m sure it’s probably overkill for my 20 gallon cube nano but purchase has been made and there’s no going back lol. What kind of flow rate should I be targeting for? I plan on keeping a mixed reef. I’m sure there’s plenty to...
  23. Taykilps

    Terrible diatom outbreak

    I just got this tank from a friend about a month and a half ago and the diatoms just went crazy about 3 weeks after setting it back up. The tank has been established for well over a year. I got 2 oscelarous clowns a cleaner shrimp and a small goby, 5 astreas snail 5 nasarious and a few other...
  24. KameronManning

    Water quality / parameters HELP

    Hey everyone! I need some helping solving some water quality issues my tank is starting to get noticeably cloudy. All of the data is below . Cheers! Parameters : Ammonia: .25 Nitrate: 10 ppm Ph: 8.0 Nitrite: 0 ppm Tank and Filtration: 20 gallon Marineland HOB FILTER 1 chemi pure elite...
  25. J

    Nano Build Suggestions for new nuvo 20 pro build!

    Hey everyone! im getting a build set up for a new nuvo 20 pro and I’m trying to see if I have the bestI can get to be as successful as I can be. Here’s the build list I have so far: Tank: nuvo fusion 20 pro Heater: cobalt 75w Light: either 2 ai prime hd or 1 radion xr15 pro g5 (any advice would...