nitrate control

  1. R

    How to lower nutrients?

    Hey! This is my first time posting on here and my second time trying to start a reef tank after bombing it the first time back in 2021 it was a total disaster. I started a 13.5g AIO back in july then transferred everything to a 32.5g AIO gradually, which seems to be doing well but after testing...
  2. ibajaks

    High alk and nutrients

    So i recently had a major issue with my euphylllia Coral. It had nearly died completely. When i tested my water i was at nearly 12 dkh. With nearly 0ppm phosphate and nitrate. I started dosing coral Amino and polyp booster daily along with my regular feeding. Now about 2 weeks later the coral...
  3. D

    California Filters Drygoods Korallin BioDenitrator Nitrate Filter S-1502 w/ Eheim 1048 Pump

    I have this for sale in good condition. $230 shipped. This is extremely effective keeping your nitrates low in a reef tank. Pls text for faster response (818)703-3993
  4. C

    Nano Refugium? Need to lower nitrates (25pmm)

    Hey, wanted to ask what everyone's thoughts were on nano refugiums, and if it would be any use for nitrate reduction in my scenario. I have the 20 gallon JBJ nano cube AIO that you can see here and it's been doing...
  5. micool777

    Can't keep nitrates down! Feel like I've tried everything.

    My 55g tank is almost a year old now, got about 6 mates in it: foxface, clown, banggai, firefish, damsel, and a fire red shrimp. Recently I've been testing my nitrates and they are super high (100ppm+). I was feeding them twice a day, but I have changed it to once a day which has seemed fine for...
  6. sixty_reefer

    Sixty’s understanding of nutrients 2.0

    Sixty’s understanding of Nutrient 2.0 1. Introduction 2. Brief description on the difference between Availability and residual nutrients. 3.Identify nutrient limitations under different filtration methods. 3.1. Heterotrophic bacteria as dominant species effect on nutrients and residual. 3.2...
  7. J

    Help with Nitrates and Green Hair Algae

    Hi, I'm battling green hair algae in my 14g tank. I started by getting phosphate levels under control and trying to maintaining levels of <0.1. Levels creep every few days, though. It's helping but not completely. According to my Red Sea test kit, the nitrates are undetectable, which seems...
  8. D

    How high is too high? --->NITRATE for Softies and LPS

    How much Nitrate in an LPS and Softie dominant tank is considered too high? Mine are between 20 - 50 ppm and after spending months with Nitrate at 0, I am not sure if I want to lower it.
  9. Gogol_frag

    Bio Pellet Reactors, Purple Non Sulphur Bacteria, Protein Skimmers

    Hi y'all, I want to lower the nitrates in my 1 month old, 170G sumpless reef, which are still consistently showing up as 10-15 ppm. As such, I am getting a bio-pellet reactor. Being a biopellet noob, I have the following questions, and was wondering if y'all have any experience in the matter...
  10. ariellemermaid

    Sick Coral Help and Nitrate Management

    Could really use some advice on a struggling coral and general nutrient management from the #reefsquad. Background: Picked up a nice seriatopora screaming green that has been our favorite coral so far. It thrived in QT for 76 days and grew quite a bit. Parameters were never a problem, but it...
  11. RileyM.

    Target Mandarin Goby Feeding/Nitrate levels help?

    Hello! So I'm not really new to saltwater fishkeeping in general as I've been running a saltwater tank for about 7 years- but I don't have experience with this particular fish, so I'm curious and hoping this is the right place to ask! Just a couple days ago I bought a Target mandarin goby...
  12. Karen00

    Nitrate Reactor/Denitrator (feed or not to feed?)

    Hello all, I tried doing searches here as well as general Google searches but can't seem to find an answer so I thought I would just post the question to the experts. For transparency this question is for my freshwater setup but I assume will also apply to my saltwater setup once I get that...
  13. Tangkeeper05

    Nitrate removal

    Hello everybody, looking for some veteran knowledge on best way to approach nitrate removal without bottoming out to 0. Any thoughts on this?
  14. ReeferMadne55

    High Nitrates

    Hi guys, so I am brand new to this community and I figured I’d ask a few questions. I have been keeping aquariums on and off most of my life. I just recently started getting back into the hobby and I set up a new 40 gallon FOWLR tank about a month ago. I used Fritz Turbostart 900 to cycle the...
  15. lazycouch

    protein skimmer suggestions??

    hello, i am wondering if i can get your input on a decent yet compact protein skimmer that is recommended? i have a 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) with no space for an extra tank to build a fuge or external skimmer especially due to the space my chiller takes up /: . i’m wondering if anyone...
  16. K

    Keeping Nitrates DOWN in Predator tank! Help!

    Hello everyone, I have a question that I might have already figured out but want others input as well. I have a predator tank with sharks, rays, puffers, and a eel. I've been battling with Nitrates for a while and the best I've managed to lower them to is 20ppm with 70% water changes every 4...
  17. BuddyVanDoodle

    Adding fish to raise nitrate?

    I need to find a way to raise my nitrates. 75 gallon tank with about a 30-some gallon sump. I have four smaller fish in it right now and about 20 frags. I thought about dosing and might try to go with brightwells neonitro to do so but according to their website it will also lower my phosphates...
  18. BattlestarAquarium

    Membrane based aquarium dialysis

    I am doing training to learn about peritoneal dialysis, which uses diffusion across a membrane to remove waste products from people with kidney failure. Has anyone heard of using a membrane and freshly mixed saltwater to remove nitrogen/replenish trace elements this way?
  19. imanewberry

    Nitrates Spiked After Adding Livestock to Newly Cycled Tank! (Worried)

    I know this is not necessarily an emergency but I just added a decent bit of livestock to a 20 gallon cube tank. This includes: - a small Scopas Tang - a Black Snowflake Clown - three various snails - a Tuxedo Sea urchin - a Tricolor Goniastrea Coral Previous to adding livestock to this NEWLY...
  20. Fish2019

    Nitrate Levels to High

    I am new to saltwater aquariums. I started my tank a week ago and did a water test yesterday. My nitrate levels are at 20 I have no fish in it yet. I was wondering if this is a problem or if it would even itself out.
  21. ZoWhat

    Help me understand

    Help me understand the BALANCING-ACT once you're infested with GHA On one hand, in order to minimize or eliminate GHA you have to STARVE the tank of Nitrates & Phosphates.... this leads to your corals STARVING.....where they just maintaining their size but NEVER grow. On the other hand, if you...
  22. Jimmyneptune

    High nitrates

    I am having an issue with high nitrates in my reef and I am trying to lower them. It was round 100 about 3 weeks ago. I changed my filters and resin on my RODI and have 0 TDS. I did a 30% water change. I also cleared out some old sponges and detritus that was in my sump. That brought my...
  23. DeepBlueSomething

    Nitrates 60, Phosphate 0 - don't call it a comeback!

    Someone once said - nothing good ever happens fast in a reef - so... I have been busy with life and am now able to turn attention back to my 40g Reef. I have lost most LPS with the exception of shrooms which are quite happy with the mess. I have a Duncan that is hanging on. SG is on, pH @...
  24. Aliasger


    Hi everyone!! We all have read about nitrates, its reduction, toxicity to reef in some ways etc etc. But alot of people have different views for nitrates: 1) Some say, it should be kept less then 10 or 15ppm. 2) Some say below 10-15ppm their reef doesn’t survive. 3) Some say keeping nitrates...
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