profilux 4

  1. GalaxyBenny

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Testing Dosing Drygoods GHL Profilux P4, KHD, and Profilux Mini

    I have a like new Profilux P4 mega setup for sale. I also have a KHD and Doser 2.1SA package. Pricing as follows: Profilux P4 Mega (P4, Powerbar 6e, probes) - $600obo - SOLD KHD and Doser 2.1SA - $500obo I also have a like new GHL Profilux Mini for sale. This unit includes the...
  2. adritank

    GHL Profilux 4 controller w/ extras BUNDLE

    Parting ways with my GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set Perfect working condition. Retail value of over $3,500 Asking $2,050 for everything, Shipped. Free pick up in Los Angeles Parts include Profilux 4e megaset KH Director Set w/ doser ION Director Set w/ doses Extra Powerbar Expansion box 2 Vortech...
  3. XavierZ06

    North Carolina Aquarium Controller Drygoods Ghl profilux 4 set

    GHL Profilux 4e Starter Set - $500 shipped Used for roughly 3 months. Comes with everything in the set, like new condition, in original box. Pm any questions or offers. Doser and khd sold.
  4. kenchilada

    Louisiana Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD GHL Accessories, ATO sensors, leak sensors, etc

    Everything here is very clean. Used sensors were soaked in citric acid and cleaned. Float sensor v2 (new in box) - $35 shipped Never seen water. Bought for skimmer overflow but did not hook it up. ATO Sensor Package - $150 1x Optical sensor v2 1x Float sensor v2 1x Level sensor holder base...
  5. Simply__J

    GHL • Wifi connection lost after power outage/interruption ProfiLux 4

    Power outages/interruptions are inevitable here in South Florida with all the storms rolling through. Last week I experienced 2x brief power outages. When power was restored my GHL ProfiLux 4 (Firmware 7.33) failed to connect to my network via WiFi preventing me from connecting using myGHL...
  6. kenchilada

    Louisiana Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD GHL Profilux 4 and Standalone 2.1 Doser (White)

    If you have any questions please ask! Price for both - $600 GHL Profilux 4 Used a little over a year. Includes working pH, temp probes. Kept in custom enclosure (see picture) and it is in like-new condition. Includes original box and calibration solutions. Includes the power bar as well...
  7. wildcrazyjoker81

    Virginia Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD GHL P4 w/5.1Powerbar (on latest software)

    For sale is a GHL Profilux 4 (P4) controller. Comes with PH, Salinity, Temp probe, (No ORP probe) and calibration fluid. Has 5.1 powerbar and all outlets work as they should. Comes with GHL's acrylic rod, magnet holder, and a float to use for ATO. P4 and powerbar both have the lastest software...
  8. Hardy_Reef

    Build Thread Cade 1500 S2/P Build

    This thread will hopefully detail the progression of upgrading from my 4ish year old Red Sea Reefer 350 to a Cade 1500 peninsula. I didn't want to have to start out this build with negativity, but here it goes, the purchasing/shipping process of this Cade peninsula has been the worst I've ever...
  9. R

    Profilux 4 jebao RW pump controls

    Anybody know if its possible to wire up jebao RW 20 wave pumps into the P4 to control them ?
  10. trevorhiller

    Pennsylvania Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD GHL Profilux Mega Set

    I have a GHL Profilux Mega Set in black for sale. Includes the Profilux Unit, Power Bar, Conductivity, ORP, pH and Temperature Probes. Also included: (1) Null plug for REDOX probe calibration (2) Profilux Float Switches (1) Profilux Leak Interface (1) Profilux Leak Sensor (1) Profilux Level...
  11. R

    Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous Drygoods GHL Profilux 4 with Powerbar and GHL Vortech controller

    It's still installed on the tank. Wanting to see if there is interest here before I go to eBay. Bought it back in March. Had to replace the salinity and pH probe, but I chose not to install so both are new in package. Temp and redox are functioning fine and still wet. Will include all the...
  12. Paulywalnuts

    Connecticut Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods Ghl Profilux 4 mega with doser white

    $800 shipped Includes everything in the picture. All probes have caps and kept wet. Will need new online update.
  13. R

    GHL Programmable logic

    I've been scratching my head and just can't figure out how to implement the following logic on my Profilux 4 I have 2 maintenance routines: 1) Water change: I turn most of the switches off, including skimmer and ATO pump 2) Filter floss change: Turn skimmer and ATO pump off only When...
  14. R

    Selling Whole system and some

    Hello to all I'm taking a break from the hobby after 17 years just had a tank crash and with me having another new hobby and work im just going to lay this one to rest for a while. i can provide any additional info to any that are seriously interested. i am only interested in selling as a...
  15. Gonzo74

    Maryland WTB GHL Profilux, KH Director, Doser 2.1 parts

    Looking for spare parts to keep on hand. If you have broke GHL equipment or not broken but selling cheap, please reach out to me with pride and pictures. i purchased some broken ones already and am trying to make a few working pieces of equipment.
  16. E

    Probe reading problems GHL AND NEPTUNE

    So I’m in the middle of switching from Neptune to Ghl and currently both are set up on my tank, but the probes are reading way differently the ph and orp probes to be exact, I went through and calibrated wash brown for each system and double checked with new calibration solution to make sure...
  17. selcuksan

    Drifting Salinity measurement with GHL Profilux 4

    Hi all, I bought a GHL Profilux around July. After a tedious installation process, I start getting measurements for Salinity, Temperature, PH and ORP. Salinity was spot on around 35ppt, also matching with my D&D refractometer. But then it started drifting to 34 ppt and stabilized around...
  18. Dawsokj1988

    Texas Tank Break-Down Sale! All sorts of goodies (Texas, DFW Local Pickup Only)

    I'm starting with local pickup only. I'm located in Fort Worth. Depending on what sells and what doesn't sell, I'll move to shipping in the future (possibly). Hey all. I've broken down my tank and I'm selling all sorts of items. I've created a spreadsheet of all the major equipment pieces...
  19. Lasse

    One possible cause of WiFi connection problems with P4

    I have had some problems with two P4 and their WiFi connection at my job. It have been slow and sometimes I had problems with the connection to MyGHL. A month ago I solved the problem with slow connection when we are "in house". I use the internal web page in the P4. As it is now - we have a...
  20. C

    Question on programming multiple solenoids (using profilux 4 and GHL powerbar)

    I have some programming questions. I am thinking of improving my RODI unit. I am thinking of buying 3 more solenoid valves to plug into my GHL powerbar. I already have one solenoid that turns on when my auto top off water bin is low. It is connected to two float switches. My solenoid...
  21. SFREEF3R

    Build Thread Erik's Red Sea Reefer 170 Build - a Return to Reefing

    Erik’s Reefer 170 Build Updating this initial post to reflect more of the current status of the tank FTS 10/03/23 FTS 12/29/21 After a many many year hiatus and a shelved plan for a completely custom tank, I made my return to the hobby with a Reefer 170 (the largest tank I could get...
  22. Vinny@GHLUSA

    Build Thread Beginnings of the Acro Reef --- RS Reefer 425

    The time has come to begin the journey with my next tank. I'm calling it the Acro Reef Home Office Build... Why? Well because it's going to be packed with my favorite kind of coral, Acros, of course! I will be running all GHL products. That includes the controller, lights, dosing pumps...
  23. Coralqueendom

    Profilux WiFi Wont control KHD

    I have tried and tried to sync up my P4 to my KHD and Doser 2.1 to no avail. I downloaded myGHL and GHL connect and successfully created an IP address for the P4 and can now access it via WiFi but when I went to connect the Doser via Static IP it would not accept any IP address. I was told that...
  24. esther

    GHL for Dummies // How to Create a Feed Pause and Maintenance Pause with a Skimmer Delay & More!

    I decided to start making some helpful processes in layman's terms for other fellow reefers. I decided to complete this process through GHL Connect vs. Control Center (I'm a Mac user and prefer to do things without having to touch Windows if I can help it). I hope that you guys find this useful...
  25. esther

    Using Reef Octopus VarioS-8 with Profilux 4

    So, I want to connect my return pump to my Profilux 4 and am going through this thread: Howto: 0-10v Control Return Pump. I have some questions, though. This link is no longer available: GHL LBF-AP module and it says I need it to connect my pump. Can anyone out there point me in the right...