1. AquaForge

    What Zoa/Paly is this?

    Need some help identifying this zoa. I got some GSP 2 months ago and there was a tiny little nubbin of a zoa in it. It barely looked like one, smaller than a pencil eraser. I seperated it and put it on a rock near my other zoas. Now its one of the biggest in my tank and I have no idea what it...
  2. SaltyGroves

    Fragging Zoas in Tank

    I have some Blood Sucker Zoas that are growing over others. Can I cut these at the base right in the tank? I’m worried the toxins will enter the water and harm the other life in the tank. Is this fear well founded?
  3. N

    Micro Zoa ID?

    I set up my tank some time ago and had only fish and inverts. Then I ended up inheriting some live rock and zoas from someone who was shutting down their tank. I have what I believe to be a large paly colony, but then also these suuuuper tiny zoas. When I asked the guy what any of them were he...
  4. Petrichor

    Does a UV sterilizer help with coral toxins?

    Does a UV sterilizer help break down/remove coral toxins? Particularly zoa or paly toxin. Long story short, my corals have been looking upset these past few months after some new frags of assorted zoas and softies were added, and water parameters are always testing stable and in acceptable...
  5. Tellie-Vision

    Palythoa ID?

    I got this Palythoa as part of a pack of beginner corals, but I didn’t attempt to figure out what it actually was until last night because I assumed in a beginner pack they wouldn’t throw in a toxic coral? But I am unsure and I would like to know if the one I got is toxic. I would hate to kill...
  6. Z

    Helping New Softies Adjust

    I've had a 20 cube AIO reef tank for about 6 months now. I lost of ton of coral during hurricane Idalia and lost a few others to a pest crab, so I picked up a couple of softie frags from a local wholesaler to replace my losses. I picked up 6 zoas/paly frags, an Australian finger leather, a Kenya...
  7. W

    Controlling Protopalythoa with an aggressive coral?

    I have a protopalythoa (or at least, that's what it was sold to me as) that's thriving on a rock that's only connected to the rest of the rockwork at one point. I don't dislike it but I'm concerned about it spreading up onto the rock above it and I'm wary of Palytoxin so I'd prefer to restrict...
  8. Tyler Drehobl

    Zoa Showoff Thread 2023

    What’s up y’all, Figured it’s been a while since I’ve seen an updated Zoa showoff thread and was about time to start a fresh one so that we can get an updated list of all the hottest zoas current in the hobby. I’ll start it off with some of my favorites! (All photos are my own and taken of...
  9. F

    Any idea what this weird zoanthid colony is?

    There was a big colony on a live rock at my LFS. I didn't buy them so I can't give much more detail than the pics show, other than they seemed really bouncy and balloon-like. They look like what would come out if you put a palythoa, an anemone and oyster mushrooms in a teleporter together.
  10. TinyFish

    Zoas and Palys

    Has anyone ever had any experience with palytoxin from a Zoa or Paly? I’ve heard and read about it and it seems to be pretty nasty but i’m not sure what the actual risk is.
  11. L

    What are the most dangerous aspects of this hobby?

    Many of us have heard of a Palytoxin (If you haven’t, read this). Lionfish and urchin toxicity is also pretty widely known about. Corals and anemones have stung people badly enough to cause numbness, pain and scarring. Water and electricity…drip loops people! What are some other risks which...
  12. Saskdevil

    Spirorbid Worms growing on palythoa? Is this normal or harmful?

    IT looks like I have Spirorbid Worms growing on my palythoa. Is this normal ? Should I be concerned?
  13. G

    Zoa / Palythoa ID

    Hey everyone, new here- hopefully I’m doing this right and my pics will load. Recently picked up a tile with clover polyps, Xenia, and some Zoas/ palys. I didn’t really think much of the zoas/ palys as I had them years ago in another tank, but I’ve been reading up on palytoxin, and considering...
  14. Blinkdo

    Live Goods SOLD Zoa 4 pack WYSIWYG - Exospere, Kung Fu Fighters, Purple Hearts, White Zombies 150 Shipped

    Hello fellow reefers. Zoa / Paly 4 pack up for grabs with multiple heads (WYSIWYG). $180 Shipped SOLD Standard DOA - items must be reported with a clear digital photo within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. Thanks for looking! Exosphere White Zombies Purple Hearts Kung Fu Fighters
  15. B

    Zoanthid and Palythoa study

    Hello! I am currently a graduate student studying machine learning and data science. Before I returned to school I worked as a biochemist in R&D for a renewable fuels company that studied water quality and oil quality. I (like everyone else here) am an amateur aquarist. Over the past few...
  16. T

    Palytoxin: Can dissolving Palythoa release the toxin?

    Hello, I have around 21kg of love rock heavily covered in Palythoa (seems that it's most likely the dangerous specie). I would like to put it all into a sump, without lighting and wait until it dissolves. Would it endanger myself and my livestock? Of course Activated Carbon will be used all...
  17. TheDragonsReef

    TheDragonsReef Zoa Collection

    So I absolutely love zoas, and I currently keep over 50 different varieties so i thought it was time to post a collection thread. I frag all of them as well so if you see any you like feel free to hit me up. Im also open to trades for any you dont see here! Burning embers, by far the brightest...
  18. A

    Coral ID

    Hi everyone, I found these polyps sticking out of my rocks last night . Can’t tell if there zoas or palys. Also what breed would they be? Sorry for the bad pic there growing in an awkward spot lol.

    Its REEFTIDE's Zoa Collection!

    I don't know about you guys but we LOVE zoas... feel free to suggest some cool ones :)
  20. F

    California Zoa and Paly Packs (8 packs available)

    Text is best but PMs can work (but I won’t see them as fast). Derek at six19-253-381six. Located in San Diego for local pickup. Pack one (4 available) is $200. Pack two (4 available) is $180. Flat rate shipping $40. Standard DOA rules (text pic to me within one hour of delivery). I also have...
  21. DanSavesTheDay

    Wanting to trim back my mindblowing palythoas

    I have about three years of growth on my mindblowing palythoas. Since I slowly shifted towards SPS dominant I am looking to frag the colony and move them over to my frag tank. Would it be safe to frag them using a scalpal and surgical scissors in the tank? If not can they safely be covered with...
  22. M

    Are these some sort of anemone?

    My tank is quickly approaching it's 2 year anniversary. Tank is running fairly smoothly & peppermint shrimp finally weeded out my aiptasia colonies. However, there is this other "something or the other" that has distributed itself throughout my tank in several of my coral colonies. Because I...
  23. M

    Are these some sort of anemone?

    My tank is quickly approaching it's 2 year anniversary. Tank is running fairly smoothly & peppermint shrimp finally weeded out my aiptasia colonies. However, there is this other "something or the other" that has distributed itself throughout my tank in several of my coral colonies. Because I...
  24. C

    Hitchhiker Paly

    I’ll be transferring tanks soon and plan to use this live rock with these palys that hitchhiked on there. I don’t mind them, but I want to see if anyone is able to ID them and give advice on the best way to move the rock to the new tank safely. Thanks!
  25. E

    Red people eater palys shedding?

    I was wondering if there was any reason why my red people eater palys look like they are shedding? I had to frag them due to aptasia being on the coral plug that’s why they look so small because they shrunk from it but now it looks like skin is hanging off and now I’m worried because I dragged...