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  1. Silent reef

    Cube Build Silent Reef's Waterbox 20 nano cube build thread

    Hey cube fans, this is my waterbox 20g build thread. It's going to be a fishless tank... corals and cuc only. Basic equipment list: 1. WB 20 cube 2. AI 16 HD 3. Real reef rock 4. Caribsea live special grade 5. Aqualight ATO 6. Sicce voyager nano 1000l 7. Tunze 9001 nano skimmer 8. Inkbird temp...
  2. A

    Jbj 12 gallon nanocube

    hello everyone, I am about to buy a jbj 12 gallon nano cube for a pretty decent price. The only thing is it doesn’t have a return pump. Planning on upgrading lighting as well. Any suggestions on a replacement pump?? Also a decent light for this tank?? Thanks for any info and I would like to see...
  3. BenzoBubba

    Hello Hi Guys!

    Hello! New to the forums. Live in Pittsburgh,PA. Off of work now and stuck at home with the state-wide quarantine stuff so I snuck out to my LFS yesterday to fill-up on saltwater and frozen food. Snagged a few fish, too I’ve let my dream reef die off into a nightmare, so no pics until it’s...
  4. finn_reef18

    Nano Build 11 Gallon Cube Build

    Hey everyone! Starting a reef tank and I’m really excited about it. Have been researching for months. Finally went to my LFS and pulled the trigger. PS - Hello from Canada! Started off budget conscious but already planning some upgrades. Currently 4 days into fishless cycle. A few photos so...
  5. M3d1C

    Build Thread My Little Reef Tank

    Hello Neighbor, How's it going? Kind of excited to announce my wife and I's first reef tank. What I present to you is our new (to us) tacticle-sized reef tank. It's a Lifeguard 7 gallon with built in back filtration chambers that my wife and I picked up second hand from Facebook marketplace...
  6. T

    Need identification for a 12 by 12 chalice coral

    Well I got a tank from this couple it's a 29 biocube with upgraded equipment and it had this chalice in it does anyone know what it is it looks slightly different because I just got the tank a day or two ago and it's stressed
  7. wesamazmy

    Cube Build NEW DIY 25g Nano cube, Needs Recommendations!!

    Good Day, Update #1 I started to build 25g nano cube, the project still under the construction The plan is: 1- Display tank 25g nano cube 50x50 cm 2- Eternal sump 60x30x30 cm 3- Eternal refugium 30x30 cm (separated from the sump) 4- I am going to use it for mix reef and focusing more on SPS...
  8. jk_s124

    Nano Build Biocube 29 build

    I’m October of 2017 my wife and I bought a coralife biocube 29 from a coworker who has been in the hobby for over 10 years. He actually bought the set up for himself while he was trying to convince me to buy it for my kids. My son is allergic to cats and dogs, but loves animals. So my co...
  9. sotsreef

    Small Refugium Light?

    Hi there fellow reefers! I just purchased my first tank and it has been running for around 3 days now, I purchased a Refugium Light at my lfs but it is too large for my setup. I was wondering if anyone knew of any small low cost Refugium lights that will fit on the back of an aquaclear50 HOB...
  10. sotsreef

    Nano Build John’s 8g Pico Cube

    John’s 8g Pico Cube Hey everyone! Just to give you a little backstory before I get into the tank. My name is John, I am 15 years old, and I live in Georgia. I got into this hobby a year ago by watching tanks on YouTube and seeing them on the forums. I recently moved to Georgia from NewYork and...
  11. Kenzie Jeanine

    Filling My 24 gal Cube

    Hi! I've had my 24 gal JBJ Nanocube up since late August/early September and I'm really enjoying this hobby. Right now I have a sixline wrasse, a black snowflake clown, and a tailspot blenny, as well as a good size cuc made up of two emerald crabs, a bunch of hermits, and a wide variety of...
  12. Uscanga2311


    hi R2R familiy: im starting with a new nano tank (40G), and I can't decide which salt to use... I was thinking about using Coral PRO, but I saw that its alkalinity levels are 12. 2, it's a bit high, is not it? I know alkalinity should be around 7.8-8.3. Which option could I use to start my tank?
  13. Kenzie Jeanine

    Treating GHA with Fluc

    I'm creating this thread to keep track of my progress using fluconazole to get rid of the green hair algae in my 24 gal cube. I posted a different thread looking for help on this and was given two suggestions: use fluc or do a LOT of scrubbing. I live in an apartment and don't have a lot of...
  14. Uscanga2311

    Filter socks for a nano?

    Hi R2R Family: I have a small tank all in one, I have the sump behind the tank, with a space for socks. The dimensions of the space are these: 3.9inX3.9inX19in. some recommendation for a base for the socks and what diameter should buy them thank U!
  15. Uscanga2311

    silent pumps for nano tanks?

    hi R2R family. im searching for a very silent mini-pump for my nano tank (3oGAL), Is a all-in-one tank, so the sump is behind de tank, what pump you recommend, also I looking for low consume of energy. my options now are: MINI-MJ 404 WATER PUMP (106 GPH) - COBALT AQUATICS Eheim COMPACTON 600...
  16. Uscanga2311


    Hi R2R family: My next reef tank, it will be a NANO (20inx20inx20in), my question is if a RADION xr15 g4, it will be enough for sps corals, lps and soft corals. I hope you can help me! or give me some feedback, thank you! :)
  17. Uscanga2311

    How to maintain Ph in my REEF?

    Hi R2R family: im going to mount a Nano tank (38G), The tank will be all in one, so I will not have sump or refugie, how I will keep my Ph at night. since I had heard that the shelter light helped this parameter.
  18. Uscanga2311

    Hydra 26HD or Radion XR15 G4.

    Hi R2R Family. HI I'm starting a nano tank (18inx18inx18in), it will be a mixed tank (Sps, lps, and soft corals), I'm indecisive to get a hydra26 or a RADION RX15 G4, hope you can help me!
  19. DeepBlueSomething

    AIO Build JBJ 28g NanoCube CF - Your Expertise & Ideas Needed!!

    Howdy All! I just came across a great deal on a 28g NanoCube CF -- This tank is an older model. But I am hoping with some TLC it can have some glory days left. I don't have much AIO or Nano tank experience. I am currently running a 40b with a sump, so I am aware this will be a totally...
  20. ydarr

    Will this LED light help with coral growth?

    We currently have a 28g JBJ Nano-cube. We removed the hood, and have been using a T5/Metal halide combo fixture. Our tank life (which looks "ok") consists of zoas, torch, frog spawn, hammer, Duncan, ricordea, and a few others that I can't remember the names of. Will the sBox Sprite Reef Nano...
  21. c0mfylove

    Help! Can't find part!

    I'm hoping someone will have what I'm looking for although it's unlikely. I have a 12g nano cube & the feeder lid is missing. I contacted JBJ and they said they don't make that style of lid anymore, and I can't find one online to buy that I've seen. If anyone for some reason has one, or can...
  22. Mariners

    Switching leds and accliminating to new light

    hi everyone, With the heat coming on, i decided to ditch my canopy aio led 26 w (no dimmer) especially since a couple of my zoas started spewing zooxanthellet poop. I have the ai prime hd w mount coming monday and will have a screen to let more air exchange. I was wondering what kind of...
  23. Mariners

    AIO Build Canopy or lid suggestions for jbj 28g

    Hi Everyone, Im hoping someone has experience or knowledge regarding the jbj 28 g nano. Currently i have the stick canopy w leds 26 w 14k and 1 w blue actinics. I wanted to switch my lighting to the aqualife halo for the following reasons: 1) color pop 2) create more distance between corals (i...
  24. OrokuSaki84

    Shy Fish Issues - Causes?

    Hey all! First post after getting back into the reef tank game over the winter. Be gentle! I have a 40 gallon mixed reef set up, currently 3 fish none of which like to come out much unless I'm feeding them. I have 2 percula clowns and a royal gramma. I don't expect the gramma to be out and...
  25. borrowedlight

    AIO Build borrowedlight's JBJ 28

    borrowedlight's JBJ 28gal Nano Cube CF Quad Reef DOB: 3.19.2017 Equipment & Mods: • JBJ 28gal Nano Cube, CF Quad with Stand • AI Prime (stock lid removed) (5.29.17) • Stock pump, MJ 1200 ( for returns • Hydor Koralia 425 in tank (5.29.17) • Aquatop 150W heater • BRS Mini Reactor with rox...