1. S

    Nitrobac bottle dosing.

    Hello. I’m currently at the end of the cycle for my tank. Ammonia is trace and nitrites have risen and are now nearing 0. Nitrates were at 25 ppm so I’ve done a 25/30% water change today to lower it somewhat. from advice on here I have added my first fish today and all appears to be healthy...
  2. ClownFish664

    Cycle issues

    Hi, Im about 3 months into my nano reef, I managed to get amonia nitrite down to 0 and nitrate down to 0.3. However, I added a hammer coral and 3 blue leg hermit crabs after this and now im seeing small signes of ammonia (total ammonia). Nitrite is above 1 as per the tropic marin test kit and...
  3. S

    Cycling tank with "Red Sea Pro Reef Mature Kit"

    Hello. I am currently in the process of cycling my Red Sea Max Nano reef tank. I've added 20lbs of Carib-sea special grade live sand and about 15-20lbs of Carib-sea Life rock shapes (spored with bacteria). I've also added a mesh bag worth of Fluval bio tubes (for surface area for bacteria)...
  4. C

    Anenome ammonia nitrite spike

    Hi all, I have a 7 month old 50 gallon frameless with a 15 gallon sump (all i could fit). Protein skimmer, single chamber media reactor down below, and refugium (not doing much since I got the reactor), and tons of bio media. 6 fish in all. Some beginner corals. Sea stars, hermits, and snails...
  5. ChandlerTingle

    Cycling Process

    So I’m on the 3rd day of cycling for my 38 gallon tank with the products Dr. Tim’s Ammonia Chloride and API QuickStart. First Day the Ammonia was on 2.0 ppm and has been for the 3 days but Nitrites have not gone up. Should I be worried or is this normal, Which day is usually when you see the...
  6. O

    Most (semi-reliable) Dipstick test out there?

    Hi, I currently have a large mixed reef system (around 300 gallons) which is currently being monitored by my apex trident (monitoring pH, salinity, ALK, CA, MG). I am just starting to get into SPS, and therefore want to start monitoring phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate levels more closely. The...
  7. zachj.1109

    Nitrites sky high for weeks

    Hey all, this is my first time posting on here so go easy on me! Also new with saltwater in general, but I have been freshwater fish keeping for a few years, I know, apples to oranges. But I’m in the middle of cycling my tank, it has been going since middle of December. I started with dry rock...
  8. B

    Cycling with ATM Colony - Day by Day Examples of Parameters

    Hi All, Have just started my Waterbox 70.2 Reef yesterday using the ATM Colony route. Wanted to get an example of how peoples parameters read daily for the first week through using this route as i have not seen this anywhere online and want to get a view of how this approach has worked for...
  9. kiddkobireefs

    Cycling High Nitrites While Ammonia Is Lowering

    I’ve been testing my tank everyday to monitor my cycle. Cycle has been going on for over a month now. My nitrites have continually been high right now for the past 3-4 days at 2-5ppm. My ammonia read 2.0ppm for a few days and has gone to 1ppm as of today but my nitrites are still sitting between...
  10. AustinR

    Cycling question all levels are high after change

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have been cycling my tank fishless for 5 weeks. I have 75 gallon tank using dry rock 90 pounds and live sand 120 lbs. Using a fluval Fx6 canister filter. Also In the tank is 2 powerheads and a HOB skimmer that both seem to be working well...
  11. H

    Build Thread This is a different Reef Tank

    Hi all you fellow Reefers, My entry into this fine group was over my Dwarf Seahorse Breeding Pond. There are 750 gallons of Marine Ponds here. With two separate Breeding Corrals and perhaps 100 or so Ponies. It was time to share the methods. The marine ponds are a little too high in Phos for...
  12. M

    3 out of 9 dead fish.. New hobbyist.. Thoughts on my situation?

    Hi all, Im having issues with my 55 gallon tank. 3 of my fish just died. Hippo, Sailfin, and a raccoon butterfly. My tank has been up and running since May 17th. I started with a Midas Blenny and 2 mocha clown fish (added them about 2 weeks after the tank was set up and running a couple days...
  13. Plecosam

    Cycling RSR 525XL - High Nitrates

    Hi people, I am currently cycling a Redsea Reefer 525XL, I threw a few raw prawns in the tank for a few days until I tested for ammonia and while waiting for Dr Tims ammonia to arrive. I then dosed the tank with ammmonia and Dr Tims Bacteria, I applied three doses of ammonia, dosed to ~4ppm as...
  14. F

    Tank cycled but after 25% water change I got readings of Ammonia and Nitrites

    Hello there, Im new in the hobby, I just started my reef tank, 20 gallons, I started my cycling period about 25 days ago using Brightwell Micro Bacter Dry Rock Starter Kit, I made the cycle, brought down Ammonia and Nitrite to zero and my Nitrates where reading at 80PPM, the instructions on the...
  15. Aaron Davis

    WTT Hannah Calcium for Hannah Nitrate

    I have a spare Hannah Calcium tester I’m looking to trade for a Hannah Nitrate tester. If you have one to trade or sell; hit me up. Thanks.
  16. ngservet5

    Nitrite Levels High after Dr. Tim's Fishless Cycle

    Hi Everyone, I have been cycling a 20 gallon Waterbox Cube with marco rock and live sand now for 5 weeks. I started this tank doing a fish less cycle with Dr. Tim's One and Only along with his ammonium chloride. After following his instructions and doing the ammonium chloride dosing, by day 4 I...
  17. Bennutri

    Will i survive?

    I put my toddler hippo tank amd 8 gallons of cycled water, live rock, and live sand in my new 16 gallon will it survive the next weeks w thse cinditions? Or should i wait on water change ?
  18. Eve


    So Im in the middle of cycling my tank with fish in it. Checking the water parameters it seems like the nitrites and ammonia are very high, which obviously it’s supposed to happen, but it seems like it’s really not going down. Is it possible to do a 50% to 75% water change in the middle of...
  19. psumms

    Hanna vs Red Sea Nitrite Testing

    Hi all, nearing the end of the cycle on a new tank. I have a Hanna Nitrite ULR tester that to-date won't give a reading as every test reports '200' (out of 0-200 ppb range). My Red Sea Nitrite tests are coming in between 0.5 and 1 ppt. I believe I should trust the Hanna (non)reading, but that's...
  20. Peter K

    During cycle, nitrates have risen to 30ppm but nitrites are stalled at 1ppm

    Hi all, I just finished up week 6 of our cycle but am still detecting nitrites at around 1ppm (using salifert test kit. I have no ammonia, or very little, according to salifert ammonia test kit) but my nitrates have risen from 5ppm on August 5th to around 30-35ppm now. Nitrites have...
  21. AquariumDani

    Is everything OK?

    Is my tank too dirty? What do I add for a CUC? I have 3 mexican turbo snails, 4 astrea, 1 nassatrius (idk) snail, I had 1 tiger conch but I haven't seen him in a week. My corals and fish seem happy and my corals are open and growing pretty quickly. Parameters: Alk: 9.2dKH Cal: 400ppm Mg...
  22. Snake132

    Confused ! Tank has not cycled in 7 months !!

    Any one with experience please help me . My tank is 7 month old, I added fish after the first month. all my fish are very very healthy and happy . ————————-Info—————————— So since month one my levels have been Ammonium 0.025 Nitrite. Nitrate Ph. 8.0-8.3...
  23. ArialReef

    Too Much Matrix?

    So, I recently bought a 250ml bottle of Seachem Matrix. It says on the bottle that I should use the whole bottle for 25 Gallons of water. Currently, my water volume is about 13 Gallons. Can I use the whole bottle? Or should I follow the instructions? Also, in which part of the sump should I put...
  24. G

    Need Help w Quarantine Tank

    Hey everyone, I have a 215L tank which houses a couple of clowns, inverts (Chaiton, Mantis, Hermits, Snails) and some damsels. One of my clowns is a bit under the weather recently.. He developed a white fuzzy beard at one point, and retained it for about a week. This has now disappeared and...
  25. Mwag

    Royal Gramma Stressed out????

    Hello all, yesterday I naught a Royal Gramma from my LFS. I floated him for 15 mins and every 4 mins I put half a cup of water from my qt tank into the bag. By this time, the Royal Gramma was significantly stressed darting back and forth in the bag but he settled down. I added him to qt tank and...