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profilux 4

  1. SFReefer1

    Build Thread Erik's Red Sea Reefer 170 Build - a Return to Reefing

    Erik’s Reefer 170 Build After a many many year hiatus and a shelved plan for a completely custom tank, I’m making my return to the hobby with a Reefer 170 (the largest tank I could get buy off from my SO for….for now ;) ). The goal will be to do a SPS dominant mixed reef…though I imagine it...
  2. Coralqueendom

    Profilux WiFi Wont control KHD

    I have tried and tried to sync up my P4 to my KHD and Doser 2.1 to no avail. I downloaded myGHL and GHL connect and successfully created an IP address for the P4 and can now access it via WiFi but when I went to connect the Doser via Static IP it would not accept any IP address. I was told that...
  3. esther

    GHL for Dummies // How to Create a Feed Pause and Maintenance Pause with a Skimmer Delay & More!

    I decided to start making some helpful processes in layman's terms for other fellow reefers. I decided to complete this process through GHL Connect vs. Control Center (I'm a Mac user and prefer to do things without having to touch Windows if I can help it). I hope that you guys find this useful...
  4. esther

    Using Reef Octopus VarioS-8 with Profilux 4

    So, I want to connect my return pump to my Profilux 4 and am going through this thread: Howto: 0-10v Control Return Pump. I have some questions, though. This link is no longer available: GHL LBF-AP module and it says I need it to connect my pump. Can anyone out there point me in the right...
  5. esther

    Issues with GHL Logbook

    Hey there everyone. Trying to access the Logbook on the GHL app via iOS. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.
  6. P

    GHL settings not restore-able after firmware update

    Before I updated to the new firmware for my profilux 4 last night, I saved the sensor and settings data to files (as is recommended by GHL). The firmware update went well. I imported my saved settings and sensor data files and everything looked normal. Though I didn't check any settings or...
  7. Idoc

    Help with Transfering GHL P4 Settings to New Computer

    Looking through all the threads...GHL P4 has changed quite a bit! I initially had to set it up using a Computer with Windows installed. The computer I used crashed and I can't access it any longer! Question...How do I transfer these settings from my P4 to a new laptop without losing all my...
  8. kpl_creations

    GHL Customer Support / Sales

    I just made a big ( relative ) order last night through GHL USA for my profilux mega and a bunch of sensors, etc. Today I got a call from one of their reps saying that he had looked through the order and had some questions about what I was looking to do. He noticed that I wouldn't be able...
  9. Crimsonvice

    Neptune Trident for GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6E

    Gauging interest in trading a brand new Neptune Apex Trident for a GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6e in WHITE. Let me know.
  10. Ditto

    GHL ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Quick Tutorial – How to Configure Power Cut

    That time of the week again!! This video shows how to configure Power Cut (Power Outage Detection) for your ProfiLux Controller using the GHL Connect App on an Apple or Android Device. You are going to need a # GHL Power Cut Monitor Adapter -...
  11. Ditto

    GHL ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Quick Tutorial – How to Configure Notifications/Alert Sending

    With the latest release of the #GHL Connect App 2.6 we can now configure alert and notifications for your ProfiLux Controller within the GHL Connect App. Before this was ported over to the GHL Connect app you needed to configure this within the GHL desktop software. With this feature ported over...
  12. Ditto

    GHL ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Quick Tutorial – How to configure your Refugium Light

    It that time of the week again, here is a quick video on how to configure a Refugium light using the #GHL Connect App. Enjoy :)
  13. Ditto

    ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Install/Config a Kessil Light with the use of a GHL 1-10V Breakout Box

    It that time of the week again :) In this Video I am showing how to connect and configure a 1-10V Kessil controlled light with the use of a GHL Breakout box to your #GHL ProfiLux controller. Enjoy :)
  14. Ditto

    ProfiLux Controller (4/4e) – Quick Tutorial – How to Configure A Heater

    When I did my first ProfiLux controller 2 years ago I posted the steps on how to program things within the controller, which was all within the GHL Desktop software. Fast forward 2 years later(went by real quick), these types of programming do not require the use of the desktop software and can...
  15. bdare

    Large Build BDare's 210 Mixed Reef

    Hello all, Long time R2R lurker here. Been keeping aquariums my whole life and reef tanks since about 2005. Six years ago I shut down a 120 and I've been missing it ever since. The bug has got me and now I'm planning a new 210 gallon tank. Equipment Tank - 210 Gallon Planet Aquaruims 72L x...
  16. Ditto

    GHL Connect - Adding and Configuring a new PAB Device to your GHL ProfiLux Controller

    #GHL on their Facebook page announced another update to the Profilux controller Firmware and Wireless Firmware that now allows us to assign and configure PAB devices through the GHL Connect App eliminating another task that use to require the desktop software. We also received in this update the...
  17. Ditto

    GHL Connect - LogBook

    GHL just released Log Book, which can be used on the GHL connect or the myGHL cloud service. It works on devices that use the GHL connect App, and the myghl cloud service. I did a Overview Video of the features within, enjoy.
  18. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Advanced Control Without the Attitude: GHL Profilux 4 Review by Reef Hacks

    Reef Hacks reviews the GHL ProfiLux 4 controller. Check out what they have to say about it, here: https://reefhacks.com/profilux-4/
  19. Ditto

    AIO Build Waterbox AIO 28.2 Frag Tank

    It is time for me to invest into a Frag tank :). I decided on a Waterbox AIO 28.2 Frag Tank which arrived very well crated on Friday. So My Plan are: Tank: WaterBox All in One 28.2 Controller: #GHL Profilux 4e Power Heads: 2 Tunze 6055 which will be controlled by the Profilux 4e controller...
  20. Lylelovett

    Powerhead placement and flow ideas?

    Hi all, I have a 5x2x2 mixed reef. I've got 10 fish and 7 corals; a range of softies, LPS, and one SPS. So just starting out really. :) My tank has been up and running for 4 months and I'm now working on dialing in my flow and powerhead placement. I have 2 Tunze 6105s, currently placed at...
  21. Ditto

    Profilux 4e Controller - Unboxing and Product Overview

    As I am waiting for my new Waterbox Frag Tank to arrive which will include a build thread in the AIO forums once it arrives (Monday) the controller I am going to be using for this tank has arrived. I did a quick Unboxing and Overview video of the controller and what it has to offer, along with...
  22. MarineDepot

    Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build - Episode #4

    Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build - Episode #4 GHL ProfiLux 4 Controller Setup and Mounting
  23. p4 & #MaxiSA Doser

    p4 & #MaxiSA Doser

  24. Front shot of the new P4 in Blk

    Front shot of the new P4 in Blk

    ghl profiLux4
  25. FLSharkvictim

    The EAGLE HAS Landed! Got my GHL Maxi SA Doser!!

    Another piece to my puzzle came in today after pre ordering one of the GHL doser in late January. I Can't wait to hook my new gear - PorfiLux4 Ultimate Kit Controller and my new Maxi SA Doser for my Automatic water changes that connected to my saltwater mixing station... Unreal looking and...
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