1. Reefman603

    What could these worms be?

    Hello everyone, so tonight i decided to look further into why one of my zoa frags wasn't opening up all the way and came to notice these tiny and I mean super tiny little worms around the base of the frag. So I decided to pick up the frag and look underneath it and there were these small almost...
  2. AquaLocker

    BEGINNER CORALS - What are the best corals for those new to coral?

    When I first started out, I really found coral to be very intimidating. Fortunately (except for my wallet), I have grown to love coral. What was your first coral? What would you recommend for those new to coral? And, why do you recommend the ones you recommend? (Photos always welcome!) We are...
  3. C

    New York ZOA - PACKS

    ZOA PACK $275 SHIPPED Shipped to the lower 48. No green polyps here :D (over 75 polyps total!) Photos are in order as shown: WYSIWYG! First to send me their PayPal takes it home. La Lakers Scrambled Eggs Long Lash Eagle Eyes Blue Diamonds My Clementines Pink Lemonade Tutti Fruiti...
  4. AquaLocker

    Over 380 Items in WYSIWYG! LPS, SPS, Zoas, Polyps & Unique Fish

    Shop Now: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg Just a few examples
  5. Aaron Davis

    What are these doing?

    Hey guys. Noticed my Devil’s Armor polyps doing this the last couple nights. What the heck?
  6. Keeks09

    Polyp question, new to hobby

    I purchased this from a live rock container and when i turned by blue light on it had a glow, can this still be alive???
  7. G

    Aqua SD Rainbow Milli

    Pictures are examples of actual corals for sale Several branches: $250 plus shipping Two to three branches: $150 plus shipping
  8. AMILLER400

    SPS Polyps retracting and getting bumpy

    I added some green branching sps to my tank and watched as all the polyps retracted and the surface got jagged and bumpy (the rear coral on the picture). The tips got white and looks like it's splitting. It's also encrusting at the base and has good color, just a more neon green and I can barely...
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