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  1. wonderphil-reef

    Help with Micro Tank build

    Hi all, I built a little acrylic tank as a proof of concept to see how it would go and it was good, so I wanted to use it to make a "Micro/Nano reef", the tank is 30cm*30cm*50cm (W*L*H). Was thinking I would have a cm or so of sand than some small rock and not sure if I would have a fish or...
  2. C

    El WaterBox 25 Peninsula

    I’ve been saving up, studying, and working hard to save up $$ -I put some money aside for either a 90 gal discus tank or end my SW hiatus... Finally hit arange where I can acquire a somewhat decent nano aquarium. Going bare-bottom w/ dry rock with only 1-2 fish (NO CLOWNFISH since I refuse to...
  3. mcgullen

    Nano Build Clownfish rescue mission

    Hi reefers! I am using this build thread to document my journey to rescue two baby clownfish and to seek help along the way. The Mission: Nurse 2 clownfish babies back to health. See background: TDR: They came from a...
  4. Jwink

    My first reef

    Here's my build thread. I'll try and start from the beginning when I started before ending up with the 20gallon AIO I have now. May take me a few days to find pics and get them posted. Here's how it started: A Fluval Chi 5g (was freshwater, but the pump failed and I decided to repurpose), a...
  5. J

    Hello, and thanks for all of your help!

    Hi everybody! I just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing information you all post on a daily basis. Here's my story! I'm back in the aquarium hobby after 30 years (haha had a bunch as a kid) and started my first Reef tank in October last year. Here are the specs: Fluval flex 9 AI Prime...
  6. R

    Build Thread DIY 20 gallon home office reef.

    Hello, I have a larger reef on our main floor but working from home gave me the urge to build a small office tank using leftover equipment and some DIY. The tank is far from done, but just kinda taking my time with it and having fun. I always enjoy seeing the interesting ideas of everyone’s...
  7. C

    Nano Build 22.5 Ext BTA Build

    Short version: Would love to document my journey on a BTA tank build and share some info with a community that has given me so much knowledge. There will be a few things that I will be trying out for the 1st time and a lot of time tested stuff I have discovered through trial and error on...
  8. TheRoaringReef

    Cube Build 22.4 Gallon FijiCube Rimless Nano Aquarium Build

    Hello Everyone, So recently I bought the 22.4 Gallon Rimless Nano Tank from FijiCube off of bulk reef supply. I wanted to hear suggestions on my build and hear any thoughts and concerns. I'm very happy with this build and I'm very excited to start reefing but before I start aquascaping I want...
  9. J

    Nano Build Jolly Roger's 29 gallon reef tank

    Greetings all! This is going to be my build log/tank progression thread for my new 29 gallon display/10 gallon sump project. Currently running a modded fluval evo 13.5, which while getting me into and helping me learn the hobby, I would like an upgrade. My original idea was to save up for a...
  10. trevorhiller

    Nano Build Waterbox Peninsula 15 gallon Build Thread

    I should have started this thread from the beginning, but oh well! I'm only a few weeks into it, so I'll start a list of my equipment and add some photos here as things progress. Aquarium: Waterbox Peninsula 15 gallon Stand: DIY 2x4 stand wrapped in plywood and painted. Heavy duty leveling feet...
  11. bjonesq

    Build Thread Brock's IM 25 Lagoon

    This is mostly copied from my introduction meet and greet post, but I wanted to consolidate the information here in my build thread! Below is an overview of my current setup: Display Tank (DT) Tank: Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 25 Gallon Lagoon (w/ overflow protection and hightide risers)...
  12. mbri

    Nano Build 13.5 Nano Build

    Edit: Fish Plan! Thanks to all for the feedback/recos, I really appreciate it! First aquarium from scratch! :) grew up with a 45g that I adored as a child, so my mom surprised me with an Evo 13.5 for my 26th birthday! Tank/Equipment: Fluval Evo 13.5g, stock light & pump, hygger 1,600GPH wave...
  13. Drew P. Wiener

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 30L

    Welp… it’s been just about a year since I’ve set up my first reef tank, and like many others, I found myself looking to upsize the tank. Through this past year, I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes and certainly felt at times that this maybe wasn’t the hobby for me, but I seriously can’t...
  14. gaki

    Frag Build Gaki's Advanced Acrylics Super Shallow Mushy Tank

    Hey everyone, I'm going to start a super shallow (6 inches tall) frag tank (the 6x18x18 by advanced acrylics) for my mushrooms but I've got a question or two. My plan is to transfer most if not all of my mushrooms into this tank and have it as a place for new frags. Right now, they are in my...
  15. downonthereef

    Nano Build Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25G

    Hey guys! Downgrading my Redsea Reefer XL300 to a Waterbox MP25! Decided to take things a little slower with this tank and what better way to do that then documenting the process! All is on order, just awaiting deliveries! Stay tuned
  16. Woodyman

    AIO Build Woody's 12.5 Gallon Mini Reef Build Thread

    Nano Tank Build
  17. gaki

    Nano Build gaki's IM Nuvo 14 Peninsula Build Thread

    Hello, everyone. I'm starting a 14 gallon AIO peninsula and I figured I'd post some updates on this thread. Also I've got some questions, but first for the equipment and stocking plans. Equipment: - IM nuvo 14 peninsula - AI prime HD - ehiem jager heater - JBJ...
  18. Gaspipe

    Build Thread Basement Office with a View

    ** Under Construction ** Tank: Waterbox Mini Peninsula 25 Return Pump: Syncra Silent 1.0 Pump (251 GPH) Rock: Branch LifeRock Dry Live Rock - CaribSea LR: AquaBiomics: Live Reef Rubble Salt: Tropic Marin Pro UV: Aqua Ultraviolet 8-Watt Advantage 2000 w/ Syncra 1.5 COVER: Kraken Reer w/ feed...
  19. L

    New Reefer WaterBox Mini Penn 25 loves to see what y’all think

    Hello, I just signed up for this forum and I have been out of the saltwater aquarium game for 15years. I recently purchased a WaterBox Mini Peninsula 25 gallon for my birthday in January from worldwide coral and staff member Dre was very helpful. The tank has been set up for a month. I just...
  20. M

    Nano Build Flame Hawk Nano Tank

    My first build thread on my second tank! New Tank Specs Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 20lbs Live Rock 10lbs Caribsea Specialty Grade Sand Bed Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 Return Pump AI Prime 16 Nero 3 Pump Jager 100w heater Going on Custom Built Desk Algae Barn Cycle Kit Marine Pure Gems Planned...
  21. Tim'sReef

    Nano Build My First Reef Tank

    Hi all! I've started my nano reef a couple of days ago and decided to show the progress here to you as well as have a documentation for myself. Quick introduction, this is my first saltwater tank (when I was a small boy used to have a FW tank) and started it cause I really love the sea and...
  22. Brandon McHenry

    Brandon's IM Nuvo 40 SPS Reef

    Hi all! So I've been thinking about making a build thread for my current SPS tank for a while and I finally feel like I'm at the point where I'd like to show it off! Below is some information about me and my tank as well as some pictures. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think! About...
  23. Brewski262

    Nano Build Waterbox 10 Build!!!!

    Hey everyone! Here's a glimpse into my build so far! Will be updating more as time goes on. The tank has been up, scaped and cycled via fishless for a few weeks now. Will be ordering the clowns I want soon. I will get some pics for everyone soon. I'm pretty stoaked about my scape for this tank...
  24. Zoe’s Reef

    Build Thread Zoe's Reef - Coralife BioCube 32g + Pro Clear Fishtastic iTank 5g

    It's official... it's time for a new build thread!! After a happy two years with my Fluval Evo 13.5g, the pandemic happened... and I decided to move back home while I would be/am working remotely indefinitely. I decided to take advantage of the move and UPGRADE to a Coralife BioCube 32g!!! I...
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