1. E_Galicia

    What are these?

    I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 that's been running for the past year, today I noticed these little guys all over my glass. I'm not sure what to make of them, I'm assuming they are some sort of a pest. I initially thought copepods, but I haven't introduced any to my tank - maybe they came in as...
  2. T

    Invertebrate pest?

    Hi, I was doing maintenance in my tank and i noticed this little fellow lurking under a rock. It probably came with my live rock considering that I haven't introduced any corals yet. Should I be worried about it? Thanks!
  3. gowlers321

    Found this in my chalice coral

    Can anyone help me identify this and figure out if it is bad for the coral and my tank ?
  4. Wet Sleeve

    Flatworm ID

    Quite sure these little fellas came on some recent frags, don’t seem to be bothering much aside from me. curious if anybody can ID them, they’re extremely small, maybe 2mm and brown in appearance, I’m treating with PraziPro atm after seeing it irritates them in a coral bath, however they’re...
  5. ReefSoup

    Hitchhiker/Pest Identification Help

    Hey All - Looking for some help in identifying a possible pest in my tank. These things are all over my glass and my zoanthid frag and showed up overnight. Tank is about 3-4 months old and added my first corals about 3 weeks ago. I did dip them before putting them into my tank (unfortunately...
  6. Finner84

    What kind of creature is this?

    This was burrowed into a coral I picked up today. Does anyone have an idea what it is? Coral rx did nothing for it.
  7. R

    Unknown pest

    Can anyone tell me what this pest is, and if it is a threat to my reef. It’s a very small white/ or translucent oval shaped pest. I’m seeing them on my glass as well as coral and live rock.
  8. M

    Help!! Idk what this is!!!

    Please help with some advice! I have no clue what this is at all. It’s about 2 inches long at least. Has anyone dealt with this before? If so please help with some advice!! Very much appreciated!!! Thank you
  9. Reefer37

    What's on my Frogspawn?

    Found this weird white growth? Worm? On my frogspawn. Honestly not sure what it is. Attaching some pics. Any ideas?
  10. W

    Slug Pest/Hitch Hiker Infestation Outbreak!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time on a reefing forum. I made an account because I can’t find any information regarding what’s going on in my tank. 32 gallon LED Biocube All levels are completely fine and the tank is doing great other then the literal 2 - 300 slugs that seemed to develop...
  11. ThadVonP

    Cyphastrea being eaten?

    I have had this piece for a few months now and it has been growing. Brief lighting issue cause some fading, but that was resolved and color returning to normal. I noticed the underside has a few areas that are open. These were encrusted when I bought the frag, so I know something is up, but I...
  12. Greenebean04

    Two red fan things on my coral, what is it?

    So here is a picture and a video of what they look like, I’m pretty stuck on what they might be. Does anyone know?
  13. imarino326

    Thing Identification

    Can anyone tell me why these things are? There’s about 30 of them all throughout my tank, and they’re all about the same size. My friend says they’re aiptasia, but I like variety of opinions.
  14. Britttt

    What is this on my Acan?

    Hi all, I recently bought a new Acan and today I've noticed these arms growing off it that look similar to a colourless Zoa or Duncan head. One of them seems to have detached from the Acan and growing out of a hole in the live rock. I've never noticed anything like this on my other Acan that...
  15. T

    Friend or foe? (Feather duster or aiptasia)

    Hi guys. I bought a zoa colony from the LFS. A healthy colony. A werk later i noticed these tiny (5mm) fan like think protruding between the zoas. I thought it was aiptasia and tried aiptasia x. The little bugger was to fast and this was not successful. I then tried superglue. This didn’t...
  16. Reefer37

    What type of worm?

    Found about 4 of these things in my sandbed coming out at night. White worms about 2 inches long or so. Any one know what they are?
  17. R

    Help please! Afraid I have a new parasite that is going to nuke my tank

    All of a sudden I have an infestation of very small brown and black pests that are scraping my rocks clean of all coralline, and attacking my acropora . Rocks looks bleached with blue streaks underneath. I found some from on A new frag weeks ago as it suddenly hade four on it, eating the acro...
  18. LongBeachReefer562

    Acro Burn or Bite?

    Hello, I'm new to SPS and ran into an issue with the 2 acros I've had for 3 months now. Everything was fine up until last week, one became completely stripped a couple days ago and now this one is quickly following. I had a doser go haywire (contained Tropic Marin all for reef) about 6 weeks...
  19. 0utworld

    Baby Bristtle Worm? Please help ID

    Hi all, I just noticed this guy floating around in my water column twitching like crazy (sort of like a fish). Finally caught him when he was caught on a vermatid snail net lol. It looks like some sort of larvae, any idea what this may be? Thanks in advance!
  20. Justgottadiy

    Making the same mistakes over and over

    Ok , so this won’t be to most people’s liking since there’s dif strokes for dif Folks. As reefers we need to be more responsible than we are. We need to start helping our fellow hobby members become better reefers through less miss-information when we’re telling someone how to deal with pests...
  21. BabyShark

    Black bugs in tank?

    Recently discovered these black critters crawling in my tank. At first I only noticed a few, but tonight I decided to check on my tank hours after lights out and noticed a lot of them crawling all over the rocks and on some coral as well. It’s hard to take a picture so I attached a video link...
  22. Yoosuf

    Is there a way to do collectral killing off aptesia?

    Hello and Happy new year Reefers. I am having a really painful issue which is aptesia is poping here and there everyday even after i suck them using a turkybaster. is there anyway to wipe out all without doing individual picking?
  23. F

    Elegance pest

    A few hours ago I had picked up a nice looking elegance from a LFS. The coral had been there for almost a month and looked beautiful. I took it home, drip acclimated, dipped and put the piece in my 125 gallon reef. About an hour ago from now I had spotted some claws coming from the elegance's...
  24. Nate_Krohn

    Sundial or collonista snail?

    All of my zoanthid frags starting disappearing over night and I noticed these snails a few days before I noticed my zoas gone. If anyone can ID them for me that would be much appreciated. Need to know if I need to completely wipe them out or not. Has anyone else had their zoas disappear within...
  25. AngRug

    Is it a slug, Is it a snail, no it’s a ???

    Hello fellow Reefers, This is my first time posting and need some help. I found this guy in my display tank next to a hard coral that looked like it had bees nibbled on. I put it in my sump for awhile before removing it to the toilet. Now I notice about what seems to be babies from this guy...