naso tang

  1. Trueruby

    Naso tang, Is it fin rotting? Need a help.

    Hi everybody, hope everybody’s tank doing well. I got a blonde naso tang from LFS yesterday. The fish was completely looking fine about fins. I checked him in my acclimating box in my DP. All was clear.. however, just a day after in the morning I saw left swimming fin has smth like rot...
  2. leejoohoonie


    Hello reef2reef community! Thank you for clicking and helping me out with this problem. I currently have a naso tang and a purple tang which seems to have gotten ich. The naso tang came from liveaquaria so I believed that they have already quarantined the fish for parasites and chose not to do a...
  3. 4DD5164A-2646-4125-9A88-A65B119F8A48.jpeg


    My Baby Naso Tang, “Darlin’”
  4. August_S

    Tomini Tang rubbing against Naso Tang

    I have an established fish only tank. I have a relatively large Naso tang I’ve had for years and a Tomini tang that I’ve had for about 2 years. They get along just fine. Suddenly, they’re both huddled in the back of the tank, the Naso tang is vertical, and the tomini tang is facing the opposite...
  5. Jessieg

    Naso Tang

    Hello everyone, This weekend I finally was able to get a naso tang at my LFS. I had been going back and forth about getting one and when I saw it I fell in love. I know Tangs can be very picky and they need algae and nori to eat. I have the omega one red seaweed and he seemed to like it but then...
  6. M

    Got my naso today with white spots

    Hey guys, I got my first tang today but I'm really worried. He has many white spots and i dont't know if it is just stress or ich that i have to fight. He is in qt right now...... Would be great if someone could help me. He is in the qt now for around 2 hours but not swimming at all, I think the...
  7. Peach02

    Naso tang happy in this tank?

    Essentially I'm thinking of a upgraded tank and would a naso tang or sailfin tang be happy in a 6" 2" 2" foot tank with light rockwork
  8. MSB123

    Help! Naso Tang!

    My Naso tang ( I got it on Wednesday of this week) is laying on the bottom of the tank. This has been like this for over an hour. He hasn't been eating and last night he was breathing a bit heavily. I gently picked him up, and he has no buoyancy- he just fell back to the bottom of the tank. What...
  9. Matthew Dambra

    Naso Tangs vs Vortech Mp40

    Hello all, Just this week I had a Medium Naso tang approx 4inches die in my 90g tank, found him stuck to the powerhead when i got home from work. Ive never had this issue so i didn't think it was the power head. He had no signs of disease, was eating well, got along with all of the other fish...
  10. LionFish47

    New Naso Unicorn tang bullying small Clownfish

    I've had two small designer clownfish in my 70gal aquarium for 8 months. They have began to host in a small patch of algae for a few months despite two anemones with nothing else in them. The tank has been empty except for the two clownfish and the anemone (it just recently cloned itself and...