1. B

    Black bugs in tank?

    Recently discovered these black critters crawling in my tank. At first I only noticed a few, but tonight I decided to check on my tank hours after lights out and noticed a lot of them crawling all over the rocks and on some coral as well. It’s hard to take a picture so I attached a video link...
  2. Yoosuf

    Is there a way to do collectral killing off aptesia?

    Hello and Happy new year Reefers. I am having a really painful issue which is aptesia is poping here and there everyday even after i suck them using a turkybaster. is there anyway to wipe out all without doing individual picking?
  3. F

    Elegance pest

    A few hours ago I had picked up a nice looking elegance from a LFS. The coral had been there for almost a month and looked beautiful. I took it home, drip acclimated, dipped and put the piece in my 125 gallon reef. About an hour ago from now I had spotted some claws coming from the elegance's...
  4. Nate_Krohn

    Sundial or collonista snail?

    All of my zoanthid frags starting disappearing over night and I noticed these snails a few days before I noticed my zoas gone. If anyone can ID them for me that would be much appreciated. Need to know if I need to completely wipe them out or not. Has anyone else had their zoas disappear within...
  5. AngRug

    Is it a slug, Is it a snail, no it’s a ???

    Hello fellow Reefers, This is my first time posting and need some help. I found this guy in my display tank next to a hard coral that looked like it had bees nibbled on. I put it in my sump for awhile before removing it to the toilet. Now I notice about what seems to be babies from this guy...
  6. TheWyatt174

    Mystery derasa clam ailment

    First post! Sorry its not a happy one :( I got home today and my clam that I have had for about 5 months now is gaping open wider than I have ever seen it. It also seems to have a bump in the center of the mantle as well. This weekend everything was fine and I even have pictures from then as...
  7. Perpetual Novice

    Need help. Nudibranch pest?

    I haven’t added any new rock or coral to my tank in months but today I noticed a bright yellow nudibranch about 2cm long moving across the back glass of my aquarium. The back of the tank is rarely cleaned so it wasn’t easy to photograph it through the algae buildup but here are the vest photos I...
  8. Thomas Wieczorek

    Torch skeleton crumpling/being eaten!?!

    I've seen a couple other posts like this one but none with clear answers I have a torch coral with the skeleton being disintegrated away. This torch is not the first lps to fall victim to this issue in my tank. I have a frogspawn that degraded all the way to the fleshy top. There is literally...
  9. Darkshadow1500

    Something is up with my zoa

    I’ve had him for over 6 months but last week the Zoa’s started closing and staying closed or dying not sure but I hope he isn’t dying. But this has been spreading from just two zoas to now what’s shown in the photo and I’m not sure what to do or what’s wrong I’m looking for pests but I don’t see...
  10. B

    What is this?

    All of the sudden out of no where I see this little guy. Should I be concerned? I know for a fact that I didn’t add him.
  11. NoLobster

    Algae ID and Recommended Next Steps

    Hey All, I added a frag to my tank and have noticed some questionable algae. Can you please help me ID. I will share 3 different patches of Algae so an ID on each one would be helpful. To me pictures 1 and 2 look like Bryopsis and possibly 3 as well. If so, should I be removing the frag and...
  12. R


    What seems like clusters of tube/rod shaped eggs, open on one end, appeared quickly on open sand and a small spot on the base of a rock in shade within a couple square feet.. I thought nudibranchs but the mass is more of a wirey "neuron network" inside the cluster and could be a bunch of bugs...
  13. Mike197

    Is this a Vermetid snail?

    Hi guys, I noticed this little thing growing on the side of my cane cane coral frag. At first I hoped it was a new head, but after doing some research I think that it might be a Vermetid snail. However, while it has the same general shape of one, it does not seem to have the hard, tube-like...
  14. M

    Cotton candy foam thing

    Recently, this pink/purple foam thing started overgrowing zoas in my zoa garden. What is it? What eats it or removes it aside from manual removal? Here are photos of it on zoa frags I removed to clean. I'm thinking it is a sponge. I have been removing the impacted rocks and frags and...
  15. T

    Please ID pest / critter

    Please help ID this pests it all over my live rock. I’m looking for a fish or invert to eat it or kill it.
  16. Soakem

    Whats eating my toadstool

    I didnt think much of it at first but now im starting to worry a little bit about whats going on with the base of my toadstool. I cant tell if its some kind of infection or if something is eating it away. Theres some sort of brown/red pod that i can only find on the stem of the coral. Can...
  17. samba_dad

    Vermetid Worm Infestation

    I have been suffering through a massive vermetid worm infestation in my tank for the past year. It all started from one vermetid worm that sneaked in on a Monti frag. I have well over a hundred worm shells in my 65G and have tried everything to include gluing, forcep removal, reduced feeding...
  18. YoCamron

    Brittle star ID

    I was dipping my new christmas tree rock and this guy came running off. Want to play it safe so I have him in a breeder basket right now. Haven’t heard of any brittle star pests before, and I love to have them as they are great for taking care of detritus. Just want to know if it’s a pest and...
  19. B

    Large Crab ID

    Hey guys. I just picked this guy up at my LFS. Guy said he was a pest hitchhiker so I bought it off him for a couple bucks. His body is probably about 3 inches wide not including the claws/legs. He's pretty big. He's munching on some octopus I just gave him. I bought it for my mantis shrimp...
  20. Joe Batt

    Any ID on this Nudibract

    I was dipping a few new frags today in Bayer and a second dip in Coral RX. I found this nudibract dead after the Bayer dip. Is there any way to ID the type? For those that don't dip new corals, this just goes to show why you ALWAYS should. This is a restart on a crashed tank (possibly due to...
  21. Joe Batt

    What is a good dipping schedule for a coral quarantine tank?

    Just researching the coral quarantine tank and thinking about the dipping schedule. I am looking at a fallow fishless, quarantine period of 76 days to rid the corals of the possibility of cysts hatching and infecting the fish in the display tank. Within that 76 days, how often, and with what...
  22. Tyler Tacy

    Toadstool HELP! White rash? Bacterial infection? Normal?

    Hello! -------------------------ANY INSIGHT WOULD BE AMAZING!-------------------------------------- BACKGROUND: I recently purchased a giant toadstool from my local LFS. Someones tank blew up in there living room and they had gotten a lot of corals/fish. Saw this giant toadstool he was not...
  23. Seahorse man

    Bristleworm! Aaaaaaah!

    I was watching my fowlr tank today and I happened to notice this little guy trying to burrow underneath one of my rocks. I pulled the top and then is just squeeze him into a cup without him touching my fingers. Is it a bristle worm? And if so how do I get rid of them? Are they bad? Thanks everyone.!
  24. AshwinRavi

    is this a fromia baby???

    Hello all, just recently purchased a red fromia about 4-5inches across in length. 3 days later, I find this somewhat close to where the fromia hangs out. is this a pest or a fromia baby? I don't know anything about fromia reproduction, so I am very skeptical about it being a baby. help!!
  25. kanders87


    In the past month, I’ve been noticing more (what I think is hydroids) cropping up on my rock. Can anyone confirm? Also, noticed some tiny white specks on my glass, but it was hard to get a good picture. Literally look like tiny grains of sand on the glass. No distinguishing features that I...
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