need help

  1. W

    Does this anemone look healthy

    It’s a black widow anemone that is hoasting a maroon clown fish. It has been in the tank for about 2 day and I also have another anemone in the tank that is really healthy could it be that the clownfish is being to hard with it
  2. C

    Wanting to start first tank! Need Help

    Hello I am new to the hobby. I have been in the freshwater hobby for about 3 years now and I want to get into the reef hobby. I am wanting to set up a 10 gallon nano reef tank. Are there any suggestions for all the equipment for the tank. Kinda on a budget. Thanks for the help.
  3. Herides

    My very first 1 week old tank. Can ya'll tell me how i'm doing and help out with water parameter problems?

    Hey guys, i'm going to tell you guys about my 1 week old reef tank and some of the concerns that i'm having that I don't know how to solve. The tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a population of just 2 Onyx (Sea Quest Line) Clownfish. It's filtration is an aquatop Forza canister filter (which...
  4. W

    Need help with algae

    What type of algae is this and what should I do about it
  5. W

    Is this ich

    Is this ich on my chalk bass
  6. W

    New anemone

    I just got this anemone and and drip acclimated for like 1 hour and put it in like 20 minutes ago I just want to know if it looks fine because it is deflated
  7. W

    Need help for identifying a blenny

    Need help for identifying a blenny it was sold as a starry Blenny but it looks like a lawnmower blenny
  8. W

    75 gallon stocking

    My 75 gallon stocking is 2 maroon lightning 2 chalk bass Tomini tang Starry blenny Purple dart fish Six line wrasse, might be taking it out Is there any more fish I can put in the tank or am I at the max
  9. W

    Why is my tank foggy

    Why is my tank so foggy
  10. W

    Is this good flow for a torch coral

    Is this good flow for a torch coral. Also if someone could I’d this torch that would be nice it was sold as indo dragon soul
  11. W

    Need help with clownfish

    My two clownfish are fight and I don’t know why. I got them as a pair
  12. W

    Need help with scape

    Need help with scape I like the left side but I think the ride side needs some help
  13. W

    Need help identifying a torch coral

    Need help identifying a torch coral it was sold to me as and indo torch but might be aussie
  14. W

    First tank and scape suggestions??

    First tank and scape suggestions?? Left side I think is good but right side is just temporary
  15. W

    Is this torch splitting

    Torch splitting??? And also is this indo torch
  16. W

    Is this acro doing good

    Is this acro doing good?? This is also temporary tank while 75 gallon is cycling
  17. W

    Got a torch a few days ago and don’t know if it is supposed to look like this or is just acclimating

    Got a torch a few days ago and don’t know if it is supposed to look like this or is just acclimating
  18. W

    Is this bta bleached?

    I just got this green bubble tip anemone like 2 weeks ago and it looks bleached but I’m not certain yet
  19. Carebearsss.x

    Temperature Rising

    Hey everyone! So we have a 13.5 g Evo Tank & for some reason the temapture is running EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY high! ( 86,85,83,82 degrees f) We unplugged the heater & the AC is running on full blast.. Any ideas on why this may be happening!?!?!? I just bought $150 worth of corals & I don't...
  20. R

    Need help identifying

    Can anyone help me identify what the clear/cloudy stuff all over my zoanthiads? When I do my water changes I try my hardest to clear it all out because it looks like it is irritating the zoanthiads but it just keeps coming back.
  21. Jtfortune3

    SUMP & PLUMBING DESIGN.. Need Critique!

    Hey there so I’m setting up a 125 display tank and plan to design the plumbing and have already made the sump. I decided to make a graphic in photoshop of my design and need some help on what I could do better or what could be wrong with this design. Never had a tank with a sump nor this size...
  22. O

    Correlation between Alkalinity and pH?

    Hi everyone, I have a 300 gallon mixed reef system, and I am trying to make my tank a tad more stable/automated since I am traveling out of state for weeks at a time due to school. I am switching from a bubble magus dosing system (using biotech two part solution) to a korallin calcium reactor...
  23. Reefing-Around

    Monster Jam Psammocora question???

    I have a WWC Monster Jam Psammocora that I just noticed something odd with. While I was cleaning my frag tank, I happened to lift out the psammocora and noticed something that resembled clear jelly, for a lack of a better description, on the under side of the coral. Seems to be filling some of...
  24. YogiReef

    Advice Needed (Nano setup)

    Hi all, my names John and I am 15 years old and am interested in getting into the hobby. I am planning on getting a 7.5 gallon Nano cube from my lfs. Here are a few questions I have. 1) I am going to be purchasing the tank which is around $45 (just the tank). I will also be getting live sand...
  25. LearnSomethingNew

    (Newbie) So Anxious for Reef, Maybe Pushing too Fast?

    Hi, I have wanted a reef tank for a couple years since I attended the Reef and Reptile show in Hampton VA. I have read and watched hundreds of YouTube Videos. I took the plunge when I finally bought a 40g tall tank in a wood canopy from a former tank installer. The tank has an internal...
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