nano tank

  1. rhpmiller

    New York SOLD - Red Sea Max Nano AIO (20g) w/ BRAND NEW Skimmer and Return Pumps + Stand -$400

    SOLD I'm moving in a month and need to sell my tank setup. I had a mixed reef tank for a little over two years, and the tank served me incredibly well during it. I have a Red Sea Max Nano AIO (20g) plus its black cabinet stand for sale for $350. Here is all you get for that price: Tank, which...
  2. rhpmiller

    New York SALE - Tank Breakdown/Moving - NEW and USED Tank, Stand, Pumps, Lights, Salt, and More

    Hey all, I'm moving in a month and need to start breaking down the tank, its pieces, and some extra items that I have. I have a combination of both BRAND NEW and USED items. I'd much rather sell them to fellow hobbyists, than a LFS, so please let me know if you have any questions, want any...
  3. Ollie67

    Nano Build Fluval Evo 13.5 Build - First Aquarium!

    Hello fellow reefers! My name is Olivier, and as of this year, I have gained an interest in the reef-keeping hobby. This interest has spiked from my memory of my father's large aquarium at home when I was growing up. Now that I have access to adult money (lol), I have been inspired to get into...
  4. P

    Water Box 25 gallon tank stocking ideas

    So soon I plan on upgrading my 13.5 gallon tank to the water box 25 tank. I feel as if I’m capped out on livestock in my 13.5, right now I have a pair of clowns, a fire fish, a fire shrimp, pistol shrimp, a few snails, 2 anemones, and some coral. Everything is going good but I’ve avoided adding...
  5. tech_reefer

    California Esshops Nano Tank

    Selling entire setup light not included Esshops nano tank live stock sold separately or can be a bumble all together with the nano setup Comes with: Skimmer Return pump 3 filter socks Rock Lid Nano wave maker And I’ll throw other free goodies Local pickup only no shipping 90015
  6. Maiciegrassmuck

    Reef Tank update: Day 12

    Good morning! I posted not long ago about my new nano reef set up, but I’ll post details below again. - Waterbox AIO 20 cube - Aquatop 100w titanium heater (set to 81°; heard warmer temps all an help in the cycle) - Original return pump - Ordered InTank chamber one media basket, but it didn’t...
  7. CMO

    California (SOLD) Upgraded Oceanbox Designs PG1 Micro Tank with Extras

    I'm selling my highly upgraded Oceanbox PG1 in very good to excellent condition. It was run for about 8 months before I took it down to move. The tank has been thoroughly cleaned with citric acid wash and is ready to use. Sale includes the following: - OB PG1 micro tank with stand and original...
  8. eislekel

    My new camera Sony RX100VI and some shots

    Hi all, After thousands of research, I bought Sony Rx100VI. I'm very happy with the results. My aim was to find the best point-and-shoot camera for my needs. Here are a few shots I made and cropped from the entire photo. These are not taken with a macro lens. I will keep this topic updated. It...
  9. OrlandoAIOReef

    Florida Innovative marine 15g w Black APS full set up

    Check description in pictures
  10. P

    Nano Build Office Deskmate Build

    After taking a long hiatus from the hobby I decided my field office could use some life with a nano tank. I was gifted the Bulk Reef Supply bundle for the Eshopps Deskmate. I initially decided it would be a budget build, but.... is there such thing as a budget build in reef keeping, haha. I went...
  11. borrowedthemoon

    Best ATO Under $100??

    Best Auto Top Off ATO Under $100? Ive seen similar threads, but most are outdated. Least probable to flood and then accuracy in that order. FLUVAL Evo 13.5 w/ 5 gallon bucket Thanks coral friends!
  12. Yang’s Blue Paradise

    Nano Build Innovative Marine 15G Journey

    Set up the tank on March 14 2023 and started to cycle. Roughly took two weeks to cycle dr.Tim and added a pair of snowflake clownfish. Tanks doing pretty week water parameters are looks fine after adding the fish. Will keep be testing ammonia and nitrites everyday for a week until I think the...
  13. KB1989

    FLUVAL EDGE - 23L - Nano Tank

    Hi fellow reefers.... I thought I'd share my Fluval Edge Marine conversion. New to reefing, and this is my first tank 3 months in. What a minefield it's been and the sheer amount of research and cost to it all. What's your thoughts on my set up? Started using chemi pure blue nano filter media...
  14. M

    Build Thread Lifegard 24 gallon AIO mixed reef

    I am currently planning my next build as I just shut down my IM lagoon 25. I was due for a reboot with some fresh equipment, test kits and overall better knowledge I have acquired from my last build. This time around I wanted a simpler tank, I realized my last build had its issues, mainly that...
  15. TheReefDiary

    New Jersey Fluval Evo Bundle - Everything Needed for Starting Tank!!

    Selling my Fluval Evo 13.5g included with sale: fluval Evo tank stand Sicce pump aqueon heater coral life thermometer in tank media chamber bubble magus protein skimmer original Return pump chemipure blue nano pouch 10lbs Marco dry rock 10lbs arag alive sand original lid and light...
  16. J

    Build Thread Custom 21G Nano Newbie Tank

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm also new to building a reef tank. I've done a lot of research since October and I think I have a good understanding of the basics. Due to space issue in my apartment, I've decided to build a nano reef tank despite the warnings about nano tank is not for...
  17. paticus

    Build Thread Waterbox 10 Desktop Reef

    Hi everyone! I’m building a 10 gallon nano reef to sit right on my desk in my home office. This is my second nano reef (previously a Fluval Edge 6 gallon). Why did I choose a 10 gallon? Besides liking to make things difficult on myself… it needs to sit on my desk. It’s a bit of a gateway tank...
  18. nextfishtank

    Tips needed in setting a nano reef for goby and pistol shrimp

    Hello, I am very excited to be here, I am setting up my 45 cm nano tank and was thinking of keeping 3 different types of fish from the following list: Tank Size: L: 45 cm, W: 28 cm, H: 30 cm Volume: 8.3 gallons Livestock 1. Goby 2. Pistol Shrimp 3. Tailspot Blenny / Fire Fish / Clown Fish /...
  19. fasterznu

    North Carolina Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 FS W/Stand and accessories NC PRICE DROP

    Selling my Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 with stand. I've got two other tanks, so I am parting with this one. It's been running for about 3 years now, so it is well established. Comes with tank, stand, innovative marine helios 100w heater, innovative marine 5 gallon ATO kit, AI Nero 3 powerhead, AI...
  20. S

    New Jersey Nano Reef Tank - Used - Very Nice

    Nano Reef Tank Aquarium. Beautiful. 12 x 10 x 10. It comes with sump and plumbing, but it needs a small pump. Glass. Comes with Cover. Price: $25 Pickup Location: Linden NJ
  21. vaguelyreeflike

    Nano Build Show me your Fluval Flex 9gallons or 15gallons!

    I’m tempted to convert my flex 9 to salt, and looking for inspiration. Side question, what’s the back stocked with filter/media wise on your tank, or do you leave it how it comes? We got a decorator crab surrendered into work who has been surrendered/sold a few different times now, so I want...
  22. islandstonashville

    Build Thread My first Saltwater and Nano Tank.

    Nano Tank build is UP! I will be testing parameters today before introducing bacteria and ammonia. So far Salinity is 1.026/35ppt, Temp 78.4F. Overall excited how far this hobby will take me. I can’t wait to see some livestock in the tank. Heater: Cobalt Neotherm Pro 75W Pump: Sicce 1.0 Media...
  23. A

    Nano Build What is a good clean up crew for an lps and soft coral tank?

    I have the Fluval 32.5, but I don’t know what a good clean up crew is. I was thinking of multiple different types of snails, but with snails comes snail eggs. What is a great cleanup crew for my nano tank? Possible tank mates: Clownfish (2x) Flame Angel (1x) Six Line Wrasse (1x) Tailspot Blenny...
  24. Blakethereefguy

    AIO Build Starting new build after moving (IM Nuvo 20)

    After breaking down my old setup that had been running strong for 4 years the best decision was to part ways with everything that needed life support. I kept most of my dry goods and am finally starting my first build thread. So join me on my journey or let us call it round 2 of this IM Nuvo 20s...
  25. MaraRavenous

    Build Thread Mara's Tiny Tank!

    Hi everyone! I meant to get around to this sooner, but life has kept me busy, so now I'm finally making my build thread! I inherited this little 15-gallon (18 including the rear sump) from a friend on Halloween of last year, just under half a year ago. It was dirty with algae-infested rocks and...